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Apart and hating it

13 August 2013 | UK
its not as hot as Alcoutim

Been told that there has been a lot of interest in what we have been up too, afraid normal blogging will return around 21st Sept.

As I (the one called Dave) have had to come back to the UK to work for a few months... i didn't think you wanted to hear details of me scrubbing for a living, i have picked up some House Keeping work at a hotel, and each day is much the same as the next ... just a different room and loo to clean.

rob is working on jobs on the boat and he does not touch the communications side of things... that is my department.

So i am and cold and upset (at leaving him and the boat ) in the UK and rob is Hot and not so happy in Portugal

roll on 21st Sept at round 8pm... when things get back to normal again....
well for a short time and then both of us are back in UK, as Rob has some work to do, but at least we will be together.

So Ipswich, OYC and Foxes will have to put up with us for a couple of months

Flying Fish !!!

08 May 2013 | the river
eek hot
Rowed to Spanish Side to do some shopping, Remy’s is a sort of general store, you can get fruit/veg, plumbing bits, paint, booze, perfume, crisps, fresh chicken, PTF tape, cheese, fly papers.. Wonderful place.

A lovely bread shop, got a loaf, and he gave us a couple of little bread sticks as an extra.

There is another Grocer shop which we have found does cheap crisps, so Rob can have his fix.

Barry told us that there is a house that we can by fresh produce from, were still trying to find it.

We can have post sent to Riverside Tavern, and we will know when it arrives as its announced on the radio.. Always have it tuned into channel 72... Unless you want a private chat.

Riverside Tavern does a good meal of the day, for 7euros, everything home made, main dish, pudding, a drink and coffee. He also does a lovely burger for 4.50 euros, even the bap is homemade (two burgers, bacon, cheese, salad and fries)

As we were rowing back to the boat, a fish jumped over his shoulder and into the dinghy... Rob shouts “teas arrived” as he is merrily clubbing it with the foot pump! It was huge, Rob reckons that that’s the way he like to fish.. They just come to you, no effort required.

So tonight we had Robs boat made Curried Fish cakes, very tasty om nom nom

music nite at riverside

07 May 2013 | the river
ummm hot
Today we were thankful for the cockpit tent as today reached 35 in the shade.

Barry popped by with our petrol ( he has a car so can get to the petrol station 6k away from Spanish Village), So he came on board for a cuppa and biccies.

It was “Music Night” at Riverside Tavern, Tom wasn’t singing or playing the mouth organ tonight (well saying that we left at 11:30, he could have after then). Roy Burnham (who we met at Sines) did a turn, he likes traditional English songs, he wants to borrow our Sea Shanty Cds, as he wants to learn a few of them.

Whilst there it was announced that Hugh will be giving another “Star Watching” night on Sunday, up by the Windmills on Spanish side, as there is no light pollution there, so were looking forward to that.

We asked about an abandon building we can see from the boat, Rogerio said that its an old Moorish Fort, and told us who to see if we want to go and have a look at it.

He also told us that he is trying to organise a mini bus to Mertola, there is an Islamic Festival there from 16th to 19th and we really wanted to go and see it, its held on Odd numbered years, the whole town is given over, and its decked out like cross between a souk and bazaar.

Settling in

06 May 2013 | on the river
let me check... yep hot
Up at 7:30 cleaned windows, deck and spray hood, I had forgotten to check one of the deck hatches as I was merrily chucking buckets of water about, Rob not so happy to be on the loo, as wave came through the hatch...opps!

It was a little overcast to start with, but soon warmed up, got the cockpit tent up, and its protecting us from the heat of the sun.

Watched a 300 foot pleasure cruiser come into the commercial pontoon, it spins round and blocks the whole river off, and then docks on Portuguese side, over hanging the pontoon both sides. It was huge! It comes in every Monday during summer and runs trips from Villa Real to Alcoutim. Wondered how they negotiated the fishing nets, decided they must go at ramming speed and plough straight through them.

Have had the generator on and have had our first shower in 2½ weeks (we have been having bucket washes) cannot explain how good it felt, and then it broke!... Looks like back to the bucket again! (since been fixed again)
We have been plagued with tiny floating spiders, they have covered the dinghy, and we have cobwebs everywhere. There are Swallows, Blacked Capped Magpies, Bats and little Honey Bees take a rest on the boat before heading to the over side of the river.

Have been told that there is a Yoga group that meets every Monday and Wednesday, run by one of the Ex Pats on Spanish side, its a “Women only group”, both Rob & I are miffed that no men are allowed!

