Sailing the Karina C

Vessel Name: Karina C
Vessel Make/Model: Spencer 35
Hailing Port: Nanaimo, B.C.
Crew: Jay + Anita Bigland
About: We are a crew of 2 ready to take on adventure on the Pacific Coast. We have returned from sailing to Mexico from 2010-15.
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20 January 2018 | Willemstad Curaçao
09 January 2018 | Fort de France Martinique
03 January 2018 | Ft. Lauderdale
01 January 2018 | Victoria airport
14 November 2017
12 September 2017 | Nanaimo
01 September 2017 | Nanaimo
04 July 2017
16 May 2017 | S Pender Island
03 May 2017 | Westport Marina
08 April 2017 | Nanaimo
28 March 2017 | Home
05 March 2017 | Singapore Airport
01 March 2017 | Enroute to Singapore
01 March 2017 | At sea towards Singapore
28 February 2017 | Laem Chabang
28 February 2017 | Laem Chabang
28 February 2017 | Laem Chabang
28 February 2017 | Laem Chabang
28 February 2017 | Laem Chabang
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20 January 2018 | Willemstad Curaçao

In Curaçao

Anita in the fashion show onboard the Koningsdam.

09 January 2018 | Fort de France Martinique

In Fort de France

Soufrierre Bay and town. It was the first capital of St. Lucia. Pitons are to the right.

03 January 2018 | Ft. Lauderdale


Inside the cruise ship terminal

01 January 2018 | Victoria airport


The view from the cafe at Victoria Airport.

14 November 2017


We have shut down Karina C for the winter. All has been decommissioned. We hope to get Karina C recommissioned in March 2018 and sail off to Olympia WA for our next international cruise. We had a wonderful summer on the boat and hope that 2018 will be even better. During the winter we are going to cruise [...]

12 September 2017 | Nanaimo

Cabbage & Tumbo Island

A google earth view.


28 February 2017 | On the boat Laem Chabang
This is a sample of the special cruisine available at the buffet. Celebrity Cruises is what is often referred to as "understated elegance." The boat is impeccably maintained. The wifi is so hot, I have to glue the ipad to the desk.
We are presently tied up at Laem Chabang. It is about a 2.5 hour drive to Bangkok. We did the Bangkok on our own tour yesterday and did up the town right. The tour guide (Rin) was helpful but not particularly chatty or informative. We got off at one of the big malls in town in their hopes that we would spend the entire day shopping. Anita and I went tripping down the street until we were accosted by a self appointed tour manager who recommended we take a tuktuk down to the river and then a boat along the canals to one of the temples. Then off to the Grand Palace and back to the mall. Soooooo that is what we did. And it was way cool.
The tuktuk ride gave us a close view of what a ride-along with a Kamikaze pilot would've been like. But, after the Nha Trang bicycle ride, we were definitely softened up for terror. We got to the river in record time and soon were on a boat taking a cruise. The crew was a husband/wife team and were very helpful. They dropped us off the dock of Wat Arun (temple of Dawn) and waited for us as we took the 30 minute walk around the temple grounds. We then picked up our boat again and they took us to the Grand Palace where the king resides. The old king was much loved and the entire country is festooned with black and white ribbons in honour of the old king. There is an obligatory period of 1 year of mourning and then the crown prince is officially crowned.

We made it back to our tour bus an hour early as we didn't want to push our luck in the traffic. We took a taxi back as we were unable to negotiate an appropriate fee for the tuktuk. We got back to the boat @1900 (7:00 pm). After dinner, we took the later show and fell into an exhausted sleep at 10:30 pm. We awoke at 0820 this morning. Anita stayed awake listening to the machine checking in the late crowd (as we are on the deck where people get back to the boat).
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