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19 November 2021 | Beach, Alvor
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My friend

16 January 2022 | Warrior For Life, Alvo
Roger Lee
Pim’s a lovely cat

New tat

16 January 2022 | Alvor
Roger Lee
My new tattoo, In Zen Buddhism, ensō is a sacred buddhist symbol often referred to as the Ensō circle also called the Circle of Enlightenment, the Enso Circle, the Infinity Circle and even the Lost Symbol of Reiki. Lovely job Colin.

He’s behind you

24 December 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Christmas Eve and walking on beach, it must be over 200°C. Obviously Mogs doesn’t want to go back to the boat yet as he’s keeping behind fence. Left him for an hour I went to have a cup of tea with Colin, then back called him, came running jumped in dingy and back we went, what a cat.

Morning walk

08 December 2021 | Alvor, Portugal
Roger Lee
On our way to the beach for our morning walk.

My tat

27 November 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
My new tattoo, by artist Colin Crook. It’s a whirling dervish, I’m very interested in the Sufism tradition.

A snake

19 November 2021 | Beach, Alvor
Roger Lee
Mogs found this snake on the beach, not very big about 3cm, I think it’s a horseshoe snake.


19 November 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Colin's dog Bella and I enjoying a bear on his boat, typical maniac Jack Russell, never stops.


07 November 2021 | Alvor, Algarve, Portugal
Roger Lee
Centre is my new winter mooring in Alvor.


01 November 2021 | Alvor, Algarve, Portugal
Roger Lee
Looking towards the town with a beautiful evening light.

Heading back

01 November 2021 | Alvor, Portugal
Roger Lee
Mogs and I making our way back to boat after an evening walk.

Catching up

01 November 2021 | Tavira, Portugal
Roger Lee
I had a wonderful day with Bjon and Berit catching up with Estrella and Johannes who I first met in the Canary Islands about 7 years ago. Fantastic food fantastic company.

Gone swimming

01 November 2021 | Alvor, Portugal
Roger Lee
The other day when heading for our morning beach walk Pim to our amazement jumped in and swam, Mogs just couldn’t believe it in fact neither could I.

And again

16 October 2021 | Alvor, Portugal
Roger Lee
Today took Mogs as usual went back for Pim and they had a great time exploring together.


16 October 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Ginger cat Pim is not a natural sailor and is not comfortable getting in the dingy, I don't like to stress him out therefore he has not been ashore for three months. As we are so close to the lovely beach yesterday I put him under my arm and put him in the dingy, not happy but when we reached the pontoon out he jumped and had a lovely time exploring. He came back to the dingy put him in and back home, success.

Sad day

16 October 2021 | Scottish Boarders
Roger Lee
It was the funeral of my former wife Lis today, poor girl she had been suffering from MS for a number of years. We have three wonderful children Ben, Gemma and Thomas who will miss her tremendously as will her partner Tom. It was a lovely service with family and friends, a wonderful send off. Because of Covid, Ben who is in America, Gemma Australia and I Portugal were not able to attend but it was streamed on line. Our love goes with you Lis.

Market day

05 September 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Robert and I went to the local Sunday market, great fresh veg fruit and a great deal more. Then had breakfast.


05 September 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Great English breakfast with Robert, first met him up the Guadiana a few months back.

Spot the cat

31 August 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Mogs yesterday evening, clew, on left

Good morning

31 August 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Alvor sunrise

Hanging out

29 August 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Came across this pooch keeping an eye on what’s going on in central Alvor.


27 August 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Mogs and me on our early morning walk.

Beautiful setting

27 August 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
Silver Girl, Nigel and Nadine’s catamaran anchored near me.


27 August 2021 | Bar Alvor
Roger Lee
Out celebrating Nadine’s birthday


27 August 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
What’s going on out there


27 August 2021 | Alvor
Roger Lee
This is what can happen when you don’t work out your tide highs and lows, after a few hours he came up ok

Big mistake

20 August 2021
Roger Lee
Sailed from Coulatra to Albufeira to anchor overnight, absolutely crazy, every kind of speedboat and anything that can go fast on water zooming around, boat rolling like hell just waiting for evening and it stops which eventually it did, left in morning for Portimao.

Back again

18 August 2021 | Coulatra, Algarve
Roger Lee
Warrior For Life at anchor in Coulatra lagoon with about 60 others, it’s getting busy again after the long Covid lockdown.

New normal

12 August 2021 | Vila Real de Santo António, Algarve
Roger Lee
Virtually back to normal here in Vila Real de Santo António apart from masks in enclosed spaces.


11 August 2021 | Virginia
Roger Lee
Amazing news, Ben has bought a three bedroom house with close to half an half an acre of land in a secluded cul de sac close to Richmond Virginia.


09 August 2021 | Faro, Portugal
Roger Lee
Beautiful sunrise in Faro channel.

Mr Pim

09 August 2021 | Faro
Roger Lee
Handsome Pim posing.

A new friend

09 August 2021 | Faro
Roger Lee
Mogs making up to Karl when he visited us.


03 August 2021 | Faro, Portugal
Roger Lee
Ben and two of my grandchildren on the beach in Faro when they came to visit in February 2011, happy memories.

A walk

03 August 2021 | Faro
Roger Lee
An afternoon walk with Mogs on an island near to Faro


03 August 2021 | Faro channel
Roger Lee
It’s a lovely place to be very peaceful.

Here I am

03 August 2021 | Faro, Portugal
Roger Lee
From anchorage to Faro. I’m pleased to say it’s much cooler here than up river.

At anchor

03 August 2021 | Faro
Roger Lee
At anchor in the Faro channel as there were no free moorings, it's about a mile to dingy into the marina.

On my way

03 August 2021 | Offshore Portugal
Roger Lee
Finally left the river after the lockdowns and headed to Faro, great to be sailing again.

Sanlucar de Guadiana

03 August 2021 | River Guadiana
Roger Lee
Warrior on my mooring down river from the two towns.

Not too good

16 July 2021 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Had some food poisoning which lasted 24 hours but Mogs looked after me. All good now.


09 July 2021 | Australia
Roger Lee
Iona looking so very cute

Hot and getting hotter

09 July 2021 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
In the shade this afternoon, just waiting for some mail to arrive and then down to the coast where it should be a little cooler.


08 July 2021 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Evening with friends. We are now able to live normally here Covid restrictions lifted apart from entering enclosed spaces such as shops then masks.

Hot, hot, hot

08 July 2021 | Algarve, Portugal
Roger Lee


The YELLOW level warning for high temperatures will be in place from 0900 hrs Friday 9th July to 1500 hrs 10th July and maybe be extended.

The districts affected are: Beja, Faro, Castelo Branco, Evora, Guarda, Lisbon, Portalegre, Santarem and Setubal.

The IPMA state: "On the 10th, the maximum temperature values ​​should vary approximately between 33 and 38°C, with the exception of the western coastal strip, where they should be lower and vary between 24 and 30°C, and in some places in the interior of Alentejo and Tagus valley, where values ​​of around 40°C can be reached.

During such period DGS Recommends:

• Seek cool environments (preferably air conditioned);

• Try to keep the heat out of your home: close the blinds or shutters and keep air circulating inside the house; keep the house as cool as possible and avoid using the oven.

• Avoid direct exposure to the sun, especially between 11 am and 5 pm.

• Wear loose (cotton) clothing that keeps most of your body covered, as well as a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses;

• Choose the coolest hours to travel by car.

• Do not remain inside parked vehicles exposed to the sun and do not leave pets in the car either;

• Avoid strenuous physical activities;

• Pay particular attention to those who are more vulnerable to the heat, such as: children; the elderly; the chronically ill; pregnant women; people with reduced mobility; people who work outdoors

It’s done

28 May 2021 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
I’ve now got my Covid 19 inoculation, fantastic


26 May 2021 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Lovely cactus flowering at Alcoutim castle.


20 May 2021 | Australia
Roger Lee
My gorgeous granddaughter Iona dancing, so sad that I have not been able to get to see her in Australia because of this horrendous Covid-19.

Great couple of days

14 May 2021 | Tavira
Roger Lee
At last, managed to get to see my wonderful friends Bjon and Berit in Tavira. As usual, fantastic food and we we took a short tour of some small coastal Algarve towns.

