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16 October 2017 | Annapolis, MD
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03 May 2015 | Daytona Beach
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"Slog" Defined

04 May 2015 | Jacksonville, FL
Today was a "slog." Slog defined as constantly having a 2-3+ knot current on the nose, winds gusting from the northeast, and a low,LOW tide. Coupled with overcast skies and showers in the morning and evening, it was a long, slow day. The good news is that the weather cleared at St. Augustine until we were through Palm Valley.

At St. Augustine, we glimpsed the conditions outside the inlet as we passed by and confirmed we made the right choice by staying "inside." As well, other boats heading north shared their experiences; no one can explain the angry state the seas are in right now.

The highlight of the day was the transit north of St. Augustine and through the Guana River Wildlife Area. It was beautiful low-lands and all kinds of wildlife everywhere.
We ended up anchoring just south of Jacksonville proper. Unfortunately, on my approach to the southern part of the anchorage I struck the bottom but we were able to get off easily and moved further north for the night. Dang.

Plan H has us targeting Brunswick, GA tomorrow where we'll lay up and suspend the transit for now given Ana's impending formation and arrival. The weather the rest of the week is just going to be awful. Ryan will fly home on Wed, and I'll do the same Thurs/Fri. Gene and I'll work out the rest of the itinerary soon but it may involve weekend moves as mini-cruises for him and me. More later - Plan I through Plan Z.
Vessel Name: inclusionWinds v2.0
Vessel Make/Model: 2013 Bavaria Vision 42
Hailing Port: Annapolis, MD
Crew: Shawn D James, Gene E. Green
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