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16 October 2017 | Annapolis, MD
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03 May 2015 | Daytona Beach
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01 May 2015 | Off Bal Harbour, FL
01 May 2015 | Off Miami

Preparing for the Transit South

02 October 2014 | Jabin's Yacht Yard, Annapolis, MD
iWinds2 is on the hard for some maintenance prior to our departure on the first leg of our transit south to Portsmouth, VA next Sunday. (Look, ma, no rudder!). We should only be a couple days getting some recall work done (rudder) and additional "options" that will provide satellite weather, wifi integration with the iPad Garmin Bluechart app, integration with the Garmin Quatix watch (hello, anchor drag alarm next to me ear), and an amazing BBQ mount off of our swim platform. Yes, these are Gucci upgrades but I'm interested in how they'll work and integrate into our watchkeeping. Important to keep the crew happy and occupied learning new tricks.

Also, my Annapolis Boat Show list keeps growing, banking on Boat Show Discounts for important safety items with plenty of shipping margin to spare before the big trip "outside" commences. If no discount, plenty of time to order and receive before the Oct 27 departure.

Excited and anxious to be making this trip. And, SO thankful for Heather and Stu's commitment as crew. Looking forward to picking up Eric along the way, and hopefully Tim can juggle work and the transit schedule.

Cooking delectable treats and good wholesome meals to heat up along the way begins next week.

Can't wait for the iWinds2 2014 Transit to Key West!!
Vessel Name: inclusionWinds v2.0
Vessel Make/Model: 2013 Bavaria Vision 42
Hailing Port: Annapolis, MD
Crew: Shawn D James, Gene E. Green
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