Great friends

12 May 2021 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Sunday afternoon with Martin and Gabriela after Martin returned home after a spell in hospital.

Birthday boy

06 May 2021 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Celebrating Louis birthday with his silly hat and hair, great night at Miragem.


03 May 2021 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Enjoying the evening sun on a friend’s yacht Ly.

Strange year

18 April 2021 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Well it's been a strange year with Covid - 19 rampaging around the world and Brexit. I really couldn't have been in a better place here, on the Guadiana river in Alcoutim, Portugal. It's been very civilised, more or less isolated from all the stresses of Covid, we've all been able to move around albeit wearing masks and distancing. Brexit is throwing up all sorts of complications, one of which is proving that our boats were in the EU on December 31.

A new home

10 November 2020 | Australia
Roger Lee
Gemma and Charlie have bought a house in Bangalow. It’s a beautiful original 1911 Queenslander which has been beautiful restored. Bangalow is 10mins drive to Byron Bay. It’s a a lovely little town. Big congratulations

Beautiful morning

07 November 2020 | Guadiana River
Roger Lee
Morning mist Guadiana river

Evening sun

07 November 2020 | Alcoutim, Portugal
Roger Lee
Looking across the Guadiana river to Sanlúcar de Guadiana

What a sky

07 November 2020 | Coulatra, Algarve, Portugal
Roger Lee
Beautiful afternoon, Coulatra Island, Faro

On tow

07 November 2020 | Faro
Roger Lee
I’m towing Noble Warrior ready to be taken in to Bruce’s yard.

The best of friends

07 November 2020 | Faro
Roger Lee
Ships cat Mogs and Pim


07 November 2020 | Australia
Roger Lee
My gorgeous granddaughter, one year old, wow where does the time go

Her and me

22 July 2020 | Coulatra
Roger Lee
Nothing much to say really

Here we are

22 July 2020 | Armona
Roger Lee
Ready for an evening out on Armona

Look at that water

22 July 2020 | Farol, Faro
Roger Lee
Orietta enjoying a swim in the Atlantic at Farol

Beautiful evening

22 July 2020 | Faro
Roger Lee
Orietta finally arrived here after 7 months of lockdown, Covid 19 and numerous cancelled flights.

Here we go

22 July 2020 | Coulatra
Roger Lee
Lilly and I heading for pizza Monday on the schooner Bouno Onda

Pizza Monday

22 July 2020 | Coulatra
Roger Lee
It’s pizza Monday on the schooner Bouno Onda, always a great evening

Kayaking time

03 May 2020 | River Guadiana, Portugal
Roger Lee
Up the river in my inflatable kayak, came across some monster crocodiles 😂

BBQ time

03 May 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Just sorted out the barbecue ready for Sunday

Crazy times

25 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
We still have some fun in these days of lockdown, Sam and me

Working away

25 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Orietta has been taking advantage of this Corvin 19 lockdown to produce her jewellery. We are going to make a selling on-line shop for her very soon


25 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Gemma’s fantastic drawing of Iona

I’m a grandpa

25 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
My beautiful granddaughter Iona unfortunately she is in Australia and her I am in Europe, she’s just gorgeous.


24 April 2020 | Pontoon, Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Mogs has taken to spending time with Tony when he fishes, I think Mogs was a little puzzled as to why Tony put the catch back in the water, not a nice one to eat very bony

With my crew

24 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Out for our evening walk with Mogs and Pim, lovely evening, weather is getting warmer now.

The watering hole

18 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Denis and I making a visit to one of our favourite places, The Beach Bar

Best of friends

16 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Mogs with his friend Budy, Pim and Mogs stop with Buddy’s owner when I go away

Local Oil

16 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Our locally produced Olive Oil with its interesting label

Dangerous Days

16 April 2020 | Turin Airport, Italy
Roger Lee
At the airport waiting for my flight during the Covit - 19 epidemic

Another Chicken Sunday

16 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
After our lunch we headed for a few drinks to our favourite watering hole

Happy Days - Cheers

15 April 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
With two of my best friends Louse and Karin on their boat Rita

My visit

15 April 2020 | Dundee, Scotland
Roger Lee
Went to stop with Thomas and Rachel in Dundee on my way back to Portugal

At home

15 April 2020 | Northern Italy
Roger Lee
At Orietta’s place in Rivalta di Torino, Northern Italy

Just the two of us

15 April 2020 | Northern Italy
Roger Lee
Orietta and I when visiting her in Italy, had a wonderful time

Party time

15 April 2020 | Sanlúcar de Guadiana
Roger Lee
BBQ at Roberts, I did my man thing, great day, great people, great music

Xmas Day

02 January 2020 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Christmas Day dinner at Mika and Denise’s place, fantastic food and fantastic company

Happy Birthday

23 December 2019 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Happy Birthday

Happy Days

22 December 2019 | Warrior For Life, Alcoutim
Roger Lee
Orietta from Italy made real pasta for us on Warrior. You have to say this with an Italian accent to get the real flavour

Still looking

22 December 2019 | Guadiana river
Roger Lee
A reflective moment during one of our searches for Roelf

Sad times

18 December 2019 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
We lost one of our cruising community, Roelf must have slipped over the side of his boat at about 1am and disappeared. There has been a massive search but no luck at the moment.

He was eventually found and we had a wonderful remembrance service for him.

River Rates

16 December 2019 | Alcoutim, Portugal
Roger Lee
Our new Guadiana River Rats logo.

Will she be back soon

16 December 2019 | Carlisle, Cumbria
Roger Lee
Mabel and Stanly waiting for Gail

A selfie

16 December 2019 | Carlisle, Cumbria
Roger Lee
Me in Carlisle

Happy Days

16 December 2019 | Alcoutim, Portugal
Roger Lee
Drinks after our Sunday flat chicken lunch which takes place twice a month during the winter


09 September 2019 | Dundee, Scotland
Roger Lee
Thomas and I when visiting him and Rachael in Dundee

St. Andrews

07 September 2019 | St. Andrews, Scotland
Roger Lee
Lovely day in St Andrews.


04 September 2019 | Coulatra, Portugal
Roger Lee
Paul and John on Coulatra Island

Rio Formosa

03 September 2019 | Rio Formosa, Faro
Roger Lee
We are heading to the Faro lagoon where I have the loan of a mooring for Warrior whilst I am in the UK.

Birthday girl

07 August 2019 | Coulatra, Portugal
Roger Lee
Celebrating Nadine's birthday

Something special

06 August 2019 | Coulatra, Portugal
Roger Lee
Had some friends on board to have chilled white wine and fresh oysters straight from the sea.


24 July 2019 | Coulatra
Roger Lee
Two very good friends

Who is this guy

24 July 2019 | Coulatra
Roger Lee
Young Sam, well he is compared to us oldies and his mobile which he uses to great effect to record his life in and around Alcutim or wherever we are.


24 July 2019 | Coulatra
Roger Lee
Lilly and I got invited by one of the local fishermen Si Ze to an evening meal prepared by him, it was delicious and very special for me.

Lovely early morning

19 June 2019 | Faro Lagoon
Roger Lee
We had some rain this morning.

Feeling bad

19 June 2019 | Bruce’s
Roger Lee
Pim and Mogs love it in the yard, feel bad taking them and back on the water


19 June 2019 | Bruce’s, Faro
Roger Lee
And back in again, job done.


18 June 2019 | Bruce’s yard, Faro
Roger Lee
Had a slight accident when working on boat but all is well, healing nicely.

Job done

18 June 2019 | Bruce’s yard, Faro
Roger Lee
On hard for the past ten days to do bottom job, now nackerd. Warrior launched and now on mooring in Faro lagoon, bottle of child white wine and great cheese then bed early


03 June 2019 | Coulatra
Roger Lee
Mogs and I went to visit friends Clair and Tony two of his favourite people particularly Tony

Super with friends

01 June 2019 | Coulatra
Roger Lee
Jean Luc's catamaran for dinner.

As we were chatting after the meal, John noticed a light passing and on investigation it was a large catamaran dragging. John, Lily and I jumped into my dingy and went over eventually woke the crew, it was threatening to collide with an anchored yacht. The skipper, John and Lily went forward to deal with the anchor, I took the helm and steered it away from potential danger, we re-anchored it safely.

