30 July 2011 | Cuttyhunk Island, Cape Cod, Mass.
30 July 2011 | Cuttyhunk Harbour, Mass.
24 July 2011 | Mystic, Connecticut
11 July 2011 | Mystic
11 July 2011 | Noank
11 July 2011
11 July 2011 | Port Washington, New York
03 July 2011 | NJ & NY
03 July 2011 | Anchored south of the big bridge
03 July 2011 | Cape May, NJ
03 July 2011 | Delaware City, DE
03 July 2011 | St Michaels, Maryland
25 June 2011 | St Michaels, Maryland
22 June 2011
07 June 2011 | Onancock Creek, VA
05 June 2011 | Fishing Bay, Plankatank River, VA
05 June 2011 | Fishing Bay, Plankatank River, VA
30 May 2011 | Little Creek, VA
23 May 2011 | Beaufort, N.C.

Chillin with Elwood

30 July 2011 | Cuttyhunk Island, Cape Cod, Mass.
Have very much enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of Cuttyhunk Island and its wee village of Gosnold.
Sooooooooo Cape Cod/New England/nautical it makes it look almost too arranged but it's the real deal brought about by the need for structures to survive the sun, fog, wind, sand, salt.
At least on this island folks are looking for nature, family fun, a good day on the water and tasty ice cream. What's not to love!

To our surprise, as we were headed ashore in the dinghy amongst a very tightly-packed & rafted-up mooring field, we came upon a navy-hulled, scoop-transomed, pilothouse Jeauneau sloop named........IOLITE. It was like we transcended into a parallel universe. The owners have a little white dog, they got the boat the same year we got ours and below the waterline the hull was the same red antifouling we used to have. It became more eerie through the conversation. Just as we were motoring away, she softly said, "......and I have the same white hat...."


Back in the Islands Again

30 July 2011 | Cuttyhunk Harbour, Mass.
Great to be back in the fresh sea air again.
Easy daysail from Mystic.
We anchored off the island for the first night and came into the mooring field/inner hbr at 7:00 am next morning, as the mooring field is usually full again by 10:00 am.

We are off to Marthas Vinyard tomorrow......a lovely 2-3 hour sail.

It Ain't Over Yet!!

24 July 2011 | Mystic, Connecticut
I made it home to Halifax (by train/plane) & back to Mystic (in our new-to-us car) in fairly short order.

Sorry that I wasn't able to get in touch with you. I wasn't ready to be home yet so pretended I was just somewhere/anywhere buying a car and driving to Mystic. Having said that, I couldn't have done that without my sisters, Sue & Jan, and my mom, all of which, fed me, drove me around & housed me during my stay. It was great to see them again even though we were on the run the whole time.

Just as I arrived back in Mystic a heat wave hit. We had to work like crazy on the boat to clean it up after living on board for a year and to start the prep for our departure. The boat splashed down the morning of my arrival following a bottom & bow thruster cleaning as well as a redo of the anitfouling/zincs - Alex was busy!

The national-newsworthy heat has been unreal and leaves you exhausted but as of today will subside and be much cooler tomorrow.

Mystic & neighboring Noank are true New England coastal communities. Everything looks to be out of a magazine - like Martha Stewart waved her design wand over the countryside. Unreal! Even the rural-type rock walls have your mouth gaping all the time. The architecture has my head spinning constantly which makes going for a walk or a drive a challenging endeavour. Bob has learned to just sit and wait while I gawk.

And I have to put in a plug for the Mystic Seaport Museum - an active/interactive spot for all things nautical.

Also, as a total aside, my second plug must go to the Long Island town called Port Washington. We found it on our way south and returnd to it on our way north. I thnk we've mentioned it before but it has earned a special spot because everyone there tries so hard to keep their town alive by going out of their way for boaters. Smart I say as it works so well that everyone is staying longer than expected and finding wonderful perks that the town offers. First of all you get two nights free mooring on Long Island when others charge $40 & up a night. Then you get free water taxi service and good places to come ashore for all the things you need withing walking - groceries, restaurants, laundromats, book stores, West Marine, shopping, thrift stores, train that goes to New York's Penn Station with no connections, post office, pet store, library - all wrapped in a safe environment. As an example of business attracting boaters, one restaurant - harbourQ - will give you a free pitcher of beer for a picture of your boat.....a pitcher for a picture!

