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Snow Day

05 December 2007 | Woodbine, NJ
While Philip and Bill were down at Jabulani getting the mast pulled this morning, Luke and Ruth did school. It is great to have a bit of routine in their school hours again.

Luke spent some time before lunch practicing his tractor driving skills and apparently did some off-road excursions into the woods bumping into trees many times. Bill and Luke came back looking none the worse for ware - not sure about the tractor though.

This afternoon we took a really nice walk in the first real snow of the season down here. We took a slow 2 mile walk down to the close-by pond, meeting one of Bill's neighbors and stopping to visit with the cows on the way back. We wandered a short way through the woods, but didn't want to get too far off the beaten track as it is still deer hunting season.
Vessel Name: Jabulani
Vessel Make/Model: 30' Custom Gaff Cutter
Hailing Port: Cape Town, South Africa
About: Philip, Sharon, Luke and Ruth are preparing to set off on a circumnavigation of the world.
Extra: The name Jabulani comes from the Zulu word for "Joy" or "Rejoice". We believe "Jabulani" reflects our outlook on life.
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/jabulani/


Port: Cape Town, South Africa