It's all part of being in Coulatra, dragging boats happens a lot here as soon as the wind rises, makes life interesting.

It’s good

31 May 2019 | Offshore, Portugal
Roger Lee
Great to be sailing again. Heading from Guadiana to Coulatra and then Faro to take Warrior out and do anti-fouling. Still love Alcutim and Sanlucar hope to see you in Autumn.


31 May 2019 | Alcoutim
Roger Lee
After the massive task of removing the old tradmaster deck covering, filling, sanding numerous times, two coats of primer undercoat and finally two coats of anti slip paint Warrior looks much smarter but there are still jobs to be done.

Lovely evening

29 April 2019 | Rio Guadiana, Portugal & Spain
Roger Lee
I think summer has arrived, lovely and not to hot

And back again

11 March 2019
Roger Lee
I had been visiting the Lee family in North Carolina and after a 50 hour journey, Denis and Mika collect me me from airport and we had a wonderful fish lunch.


11 March 2019 | North Carolina
Roger Lee
On my way from Little Washington to Durham airport I stopped with my lovely friends Donna and Igy, it was fantastic to spend the evening with them.

Great place

04 March 2019 | Little Washington, North Carolina
Roger Lee
I stayed in this lovely place, the home of Bill & Al

My friends

04 March 2019 | North Carolina
Roger Lee
I was recently visiting my family in America and decided to head down to Little Washington and catch up the all the lovely people that looked after me.

Merry Christmas

23 December 2018 | Rio Guadiana


12 December 2018 | On Warrior
Take the cameras out and I will sit in it

Early morning

12 December 2018 | Down river Guadiana
A lovely early morning start on the Guadiana


16 November 2018 | Alcoutim
Over the last couple of weeks I have been installing an electrical windlass. I can't believe how much easer it makes lifting the anchor. Also started taking off the old deck covering as it is beginning to disintegrate, it's a big job but no rush. Once the deck is ready, none slip paint.

A different year

16 November 2018 | Guadiana
Sunrise on the river. Well, it's been a very different season this year. A slow run-up to summer, cold spring then into summer temperatures, August registered 49 degrees upriver. We then had a very wet and relatively cool October, November. Last year, in October & November I remember we were still in shorts and teeshirts, not this year, cold and wet

Hard times

30 September 2018 | Guadiana
Mogs has had a tuff time over the past couple of weeks. Firstly, he developed a urinal infection, went to the vet was put on inflammatory meds which took two weeks before he was clear. Just got over this and his head, in front of ears, erupted in lumps and sores. Got some meds for mites and it cleared up. Last night on the pontoon down river he was attacked by a dog from another boat. I had to get him out of the water and he has an injured leg. He was very uncomfortable last night, a little better this morning but may need to take him to vet. Pim is fine.

All well, it was an elbow injury. Mogs responded well to antibiotics and now back to normal

Hot, hot, hot

27 September 2018 | Ayamonte, Portugal
A serious temperature in Alcoutim and Sanlúcar de Guadiana especially as it's towards the end of September. I was on the coast, much cooler.

It's happening again

13 September 2018 | Ayamonte, Portugal
Dangerous times, could it be a repeat of last year - I hope not

Storms and fires

07 August 2018 | Faro Lagoon, Algarve, Portugal
Is it a storm and lightening or smoke from the fires that are currently burning here in Portugal. The local town of Monchique was partly evacuated as flames close in, still burning three days later. Temperatures are well up, in some parts 40's +


07 August 2018 | Faro Lagoon, Algarve, Portugal
Mogs posing when we were on a mooring in Faro Lagoon

You can't not photograph it sometimes

07 August 2018 | Faro, Algarve, Portugal
You can't get away from a great sunset Faro lagoon

Great day great wedding

13 June 2018 | Kelso, Scotland
Thomas and Rachel got married in Kelso on May 26. It was a lovely wedding and I had a wonderful time.


13 June 2018 | Kelso, Scotland
Don't ever take sides against the family... a wonderful time at Thomas and Rachel’s wedding

First Sunday

07 May 2018 | Alcoutim, Portugal
Sunday lunch get-together - first Sunday in the month


01 May 2018 | Alcoutim, Portugal
Alcoutim Labour Day and Sardine Festival celebrations.


01 May 2018 | Alcoutim, Portugal
Alcoutim Labour Day and Sardine Festival celebrations, grilling sardines


01 May 2018 | Alcoutim, Portugal
Early April morning on the Guadiana


31 March 2018 | Carlisle
Gail flower arranging


29 March 2018
My old pal Ozzy passed away recently. Many happy memories of this great character. We will all miss you my old friend. All my love goes with you.

Birthday boy

29 March 2018 | Guadiana
Happy Bifday Mr Black

A new friend

29 March 2018 | Tavira, Portugal
A great few days with Gemma, Charlie, and dinner with Berit and Bjørn, not sure where my new friend came from but alcohol was involved!!!!!!


04 January 2018 | Tavira
Gemma and Charlie came to visit me for a few days

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

24 December 2017 | Alcoutim, Portugal

What a view

14 October 2017 | Guadiana
Looking across the Guadiana from one of the old customs lookouts


14 October 2017 | Faro, Algarve
Just installed the new hot air diesel heater, its going to be warm this winter

Heads down

08 October 2017 | Faro, Algarve
Heads down – on the way back to Anchorage and passing under Faro rail bridge 30 minutes after high water springs

Most powerful Atlantic hurricane seasons

08 October 2017 | Atlantic
This is one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricane seasons in recorded history, hurricanes Harvey and Irma both set records this season

Through Sept. 12, there have been 11 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher). This is well-above average, given the 30-year average for the entire season is 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes.

Hurricane Irma was an incredibly powerful and destructive storm that broke many records. Irma's maximum sustained winds were at 185 mph for 37 hours, setting a new record for length of time a tropical cyclone maintained winds of that strength anywhere in the world, according to Dr. Phil Klotzbach, a tropical scientist at Colorado State University. The previous record was 24 hours set by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Irma is one of only four hurricanes with at least 185 mph winds in the Atlantic on record. The other three are Wilma (2005), Gilbert (1988) and Allen (1980). Hurricane Irma is also the strongest storm on record to exist in the Atlantic Ocean, outside of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Irma is also the strongest storm on record to impact the Leeward Islands, where catastrophic damage has been reported.

Harvey and Irma both made landfall in the U.S. as Category 4 hurricanes, marking the first time since 1851 that this has occurred in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on Aug. 25, with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph and Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys on Sept. 10 with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph, as well.

In general, Category 4 or 5 hurricane landfalls are rare in the U.S., with only 27 on record. Therefore, it is quite remarkable that two such landfalls took place in the U.S. in the same year.


A catastrophic year for the Caribbean Islands

Dominica, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, US & British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic, Barbuda, St Martin & St Maarten, Puerto Rico, Barbuda, St Barts, Cuba, Haiti, Saint Barthalamy, Anguilla

Summary from the Guardian Newspaper
Antigua and Barbuda

Barbuda, the first island to feel the force of Hurricane Irma was devastated by its high winds, with Gaston Browne, prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, saying 90% of buildings had been destroyed and 50% of the population of about 1,000 people left homeless.

The island is now a near-deserted disaster zone. Almost all of its 1,500 residents left for the sister island of Antigua, a 90-minute boat ride away, ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Jose.

“The biggest problem in Barbuda now is the fact that you have so many dead animals in the water and so on, that there is a threat of disease,” said the island’s foreign affairs minister, Charles Fernandez.

The devastation is not like we’ve ever seen before – we’re talking about the whole country … of Barbuda being significantly destroyed.

Critical facilities including roads and communications systems were ravaged, with the recovery effort set to take months or years.


One person died in the British overseas territory, said Ronald Jackson, executive director of the Caribbean disaster and emergency management agency, who added that “police stations, hospitals, school facilities, three or four emergency shelters, a home for the infirm and the aged, as well as the fire station”, along with many homes, had been damaged or destroyed.

The UK foreign office minister, Alan Duncan, said: “The initial assessment is that the damage has been severe and in places critical.” the island suffered more damage on Saturday from category-four Hurricane Jose. The storm forced the closure of airports and halted emergency boat traffic over the weekend.