To resume the chat re the final chapter of our year, we hope to head out later this week to Gardiner's Bay at the end of Long Island and to Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket Islands.

I guess we're still a bit in denial that this will end.......ya' think!?!

Crew of 2

11 July 2011 | Mystic
We haul first thing in the morning, but started today early to get Faune to the rail station- She is headed home, (flying out of Boston tonight) to buy a car and then drive back down to pick me up. I hope to have her back within a week and in the mean time I'll work on the boat to get her cleaned up, with some of the little things that are hard to get to when every day is spent travelling and meeting people and having fun- here is a picture of Bob on top of Faune's travel Bags.

Almost like home

11 July 2011 | Noank
The first fog in almost a year...cooler waters....lobster for sale on the docks...
We are preparing to haul for a quick clean up, check anodes and the like. This place is really our speed...

Newport RI

11 July 2011
After a great stay in Port Washington, we sailed up the sound to Port Jefferson. Anchored overnight and then a long daysail to Mystic and Noank Connecticut. It is lovely here and friends of ours on IOLAR arranged for a free mooring for the next month. We rented a car and drove to Newport to confirm we can leave Iolite here for the winter. picture is Bob downtown on one of the local sculptures.

Execution rocks,entrance to long island sound

11 July 2011 | Port Washington, New York
One of our favorite harbours-free moorings, watertaxi, generous people, easy dock access for beer and food-what more is there?

Sandy Hook, NJ and New York, NY

03 July 2011 | NJ & NY
After a great, but long, trip from Atlantic City, we anchored in behind Sandy Hook for an overnight stay. The anchorage in Sandy Hook was very accessible and amazingly isolated. There is constant boat wake (until 10.00 pm), but still, this is a interesting stop.

Bob was ready for a run on the beach so in we went. There is a really old Battery there covered in vines and the beach is covered in debris from one of the world's biggest cities but it still seemed like such a great find. It is amazing to be anchored so close to millions of people and yet feel you are in the country. Bob, after our trip ashore, had over a dozen ticks on him and we had forgotten how bothersome northern mosquitoes can be (we really haven't seen them since last September).

We left the next morning for the most amazingly awesome sunny motor past the Statue of Liberty then through the East River along Manhattan into Long Island Sound. It was early on a Saturday morning so was relatively traffic-free. At Hell Gate we were doing 11 knots going with the flood tide! Always a thrill in NYC!
Vessel Name: iolite
Vessel Make/Model: 2000 Dixon 44 Hull built by Ian Franklin and finished by McMullen & Wing in Auckland New Zealand
Hailing Port: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Crew: Faune Creaser and Alex Astbury
The name "iolite" comes from the Greek word for violet. Iolite is a semi precious stone, purple-ish in colour and it has also been called "water-sapphire" and the "Vikings' Compass", because of its ability to determine the direction of the sun on overcast days. This works by determining the [...]
iolite's Photos - Sailing through Manhattan
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New York in the distance
LaGuardia take off
Abandoned estate on little island in East River across from Rikers Island
Rikers Island....say no more
New York bound - what a sight it was!!
Queens - abandoned but not for long I bet
Soccer game by the river
The building height begins
Happy Cap in NY
Manhattan buildings
Empire State Bldg
Helicopter pad - there were four there one minute and only one by the time I took the picture
The UN - day after they opened west side of East River following visit of Iranian President
UN Bldg with patrol boats
Roosevelt Island east & west side (that was closed for 5 years....see UN in distance)
Roosevelt Island west side of East River - UN in far distance
Seaport Museum
Schooners at Seaport Museum
Imposing towers on Long Island, East River
Inner NY Hbr in front of UN
Chrysler Bldg
Staten Island Ferry
The Battery - Twin Towers used to be in the background......
Going out the NY HBr
Ellis ISland
Statue of Liberty coming into view
Leaving Manhattan - Cap Alex had a lot of traffic to deal with
Lady of Liberty
Bye Liberty
Bye NY......just the most amazing thing to do.....sail through Manhattan.