Apparently the Sunday Walking Club has disbanded as its too hot, they will start again when its gets cooler. So far the weather has been a constant 30 deg in the shade... Lovely.

The Barry Fish

05 May 2013 | River Guadiana & Rumeria
hot as usual
Rob was on Water Patrol this morning as he heard a plop followed by “shit...shit...shiiiiiiiiit “ then it was proceeded by “ Heeeeelp “ Barry had gone over board from his canoe, Rob went straight over followed by Jacks but couldn’t quite get him out so they towed him to Jacks boat and got him on board there, I came out to see him giggling away, and wrapped in a towel merrily ringing his pants out. Rob did tell him he was very lucky, as he had only had 2 cups of coffee, he usually needs 3 before he leaps in Bay watch mode.

We were taking in a leisurely row to the Spanish pontoon, when Barry comes pelting up on his dinghy, and tows us along, he took us to his friend Nikis’ house on the Spanish side, was then informed that all the ladies were dressing up... I was in tee shirt and shorts, so Niki looked me up and down, declared I looked a size 14 and threw open her wardrobe doors... So the first time in a few years I was in a frock!, borrowed some shoes from her mum, and I was ready to go to the “Ball”

She rents a nice little house, wooden floors, central courtyard, kitchen in separate building to the house, the courtyard is a sun trap, so we all sat drinking tea and playing with her cats, all 5 of them, I had reached Kitty heaven!

Went to the Spanish Rumeria, a Village gathering basically its a match making festival between the local villages, the women were all in beautiful traditional dresses and the men had lovely high waisted trousers and waistcoats on horse back, on the ankles the trews had a slit to go over their boats , and held together with ornate buttons and charms.

It started off in Sanlucar near the pub, everyone milling about, blokes strutting their stuff, the Mayor had laid on free drinks from a pick up truck, a beer and soft drinks were handed out. Then the precession was on its way, 5k up two hills to the meeting ground, they to stop every 10mins for food and drink, so it takes a while to get there, all the girls in back of wagons singing and cheering and the men on horseback.

Each “clan/tribe/family” had a tent the Ex Pats had one too, you can not enter another’s tented area unless you have been invited. 6 euros a day, covers the food and drink laid on. Rob was happy as he was grazing, he was well happy (as the kids say) to find Pizza and a rather nice broad bean & mint pate (he had to track the chef down to see how its was made), I think what would really have made his day would have been a plate of chips !

We came back around 7:45 burnt, tired and very full.

Alcoutim at last

04 May 2013 | on the river
Had the best nights sleep, so quiet and we didn’t drag. After our 2nd cup of coffee we decided to head off. It should only take a couple of hours if that.
I spied the white castle on the Spanish side in the distance so we knew Alcoutim was just around the next bend.

And there he was Tom in his dinghy coming towards us, riding river style, standing holding the rope ! All he needed was the theme to the Guinness advert in the back ground. He took me to the shops to get a few essentials, bread, cheese, milk and oranges.

We had been anchored in Alcoutim for only 2 hours and in that time we had Tom, Irish Paul & Moira (Noble Warrior) we last saw them in Jan and Roy (Adhara) who we last saw in Sines on board.

Decided to re anchor up river as we started to drag, rob said he could feel the anchor bounce a bit when we first arrived. Further up its mud and good holding, were just behind Jackie (Quo Vardis) and Barry (Beleza).

We rowed across to see Barry... He is a very bad man, who plied me with G&T’s they were rather good and by the time I had had two I was a very happy sailor! And if I had had any more I would have started on the “I woooove you” and fallen asleep.

Rob wanted to go the riverside tavern, about a 20 min row, we arrived to be greeted by Rogerio who gives us a look and then says “This is not April !” and “have you come by car or have you actually come by boat this time !” (the last time we saw him we said will be arriving April... And its now May.)

net warning

03 May 2013
Word of warning watch out for fish nets across the river, the official ones have flags and big floats to see, the first one we encounter as not an official one! And it was right across the river, we had to do a quick about turn, then slowly attempt again, testing the depth, no flags and clear plastic bottles . (TOM DID NOT MENTION THIS !).. Decided as the light would soon be gone, to anchor, which we did just beyond Foz dos Odeleite, under an abandoned farm house.

the bridge mantra

03 May 2013
Can honestly say that Barry’s 3 colour system works so repeat the mantra.. “If the muscles are a showing its time to get a going !”

bridge part 2

03 May 2013
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