St Kitts & Nevis

The Prime Minister, Timothy Harris, said St Kitts was “spared the full brunt” of Irma, but warned of “significant damage” to property and infrastructure, as well as power failures.

St Martin and St Barts

Fourteen people have been killed, and more than 100 on the Franco-Dutch island. France said 10 people had died on its side of the island, while the Netherlands said the storm killed four on the Dutch side, called Sint Maarten, where 70% of the infrastructure has been destroyed.

St Martin’s 40,000-plus population have been evacuated to Guadeloupe. Women, children and the most vulnerable are receiving priority at the overstretched airport on the French-run side of the island.

Virgin Islands

Five people were reported to have been killed in the British Virgin Islands and the National Emergency Operations Centre was destroyed. The governor, Gus Jaspert, declared a state of emergency and said he was heartbroken by reports of the deaths.

Natalie Drury, a resident of Tortola, the biggest of the British Virgin Islands, told the Guardian: “We desperately need help as soon as possible. Food, water, shelter. I’m extremely concerned about health and safety – there is sewage absolutely everywhere.” Drury confirmed that there had been widespread looting in the wake of the storm.

Some residents had been evacuated from the archipelago. The amphibious assault USS Wasp evacuated hospital patients from St Thomas to St Croix and Puerto Rico. The Norwegian Cruise Line used one of its ships to evacuate 2,000 tourists from St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

Four people are confirmed to have died in the US Virgin Islands, with a government spokesman predicting the toll would rise. Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency and a major disaster. There were reports of extensive damage to buildings, and of land entirely stripped of vegetation.

Puerto Rico

Lashing winds and rains have left more than a million people without power and tens of thousands without water. Images from the island showed flash flooding, and hospitals were forced to rely on generators.

Three people – two women and a man – have been confirmed dead, and rescuers are searching for the missing. Waves of up to 30 feet (9 metres) were reported.

Governor Ricardo Rosselló has also declared a disaster in the tiny islands of Culebra and Vieques, to Puerto Rico’s east, which were hard-hit by the storm. So far there has been little information from the islands.

Dominican Republic

Pictures from the Dominican Republic – where Irma passed to the north – show widespread damage: flattened buildings, downed trees and power lines. The coastal resorts of Cabarete and Sosua were reported to have seen storm surges, and more than 5,000 people were evacuated across the country.


Irma continued its path across the north of Hispaniola – the island shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti – taking down a key bridge between the two. Heavy rains thrashed the north coast and several areas lost power.

Two people were reportedly injured in the northern port town of Cap-Haïtien when a tree crashed into their home.

Turks and Caicos

Life-threatening wind, rain and a storm surge as Irma pummelled the British territory with winds of 175mph (280kmh).

Electricity supplies had failed on Grand Turk, which meant water production was also out, governor John Freeman said.

The director of tourism in the Turks and Caicos, Ramon Andrews, is reported as saying there has been no loss of life on the territory. He added that all visitors were safe and accounted for.


The Bahamas escaped the worst of Irma’s wrath, with no casualties or major infrastructure damages reported despite several downed power lines, toppled trees, debris and roofs damaged.

The Bahamas prime minister, Hubert Minnis, said his government had evacuated people from six islands in the south to the capital, Nassau, in the largest storm evacuation in the country’s history.


The centre of Hurricane Irma cleared the Cuban coast and entered the Florida Straits.

Irma made landfall – the first category five hurricane to do so in Cuba since 1924 – on the Camaguey archipelago, just off the northern coast, with wind speeds of 160mph (260kph).

Along Cuba’s northern coast, tourists were evacuated and residents of coastal towns told to move inland. More than one million Cubans were evacuated before the storm, according to local media, along with 10,000 foreign tourists from beach resorts. The disaster alert level was increased to maximum ahead of Irma’s arrival.

There were no immediate reports of casualties in Cuba but it caused significant damage, and enormous waves lashed the Malecon, Havana’s emblematic seafront, with seawaters penetrating deep into the capital.


East coast has had its fare share of problems due to this severe weather. The Keys have been decimated.

And the latest Hurricane Nate to hit the Americas

Hurricane Nate brought flooding and power outages to the US Gulf coast as it sloshed ashore outside Biloxi early on Sunday, the first hurricane to make landfall in Mississippi since Katrina in 2005. Nate killed at least 21 people in Central America.

The storm hit with maximum sustained winds near 85mph but weakened to a tropical storm as it moved inland, the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) said. As of 5am ET, Nate was centered about 80 miles north-northeast of Biloxi and moving north-northeast near 23mph.

At one point, Nate’s eye move over Keesler Air Force Base, where the NHC hurricane hunter planes are kept, the center said. No major damage reports

Back in

15 September 2017 | Faro, Algarve
Back in the water after having my hip replacement and doing some work on the boat, the last few hours have been stressful trying to get the rudder back on, thanks for all the help from friends

Afloat again

15 September 2017 | Faro, Algarve
Yard bill has been paid and that's it, leaving the yard after a couple of months ashore, cats aren't going to be very happy being at anchor after all that freedom, I feel sorry for them

Lovely evening

15 September 2017 | Faro, Algarve
The crew and I out for an evening stroll

Interesting area

15 September 2017 | Faro, Algarve
This historic area as well as a nature reserve. Bruce's yard where Warrior is just behind the sign

Great times

15 September 2017
Yet another meal with Bernie & Yvonne in Bruce’s yard here in Faro, they really look after me. Bernie has done a few jobs for me, a weld, and a bracket to hold my new hot air heater

All good

25 August 2017 | Faro, Algarve
Yvonne and Bernie looked after Mogs and Pim while I was in the UK having my hip replacement, thank you very much. I am now back in Portugal and able to walk without any aids after only six weeks - fantastic

Replacement surgery

09 July 2017 | Faro
I left the Guadiana River a few days ago to finally get my hip replacement surgery done in Hexham, Northumberland. As I will not be back for around four weeks, I sailed down to Bruce's yard in Faro where Warrior was lifted out and put on the hard. I stopped over at Culatra Island a short distant east of Faro the capital of the Algarve. The island is 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) in length and 100 to 900 metres (330 to 2,950 feet) width, with no roads but interlaced with wooden walkways and reminds me of the Outer Banks east coast US. Paul, a friend of mine had an engine breakdown so I gave him a tow down the Ria Formosa and we were lifted out together. My boat Warrior For Life and his Noble Warrior, two old Warriors together.


09 July 2017 | Faro
Pim snoozing after a hard night exploring their new home


09 July 2017 | Faro
Mogs on Noble Warrior

On tow

09 July 2017 | Ria Formosa, Faro
Warrior For Life with Noble Warrior on tow alongside heading down Ria Formosa

A special place

09 July 2017 | Culatra Island
Culatra Island a short distant east of Faro the capital of the Algarve. The island is 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) in length and 100 to 900 metres (330 to 2,950 feet) width, with no roads but interlaced with wooden walkways and reminds me of the Outer Banks east coast US.


09 July 2017 | Culatra Island
Two old friends Louis and Karin who were also at anchor in the lagoon


09 July 2017 | Culatra Island
The logoon at Culatra


09 July 2017 | Alcoutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
The crew chilling

A hot start

09 July 2017 | Alcoutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
On the pontoon in Alcoutim. It’s been exceptionally hot to the start of the summer.

Meeting old friends

11 May 2017 | Tavira, Portugal
I first meet Berit and Bjørn and their magnificent Hudson Force 50, Temerity, in Rabat, Morocco in December 2011. We then sailed together in the Canary Islands where we had some great times together, as they are very generous hosts. They have a lovely apartment in Tavira not far from Alcoutim and invited me over for a traditional 'Norwegian Dinner' which included a leg of lamb and lasted all afternoon and well into the evening. It was lovely meeting them again and enjoying their company.

A long lunch

26 April 2017 | Alcoutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
Every Sunday the cruisers get together, have lunch and do a great deal of talking, drinking and laughing!


