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3rd (and 4th) Porthole Installed

02 April 2011 | Port Ginesta
After many months I finally found some time to continue the portholes project (see previous blog entries). This time I installed the front small one on port-side. In the never-ending quest for the perfect tool to adjust the hole size, this time I tried with a small sanding drum on my drill. Still a very long, tiring and dirty job. Maybe a bit more precise than my earlier intents. A lot of unhealthy fine white dust all over the place. Still 3 portholes to go. Time enough to experiment with other tools. Keep posted.

May 14th, update: installed the fourth one, the middle starboard side porthole. Did it quite fluently, in just over 3 hours. There was a nice wind blowing the dust outside the boat, keeping the cabin clean enough. Now, after having installed the two small ones and the two medium sized ones, I conclude the small ones were the more difficult ones, since their holes needed to be made broader, sanding along their long sides. The medium size portholes were easier to install since their holes only needed to be made longer by sanding away at the extremes. I hope the latter will result also the case for the two large portholes...
Vessel Name: Iris
Vessel Make/Model: Wauquiez Centurion 32
Hailing Port: Port d'Aiguadolç (Sitges)
Crew: Tom Creemers
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