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Join us as we leave the safety of our "normal" life and head south on a new adventure.

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New Residents

23 March 2012 | Boot Key Harbor
George / Warm Sunny Breezy
We became official Florida residents today and we have the driver's licenses to prove it.
Actually, it was quite painless and only took an hour or so to complete. In general contrast to the usual state operated offices of this type that usually qualify for a Saturday Night Live skit, this office was refreshingly different.
The Tax Collector (License bureau) was within walking distance of the boat. We discussed their kids, the quality of pizza at Daffy Dougs just up the street, where the best music was this weekend and smiles are allowed on license pictures in Florida.
Apart from the usual truckload of original documentation to prove you are who you say you are and you really do live here, it was a breeze.
Kathy was so pleased she went right across the street to the Library and got a Library Card. This is not allowed unless you are a real "resident".
There is huge excitement here in the harbor, as an overhead cable just west of the bridge had been damaged, allegedly by a large catamaran with greater than 65' air draft. It is now hanging at about 60' which is too low for many of the large sloops in the harbor. Since everyone is anxious to move North with the end of the winter sailing season, this has caused great consternation and ATT is currently a four letter word as they are the alleged owner of the cable. The Coconut Telegraph (VHF Radio) is just buzzing as you might expect.
You see, there is some justification for the frustration. It has been blowing like stink from the east for about three weeks. A strong east wind means anyone heading up the east coast of Florida from the Middle keys to Miami might just as well forget it. Unless you have a liking for running a hundred miles pounding into ten foot waves you might just as well kick back for a while. Today was the first good weather window for departures.
I can sit back and laugh you see because Ishmael is a Ketch (two masts) and our tallest mast is 53 ft. Easy clearance. Also we are not planning on leaving!
At long last all of the external teak on Ishmael is completely re-done in Cetol. It is expensive like crazy but reputed to last more than the six months good quality varnish lasts in the Florida sun. Now we can actually call our nice shiny teak by its' real nautical name - Brightwork.

Life is Good.

Vessel Name: Ishmael
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby 42 #062 1975
Crew: Kathy, Ben, George and Kooper
After over thirty years of working 40+ hours a week. George and Kathy have decided it is time to slow down and enjoy what this world has to offer. We are looking forward to sharing this new life style with our youngest child, Ben(15). [...]
Extra: With over 1000 miles under our keel we are now ready to finally head south. First we'll move down the Hudson River and then we'll follow the east coast south.
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Who: Kathy, Ben, George and Kooper