23 April 2017 | Alcoutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
Cheerio, to some very good friends Rika and Andrew who are leaving the Guadiana to go sailing. Possible next stop Azores - stay safe


13 April 2017 | Spain
Summer solstice party at some friends


12 April 2017 | Alcoutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
A three-day Contraband Festival, to pay tribute to the mostly forgotten hunger years evoking memories of the Spanish Civil War and other historical events of the 1930s and 1940’s when smuggling was carried out up and down the river. As part of the celebration a temporary pedestrian floating bridge was constructed over the Guadiana River

Lazy bones

12 April 2017 | Alcoutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
It’s been chilly in the mornings

Walk time

01 March 2017 | Alcoutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
Karin took this photo of Mogs and I heading off to do some shopping. He will insist on sitting on bow even after having fallen in a few times. I just need to say ‘going for a walk’ or ‘lets see some friends’ and he jumps into the dingy, he then just hangs around and when I get back ‘lets go home’ and he is back in the dingy

One of the searchers

19 February 2017
I was very recently at a fellow cruiser and friends wake, there was a very pertinent reading that I really identified with, and I would like to share:

I am one of the searchers. There are, I believe, millions of us. We are not unhappy, but neither are we really content. We continue to explore life, hoping to uncover its ultimate secret. We continue to explore ourselves, hoping to understand. We like to walk along the beach, we are drawn by the ocean, taken by its power, its unceasing motion, its mystery and unspeakable beauty. We like forests and mountains, deserts and hidden rivers, and the lonely cities as well. Our sadness is as much a part of our lives as is our laughter. To share our sadness with one we love is perhaps as great a joy as we can know - unless it be to share our laughter.
We searchers are ambitious only for life itself, for everything beautiful it can provide. Most of all we love and want to be loved. We want to live in a relationship that will not impede our wandering, nor prevent our search, nor lock us in prison walls; that will take us for what little we have to give. We do not want to prove ourselves to another or compete for love.

For wanderers, dreamers, and lovers, for lonely men and women who dare to ask of life everything good and beautiful. It is for those who are too gentle to live among wolves.

Quote by James Kavanaugh


17 February 2017
I was recently taking photographs for some friends and one of their cats wanted to help

What a difference

11 February 2017
After a few weeks of nursing my engines starter motor along I finally relented and purchased a new one. What a difference, it now starts first time

New Year

01 January 2017 | Ayamonte Marina, Rio Guadiana
I sore the New Year in with friends Barbara & Mike and Ann & Peter, a wonderful evening, lovely meal thanks Barbara

A great place to stay

27 December 2016 | Ayamonte Marina, Rio Guadiana, Spain
I recently went to the UK to start the ball rolling on getting my bad hip sorted out. My son Thomas kindly came from Scotland to look after the cats for me. When I got back I stayed a few extra days in Ayamonte marina which is on the Spanish side of the river Guadiana, its great marina, very sheltered and a short walk to the centre town

My crew

27 December 2016 | Ayamonte Marina, Rio Guadiana
A friend took this photo of the crew and me while we were in Ayamonte marina

Merry Christmas everyone

19 December 2016 | Rio Guadiana, Portugal & Spain
December on the River Guadiana

10,000 miles

27 November 2016 | Rio Guadiana, Portugal
Over the past few weeks, I have been reflecting on the last 5 years and 10,000 miles under keel of my lovely sailing boat, Warrior For Life. Traveling from here, the Rio Guadiana River, Portugal & Spain, to east coast America and North Carolina to see my son Ben, wife Wendy and my wonderful grandchildren Samantha, Christopher & Susana. There were a few stopovers, Morocco, Canary Islands, Caribbean islands, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, and the Azores islands, then back to my starting point with two Atlantic crossings under my belt. It feels a little unreal, a little blurry, I almost want to do it again to make it more concrete and savor the experiences more fully. I may have actually done this if it was not for a troublesome hip and a few other things that need some attention this body is getting old. I fly back to the UK tomorrow and Carlisle to get back into the NHS system and get the ball rolling, I think I need a new hip. Thomas kindly volunteered to look after the boat and my two crew Mogs and Pim and he arrives from Scotland today

A popular place

19 November 2016 | Alcutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
Another lovely morning here on the Guadiana. I think there must be 100 yachts of all nationalities at anchor up and down the river around Alcutim and Sanlúcar de Guadiana


19 November 2016 | Alcutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
Winter here on the Guadiana is very pleasant, chilly in the mornings around 12 °C but it soon warms up and by lunchtime you can be in shorts and tee shirt 20 °C+

Holiday time

16 October 2016 | Alcutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
My son Thomas and partner Rachel flew from Scotland to spend a week with me on Warrior. Here we are on the Rio Guadiana river at Alcoutim on the Portuguese side with Sanlúcar de Guadiana, Spain in the background

Music Festival

15 October 2016 | Alcutim, Rio Guadiana, Portugal
After being away for 5 years, it was absolutely fantastic to come back to the Rio Guadiana and the Guadiana International Music Festival. The festival has been taking place since 2013 and this year it was exceptional and as I was taking these photographs I watched every performance. So much talent from many parts of the world, it's a must for 2017 and you should make it 'a not to miss event' for your diary - a bonus is its free.

Fined a spot

30 September 2016 | Portimao, Algarve
After fixing the engine and leaving Largos I came into Portimao anchorage at midnight and bless my cotton socks it was ramming, I did find a spot but had to move in the morning as I was in the fairway for the fishing boats. A beautiful spot

Not the gearbox

30 September 2016 | Largos, Algarve, mainland Portugal
After crossing from the Azores I have been anchored outside Largos marina for 7 days splitting my gearbox from engine and replacing the drive plate. Not an easy job with boat rolling but job done and all working again. I have a few washers left over should I be worried


16 September 2016 | Largos, mainland Portugal
Farwell to Eddy and Almuth on Single Malt who were my Atlantic crossing buddies as they leave Largos on their continuing passage, hope to catch up with them before they leave the Algarve

The passage

16 September 2016 | Largos, mainland Portugal
We left Ponta Delgada Marina, in the Azores at noon on the 4th September bound for Portimao, Portugal, this was to be my last 800-mile passage crossing the Atlantic. I had started my adventure from Portimao in December 2012 and more about this in the future. Another yacht 'Single Malt' with Eddy and Almuth on board had left about 30 minutes before also bound for the same place. We made contact over the VHF radio and Eddy very generously offered to share his weather reports if we were able to keep in radio contact. We called each other twice a day and he gave me updates, and a social chat. It was absolutely fantastic knowing what to expect over each 24 hours.

We had a mixed bag, wind from the North, NE, South and SE as well as a little from the West, mostly fairly light, a few fronts came with rain during the first 24 hours but no strong winds. It was remanisant of my Bermuda to Azores passage without the long calms. On the evening of the 8th I had been running the engine to charge my batteries up as I did each day for the night, switched it off, heard a strange noise and when I ran the engine again found that the gearbox was severely damaged and inoperable so no mechanical power just the wind. Next day Eddy called me, I gave him my bad news and he told me his, the boats battery charging system had stopped working but he managed to resolve the problem to some degree.

I was going to head for Faro where there is a very good DIY boat yard and I have friends there at the moment. I know how to remove and replace the gearbox but the repair may prove expensive and not what I expected to be dealing with on my return to the Algarve. Eddy suggested Lagos, the first marina as you enter from the Atlantic, he has a contact that deals with such things, my main concern is the cost of being in the marina for any length of time on top of repairs. I am writing this having been becalmed for 5 hours and a little depressed.

We had a mixed bag of wind conditions over the next few days. On the 11th / 12th the wind was SW and steady, it was a great days sail, comfortable and relatively fast. Around midnight as predicted the wind went NW, a front came through and with it 30 knots of wind and torrential rain. Luckily I was expecting something and was well reefed down so no problem. When the squall left the boat started to roll very violently with the following seas and the headsail boomed out and running down wind his continued on and off for the rest of the passage, the crew got a little fed up with this as well did the skipper. For those interested, I made the whole passage with just the Genoa pulling me along. It just seemed to work as sometimes I was running down wind or just off, I didn't need deal with the main as well, my bad hip was glad about.

I got to Largos at 11.00am on September 14 and anchored outside the marina, had a shower, and went to sleep as I was knackered after 10 days with intermittent shuteye and during 12 hours or more none as I was crossing the shipping lanes with big ships coming or going from the straits of Gibraltar. We were so close at times I had to call them up to make sure they new that little me was there and we were not going to collide, a little nerve racking especially at night although there was moonlight. Thank heavens for AIS, Automatic Identification System, it identifies the vessel by name or NMEA number, distance from you, direction of travel, closest point and time of contact. When it gets down to .34 of a mile and a few minutes I get nervous, for them with their sophisticated radar and AIS etc they should know, its not knowing that they know. Yachts have known to have disappeared under these conditions or just left a peace of rigging attached to the ship.

