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Join us as we leave the safety of our "normal" life and head south on a new adventure.

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Weather break

18 January 2012 | Where else...Boot Key
Things have been quite quiet around here lately. That may have to do with the less than seasonal temperatures and quite high winds on occassion. In fact on Tuesday, which was the first really nice day in quite awhile, the laundry room was so full you couldn't even find a chair, never mind a washing machine. But according to Chris Parker, the ssb weather guru, the weather is supposed to improve and be nice for the next two to four weeks. Sunny skies, east winds, and warm temperature. Yeah.

Not much has happened since the last post. We managed to get out to a local bar with 12 other people to watch the Blues Brothers. They were good and we enjoyed an evening off the boat. I went to the flea market with Gale (s/v Aeolus) and Barb (s/v Providence) down on Big Pine Key. It was pretty good, I manged to pick up some vegies and some sunglasses for Ben and George. (George already lost his overboard.) This week they have a nautical flea market but with any luck at all George and I will be packing up our house starting this weekend. We're just waiting to be sure the buyers have the financing in place before empty the house. An un-staged house doesn't sell nearly as well as a staged one. Our only other outing was to s/v KIT for dinner. Always as interesting time. Steve had a selection of strange beers that he, George and even Ben enjoyed while Kathy and I passed. I don't like coffee so I sure don't want to ruin a good beer with the taste of expresso. It was George's dream beer...dark, bitter beer with a hit of coffee. He could drink and not worry about falling asleep.

Not much else happening right now. Ben is going to spend the next two weeks taking care of the boat while George and I head north. He thinks he's going to be on his own with Kooper. What he doesn't know is that a quarter of the harbor is aware of the situation and will be keeping an eye on him. the dog, and the boat. I've already had people offering to feed him at least some of the time while we're away. I think he'll probably pass of those offers because he's planning on spending as much time doing things he knows we don't want him doing. Hey he's a teenager. We're comfortable with the fact that he won't do anything too stupid and manage to stay out of trouble for the most part. I'm curfew will be the biggest item at risk while we're gone.

We'll post again when everything is settled. In the meantime we'll have to enjoy the above sunset picture since we won't see one for a couple of weeks ourselves.

Vessel Name: Ishmael
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby 42 #062 1975
Crew: Kathy, Ben, George and Kooper
After over thirty years of working 40+ hours a week. George and Kathy have decided it is time to slow down and enjoy what this world has to offer. We are looking forward to sharing this new life style with our youngest child, Ben(15). [...]
Extra: With over 1000 miles under our keel we are now ready to finally head south. First we'll move down the Hudson River and then we'll follow the east coast south.
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Who: Kathy, Ben, George and Kooper