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Cruise Preparations

19 July 2010 | Port Ginesta
These days we're very busy preparing Iris for another summer cruise (a.k.a. the Tom Cruise). I got the repaired windvane back from Stowe Marine so I had to go up the mast again and screw it back into the mast block. At least now I know again how hard the wind is blowing. Moreover I get it displayed on a brand new digital Stowe Marine Dataline GX Display. This new generation display is fully compatible with my old Stowe Robertson Dataline instruments and one display unit can display just about anything transmitted over the dataline bus. On the picture you see how it also repeats the data from my Humminbird GPS.
Between all the work to be done for the upcoming cruise, yesterday we also had some time to take Iris for a sail with friends. A most awkward incident occurred when leaving the berth. The anchor which is located on the bow somehow got hold of one of the fenders of our neighbour's boat and broke loose. So I found myself in the middle of the narrow marina channel anchored to another boat with several meters of chain out and quite some wind. A most scary situation. Happily I could manage to keep the boat clear from all obstacles around while some helpful people on other boats managed to free the anchor and we got it back on board. The rest of the day sail was a pleasant experience.
Vessel Name: Iris
Vessel Make/Model: Wauquiez Centurion 32
Hailing Port: Port d'Aiguadolç (Sitges)
Crew: Tom Creemers
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