Be calm Roger

16 September 2016 | Atlantic between Azores and Portugal
Another flat calm on the Atlantic between Azores and Portugal

Happy Days

16 September 2016 | Pota Delgada Marina, Sao Jorge, Azores
My friends Barbara and Christoph our last meal together, Mogs, Pim and I will miss them, we have spent some great times and lovely meals on SY yacht Tauras. Thanks guys stay safe and keep in touch

Part time for t˙e crew

16 September 2016 | Pota Delgada Marina, Sao Jorge, Azores
We are having a party on Taurus with Barbara and Christoph

Where do I start

16 September 2016 | Atlantic between Azores and Portugal
Can I eat it and where do I start. I filleted the flying fish that landed on board and they both enjoyed it

Bad stuff

04 September 2016 | North Carolina, USA
Poor North Carolina being pounded by Hermain, glad that I am not there now it wouldn’t be very nice

A close call

03 September 2016 | Pota Delgada Marina, Sao Jorge, Azores
This is how close we came to the Tropical Storm Gaston 6.30 Saturday

Cats, cats, cats .........

02 September 2016 | Atlantic between Bermuda and Azores
On my last long passage I took this photo, can you see a cat riding a cloud or am I going cat loopy. I have seen this before, must be an omen - a good one I think.

For the past week I amongst others have been hiding in Ponta Delgada Marina from Hurricane Gaston which was heading our direction. I am happy to say that it is burning itself out and has been downgraded:


As soon as this has passed I will be making the final part of my Atlantic crossing to Portimao from where I started from in December 2012. From there I will head back to Rio Guadaiana. I am really looking forward to my son Thomas and partner Rachel flying from Scotland in October to spend a week with me, it will be fun

UP DATE: It looks like I got away from east coast US just in time as its experiencing tropical storm Hermine, and are predicting the worst storm for a decade

It's hot

25 August 2016 | Sao Jorge, Azores
Leaving Flores Andy and Sophia in Oceana and Warrior made a fast passage to Horta and then from there an even faster one averaging 6.5 kn to Sao Miguel and Ponta Delgada Marina. The following day we were taken on a tour of the island by a friend of Sophia, which included a swim in a thermal spa, a fantastic botanical garden and then a meal cooked in one of the thermal pits that we had seen earlier in the day

Sophia and Andy enjoying the spa

A great place

25 August 2016 | Pota Delgada Marina, Sao Jorge, Azores
Looking down on Ponta Delgada marina where you are made to feel really welcome and great facilities. Apart from Flores I had to stay in marinas in the Azores but at 10.19 euros a day they are affordable compared to mainland Europe


24 August 2016 | Horta, Azores
Party time and a BBQ on the dock in Horta with fellow cruisers Andy & Sophia Jan & Carolyn, Barbara & Christoph and.

Left my mark

22 August 2016 | Horta, Azores
I had a great time in Flores and meet-up with Barbara & Cristoph from Austria and Andy a fellow Brit. Sailed from there to Horta and left my mark with all the other thousands - it's a tradition here - bottom left

So slow

03 August 2016 | Flores, Azores
Mogs, Pim and I left Bermuda on July 11 at 1.00pm after a short stay of six days. It would have been nice to stay longer and explored a little more but at least I will not be spending money the cost of living is astronomic, loaf of bead $4.45, Spray Cranberry juice a whopping $7.45 and apples $1.09 each.

Once again the weather conditions were not ideal for the 1700-mile passage, light winds and possibly no wind for a while but I was eager to leave the Hurricane belt as soon as possible It’s been ominously lacking in activity. The hurricane centre has pronounced that there are possibly 14 waiting out there, a local Bahamian told me that his shark oil has gone very misty which is ominous! Also the sailing season moves on I really need to be in Portugal by early September before the weather systems start rolling down the Portuguese coast.

We left with a brisk tail wind so had my headsail pulling me along till the early hours of Tuesday morning when it fell away and then went to the NE, no good for me so I just dropped sail and hung around. The dilemma that I was wrestling with was to motor my way or conserve fuel for later when I may run into dead zones with no wind. The decision was really made for me as I kept running into very light winds or no wind at all. I finally decided to motor northeast and catch the Gulf Stream near 40 latitude, as it would help me along my way. I picked it up at 38 latitude and slowly crossed it to get the best result for me. The following days were a mixed bag, very light mainly southeast winds or no wind at all. This was a continuing pattern. I had been becalmed for 24 hours on the 28th so decided to use some of the remains fuel and see how far I could stretch it. I motored for 4 hours and came within 125 miles of Flores, becalmed again, very, very frustrating. I now only had about two gallons left which I needed to conserve. At 3.30 am on the 30th a very light south south easterly came along, up went the sails and I was able to lay my course but only at 2.5 knots but I was moving and in the correct direction. Same story it disappeared so went to sleep. On the 31st at 3.30 am I suddenly woke up there was wind from the south, up went the sails again and we were doing 6 knots on a course of 120 degrees which I had not been able to make for over a week. Yippee, that stayed with us until it slowly doped 17 miles from my destination on went the engine and a few hours later I was at anchor. I used the reminder of my water for a hot shower and went to bed.

What about the cats. Pim who had been a scared cat suddenly got his sea legs and settled down to the rolling and pitching, noise did not freak him out whereas Mogs hates the noise when I worked with the sails bolted for his safe zone. Pim came up on deck and watched me, he always does every thing slowly and you could see him working the move before attempting it, in fact good seaman ship. You could see them getting board at times then they would have a wrestling match. They have now been on shore leave and back on board, Mogs has made friends with the boaters next to me and now I have two friends.


03 August 2016 | Atlantic
Mogs doing his bestest thing with paper bags, he just loves them

Going goosewinged

03 August 2016 | Atlantic
Dawn in the Atlantic sailing down wind

Skipper and crew

01 August 2016
Tense skipper and cool cat

On my way again

01 August 2016 | Bermuda
Leaving St. George’s, Bermuda. I had been anchored just in front of the white building

A figurehead for Warrior

01 August 2016 | Atlantic
Don’t you just love them they make my day

What a surprise

08 July 2016
After a day staying on board recovering from the passage I decided to go ashore. There was a sailing yacht tied alongside, I looked at the guy sitting in the cockpit he looked at me and said 'hello Roger'. It was Lee, we had spent a lot of time together on the Rio Guadiana in Portugal back in 2011 - wow. As you can imagine, we spent time reminiscing over a glass or two. It was fantastic to catch up with him again but I am sorry to say he left today July 8 to make his way back home in the US.

I am waiting now for a weather window for my next long passage to the Azores, 1,700 miles at about 100 or so a day. As of today its not looking very promising for the next week, so will just keep monitoring conditions

On the way to Bermuda

08 July 2016 | Bermuda
We left Oriental NC on the 29th and headed straight to Beaufort, left the last marker at 1.30 pm. The first three days were hard work, I knew it wasn’t perfect weather ahead but needed to get moving. Thunderstorms kept coming through every few hours with very wet rain. I wanted to cross the Gulf Stream as fast as possible so motor sailed some of the way. I don’t like the GS it feels like there is a big hand under the boat shaking it about and sometimes just trying to stop you, I have crossed it three times now and have great respect for it.
I new that there was more settled weather further south around 32 latitude so slowly made my way south, got there on the third day and sunshine, wind SE,S, SW and I did not touch the sails apart from sheeting in or easing out for the next 24 hours, the winds were light but not in a rush and could relax.
Moggs new what we were up to and settled in, Pim was traumatized at first, but about day 4 started playing with Mogs and I, looks more resigned to the experience and eating OK. He has stopped sliding over the place and started to sway with the motion, a breakthrough. I wonder if I should have left him with family in Cary. Mogs started to do the deck rounds at night and came back with flying fish and promptly devoured them but wasn’t going to share so cut one in half for Pim, he still has no idea where they come from.
After clearing in at 10.45 am on July 5 at anchored in Saint Georges Harbour Bermuda just off the town after 635 miles. Sleeped on and off for most of the next day.
I suddenly realized no more walks with Mogs down to the board walk, no friends coming round, family not just two hours up the road, missing Washington already.

Two great guys

22 June 2016 | Little Washington, North Carolina, USA
Goodbye to two great guys, Al and Bill. So generous, they keep turning with bags of provisions for my Atlantic Crossings. I had a great stay in their lovely home over looking the Pamlico – Thanks guys

I final goodbye

19 June 2016 | Little Washington, North Carolina, USA
Cheerio to Little Washington all the great friends I have made and my personal unpaid chauffeur Charles. Over the past few weeks he has been driving me all over the place collecting parts for Warrior as well as my groceries. I don't know what I would have done without him, I will miss his company, a truly lovely man.

I will be heading out of my second home this week ready for a weather window for my first leg of my Atlantic crossing, Beaufort to Bermuda. I have had a fantastic time in this great little town. The locals have been so welcoming and have really looked after Mog, Pim and me. When we had a really cold spell, Dee and Mayi brought me home made soup & bread. Rick, the dock master and staff also looked after Warrior when I left her for a couple of months. I will really miss this lovely place, it will always be a home from home for me.

Happy Days

19 June 2016 | Little Washington, North Carolina, USA
Ben, Wendy, and the Grandkids came down for their last visit before I leave the US to head back to the river Guadiana, Portugal from where I started my adventure in December 2012. I will truly miss them and this great little town. I have been wined and dined and welcomed into people's homes, I will always have happy memories of my time in east, North Carolina - happy days

Aggressive birds

08 May 2016 | Little Washington, North Carolina, USA
I got back to Little Washington last week after being with Ben and family for over a month. When Mogs and I go for a walk he gets mobbed by Mockingbirds who are nesting nearby. Because of this aggressive behaviour the locals call them 'Cat Birds'. They swoop down and hit is bottom which he finds very disturbing, sometimes he actually lets me carry him which is very unusual


08 May 2016 | Cary, North Carolina, USA
Well spring has sprung but it has been a slow start to the warmer weather. A high over southern Canada has been sending down cold fronts but there are signs that this pattern should be changing. When I arrived in North Carolina last April I was in shorts and tee shirt but definitely no this year.

I have spent a couple of months with my son and family in Cary. Over the next couple of weeks I will be preparing to leave for my Atlantic crossing back to Portugal via Bermuda and Azores. I left the Algarve in December 2012 and will have covered about 10,000 miles, should be back around mid to end of July.

Big freeze

14 February 2016 | Elizabeth City, North Carolina
We had snow, which then froze, and a northerly wind with a wind-chill of -21F. The nice thing was that my son Ben cam down so we just battened down turned up the heat and ate pizza.

Some of the locals must feel sorry for the mad Brit on his small boat in this bad weather as they have been bringing me home made soup, bread, cookies and fruit, I love North Carolinians

Feeding time

08 February 2016 | East North Carolina
During the last few months we have had a real mix of weather here in Little Washington, NC. The temperatures has ranged from -7 to around 20C and a great deal of rain. It's a real shock after being in the warmth of the Canaries, Caribbean, Bahamas and last summer here on east coast US. I have had to invest in winter clothing including some thermals and the cats have grown a winter coat, Mogs has never experience this and really doesn't like it.

I am planning to sail back to my starting point in the Algarve, Portugal around April. This will be via Bermuda and the Azores and complete 10,000 nautical miles or 11500 land miles since leaving in December 2012

Birthday Boy

31 December 2015 | Cary, NC
Boxing Day and Christopher's birthday


31 December 2015 | Cary, NC
Ben with my yummy Christmas lunch - I had seconds & thirds


31 December 2015 | Cary, NC
Christmas day and presents - headphones

Lighting the candles

31 December 2015 | Cary, NC
Christopher and Wendy lighting the candles that are spread on the entrance to their home on Christmas Eve evening


08 December 2015
One of my lasting memories of being in North Carolina is the friendliness and generosity of the people. Michael and Jennifer invited me to their farm for an evening meal


08 December 2015
I was invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with Ben and family and had dinner with Wendy’s sister and partner Robyn and James


24 November 2015
Ploughing my way through the duckweed on the Dismal Swamp canal

Turkey Vulture

24 November 2015
There was a flock of Turkey Vultures flying around when going through the Pongo Alligator canal

Alligator River, North Carolina

21 October 2015
I sailed from Manteo to the Alligator River and had a fantastic passage in warm sunshine till I got into the river and the wind dropped away so had to motor the rest of the way. I anchored in a bay just before the start of the Pongo Alligator canal in beautiful sunshine and a great sunset. I had planed to go to the outer banks but the weather has been very erratic with strong gusting winds so decided to pace safe and was glad I had as it change overnight, 20 - 25 knot wind from the north and very cold. As the afternoon progressed there were fifteen other yachts anchored waiting to go through the canal

Great afternoon

21 October 2015 | Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Peter on his sailboat Tag A Lee and I sailed from Elizabeth City to Manteo. We had a great sail to this lovely little place where we got invited by Jim & Dana for some beers on their boat and had a great afternoon

A change

09 October 2015 | Elizabeth City, North Carolina
The temperature has started to drop over night but it’s still warm enough to wear shorts and tee shirt during the day

The hurricane

09 October 2015 | Elizabeth City, North Carolina
The hurricane Joaquin was threatening to come my direction in North Carolina so a local friend Pete, in photo and I decided to head to the relative safety of the first lock of the Dismal Swamp. We left to make the 18 miles in torrential rain; it had already been bucketing-down for over a week and with strong onshore winds building up the waters of the Albemarle Sound and consequently the Pasquotank River. The docks in Elizabeth City were beginning to disappear under water and warnings that there was going to be severe flooding. The day after we had arrived we were sitting in sunshine, drinking wine and rum. Even though the hurricane was going to miss us there were some other weather systems and this combination was sucking in all this moisture. The result of this extreme weather was South Carolina was declared a disaster area. Nineteen people died and it has caused farmers to lose their crops, a large number of people had their homes flooded, three thousand evacuated, bridges were down, roads washed away and dams breached


09 October 2015 | Elizabeth City, North Carolina
I had been in the lock a couple of days when a local came over and invited Pete and I for breakfast with her family. Apparently every Sunday the different parts of the family get together - how nice was that

A Lovely place

09 September 2015 | Deltaville, eastern Virginia
Looking towards Chesapeake Boat Works, Deltavile after twelve days preparing and painting Warrior For Life’s topsides. Now heading back south to North Carolina

All shiny

03 September 2015 | Deltaville, eastern Virginia
Hauled out at Chesapeake Boat Works, Deltaville, Virginia, to paint the topsides, Warrior is now looking sparkling. It took 12 twelve days to sand down, primer undercoat, sand, two, two-pack polyurethane coats sand and final coat - now need a holiday. Also re varnished bellow decks and last December hauled in Green Cove Springs, Florida, sanded the bottom, three coats of epoxy and then four coats of antifouling so Warrior For Life should be good for a few more years of cruising. I now just need to place her name


30 August 2015 | East Virginia
As I headed north through Portsmouth and Norfolk, I have never seen so many navy ships in my life. It's the world's largest naval station, supporting 75 ships and 134 aircraft alongside 14 piers and 11 aircraft hangars, and houses the largest concentration of U.S. Navy forces. I then anchored for the night very near Langley Air Force Base, which is the home of the United States Air Force's 633d Air Base Wing, 1st Fighter Wing and the 480th Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing. It was amazing to watch some of the fighters coming off the runway and suddenly go vertical and climb at an incredible speed until it was out of sight, the G-force must be incredible

It was all free

19 August 2015 | Portsmouth, Virginia
The evening I arrived in Portsmouth at the free dock performing on the outdoor stage was Vinniie and the Blues Riders. The following night the 1960' band the Shantels, oldies just like me

Not so dismal

19 August 2015 | the Dismal Swamp canal, NC
I left Elizabeth City and headed north up the Dismal Swamp canal, it was not dismal at all, even the cats enjoyed the two stopovers on the way. The Dismal Swamp Canal is the oldest continually operating, hand-dug waterway in the United States. It is part of the Intracoastal Waterway connecting the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia with the Albemarle Sound in North Carolina and in total is about 40 miles long. Apparently there are forty-seven species of mammals that can be found in the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, white tailed deer, black bear, bobcat, river otter, mink, beaver, grey fox, red fox, raccoon, and ground hog. I only managed to see a rat snake and some small turtles

A dock to myself

06 August 2015 | Elizabeth City, North Carolina
From Belhaven I took the Alligator River - Pungo River Canal, then across the Albemarle Sound and into the Pasquotank River up to Elizabeth City. It's known for its friendliness and hospitality and I was not disappointed, free docking for 48 hours and after talking with Gus, the unofficial dock master he said I could stay until next Friday when Ben comes down - 7 days. Randy, a local stopped to talk and offered to take me to the store for a few food items and on Saturday at the farmers market bought some fruit, cookies, homemade jam and was given a large free chop for my supper - that's hospitality.

I am parked along side the park wall so the cats are having a wonderful time. Late evening we go for a walk together and then as it gets dark they go and have fun, always back onboard in the morning. Hospitality continues – I was invited for supper by two lovely people Donna and Iggy who picked me up and dropped me back at the boat fantastic evening, thanks


06 August 2015 | Belhaven, North Carolina
I had the most amazing lobster the other day at Spoon River in Belhaven, it was delicious

Chef extraordinaire

06 August 2015 | Belhaven, North Carolina
The creator of my meal chef Jeremy

Happy Days

06 August 2015 | Belhaven, North Carolina
Ben at the helm of Warrior when we went from Belhaven to Slade Creek where we stopped overnight and then back

Great helmsman

06 August 2015 | Belhaven, North Carolina
Christopher is a great helmsman


27 July 2015 | Belhaven, North Carolina
While walking back from town I got invited to join two lovely people Pee Wee and Dana for a drink and chat

Walk time

25 July 2015 | Belhaven, North Carolina
Taking the boys for a walk. When we tie-up to a dock they wait for me to take them for a walk and introduce them to the location, then in late afternoon as it gets quiet they head off to do their thing. During the night I hear them come on-board from time to time and in the morning when I wake-up they are both back for the day - cool cats.

I have now left Washington and am presently in Belhaven with the intention of heading north to the Chesapeake

Time to move on

25 July 2015 | Little Washington, North Carolina
I had been in Little Washington for three months and had a great time. Ben and the family visited me nearly every weekend. Helpful dock masters, great toilets, showers & laundry and Wal-Mart in walking distance - just. Time to move on so heading for Belhaven then Elizabeth City


25 July 2015 | Little Washington, North Carolina
A double rainbow over Washington

The best of friends.

16 July 2015 | Little Washington, North Carolina
Mogs and Pim

A new home

16 July 2015 | Cary, North Carolina
Ben collected me last Friday and took me up to see their lovely new place in Cary


16 July 2015 | Isle of Mull, Scotland
Whilst with Ben and family at the weekend Wendy came up with some old family photographs and amongst them was this picture of my old boat the John and Mary. She was a Boston Prawner built around 1900 and fished the Wash on the UK east coast. I sailed her from Deganwy, Wales up to the Isle of Mull where I was living with Lis and my son Ben and baby Gemma in the late 1970's.

Sam & Christopher

06 July 2015 | Little Washington, North Carolina
Two of my lovely grandkids, Samantha and Christopher

Hot Hot Hot

25 June 2015 | Little Washington, North Carolina
Ben and Susanna enjoying the water. It's been exceptionally hot and humid here in North Carolina for June in the region of 100f, I’ve been going to the library in the afternoon to get some air-conditioning therapy

A great day

25 June 2015 | Little Washington, North Carolina
We had a fair here in Washington which culminated with a firework display


25 June 2015 | Little Washington, North Carolina
That’s strange


25 June 2015 | Little Washington, North Carolina
Susanna enjoying a turkey leg – not sure who the weird guy is

BBQ time again

27 May 2015 | Little Washington, North Carolina
The lee family came down and we had an excellent time here in Washington messing around in and on the water finishing up with a BBQ. Christopher looks like he is enjoying this burger


17 May 2015
I arrived in Little Washington on April 17 and anchored just off the town which is at the head of the Pamlico River, North Carolina. There are docks available but I anchored as its more private. There are great free toilets with showers and laundry, its a lovely town founded in 1776 with historic residencies and a great waterfront. Apparently there are Beavers on this island and I am serenaded by Canadian gees and wild duck. The down side is there are mosquito's and no no-see-ums, tiny mosquito's similar to the Scottish midge, I have made some mosquito screens which seem to be doing the job


01 May 2015 | Oriental, North Carolina
My son Thomas and Rachel at the helm of Warrior on the way to Oriental, North Carolina

Get together

23 April 2015 | Twin Lakes, North Carolina
The Lee family get together in North Carolina sadly the only one missing is my daughter Gemma in Australia

22 April 2015 | Twin Lakes, North Carolina
Ben had planned a few days camping for the family near Little Washington where I was heading as it was the closest to Cary where they were now living. I sailed for Twin Lakes center where they would be camping and arrived a few hours after them.

Back to US

22 April 2015 | Fox Town, Abaco, Bahamas
I sailed to Fox Town for a final weather forecast before heading across the Little Bahama Bank and the the 500 mile crossing to North Carolina. The evening passage was fantastic, a full moon four feet of water under the keel and sailing along at a steady 4 knots, I just dosed in the cockpit with the the stars overhead and Alfonso steering a steady course. Once over the bank things got a little lively for the first 24 hours after which the wind shifted from south to north and then back again on a regular basis, after 6 days I headed in to Southport as I needed to get some provisions and fuel. Next morning one of the marina staff offered to take me to the local store at no charge and as he put it 'I didn't see you tie up the night before therefore no overnight charge', what a lovely welcome to North Carolina. I headed for Morehead where I cleared customs and immigration.

Later that afternoon my son Ben arrived with my youngest son Thomas and partner Rachel who had flown in from Scotland and we sailed to Oriental.

Walk time

05 April 2015
Taking Jeff and Mogs for a walk. We were waiting for a break in the wind patterns before heading to Fox town to get our final weather forecast before me heading to North Carolina a 500 mile passage for me and 250 miles to Jacksonville for Jeff. A cold front has been coming through for the past few days, two days ago during the night we had 45 knots of wind straight into the large bay (Crab Cay) we were anchored in. Both Jeff and I had to raise anchor and move from a lee shore, not much sleep that night

In the picture

05 April 2015 | Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abacos
Put yourself in the picture - Hope Town looking towards the entrance of the harbour and the sea of Abaoco.

Hope Town

30 March 2015 | Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abacos
Looking across from the lighthouse in Hope Town, Elbow Cay. The town Harbour is packed with yachts and the town is very attractive with its quaint narrow streets and cascades of bougainvillea. Hope Town itself was founded in 1785 by Loyalists escaping the American Revolution.

It's expensive

30 March 2015 | Marsh Harbour, Abacos
A disused dock in Marsh Harbour the capital of the Abacos islands. It was the best place to stock up on food as I have paid as much as $11.42 (£7.61) for a loaf of bread and nearly the same for 2 litres of Canterbury juice in the islands. Fuel for the boat is double the price I paid in the US, the Abacos is expensive playground for the Americans


30 March 2015 | Marsh Harbour, Abacos
A fish that I caught when making a short passage. Jeff prepared it and it was absolutely delicious

Happy days

12 March 2015 | Great Guana Cay, Bahamas
The music started and out came the revellers and it got very lively. Nippers Beach Bar, Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas looking out across the Atlantic

A cold beer

12 March 2015 | Great Guana Cay, Bahamas
Jeff and I enjoying a cold beer at Nippers Beach Bar, Great Guana Cay

Welcoming committee

05 March 2015 | Manjack Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
The northerly wind pattern broke on the, 1st March went east & south so Music and I headed north to the next island Manjack Cay, just a few miles away. We anchored in the south bay and in the morning decided to have an explore, as we approached the beach two wild pigs came out to meet us. Apparently there is a local man that comes and feeds them and they must have thought that it was him, I have been told that they can get into people dinghy's and steal food.

With this warmer weather the cats have started to shed there coats, Pim's is coming out in clumps and I am having to vacuum constantly as it gets everywhere I hope it stops soon.
Vessel Name: Warrior For Life
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