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Exciting Times

16 December 2007 | Randolph, NJ
We have really been getting into the swing of Christmas now that we are back in our old stomping ground. We have snow on the ground and a chill in the air. We were at dear friends, the Richardson's, last night; the same family we stayed with for the two weeks leading up to our departure on Jabulani in November. They had a wonderful Christmas party complete with carols and great food. We slept over at their house again last night, which was a blessing indead considering we were all only ready to get into bed at around 12:30 pm. Of course, with small children we slept in this morning until a wopping 8 am, hardly a sleep in some would say!

Today was another eventful day in that the kids had a birthday party of an about-to-turn 7 year old friend, Chenika. They had an absolute ball as the party was at an ice skating rink. They were flying across the ice at sometimes very rapid rates, mostly holding onto little walkers but occasionally venturing off without holding onto anything at all. Great fun was had by all.

I guess most of you are wondering what is up with our schooner shopping and when we'll finally settle down somewhere. In that regard too this has been a great week. We have begun to get the process of purchasing the schooner started through a broker up in Maine, who is very knowledgeable about wooden boats and seems to be a highly thorough individual. We are very excited about this development and have grown more and more to admire the knowledge and camaraderie between the group we have working with us on this project. Neal Parker is one of these whom we are so grateful to for his sound advice and wise counsel. Bill Noe, of course, has become a dear friend and compatriot. He and Debb have made us part of their family and truly we would not be in the position we are today without their open hearts and willing hands.

Thanks also go to all of you who read about us and continue to share interest in our journeys, on the sea and in our faith walk. We have faced some most uncertain days over the last month, but here we are at the cusp of something great. Keep reading, it's only going to get better from now onwards.

Photo credit : Don Dunbar (http://www.easternmaineimages.com)
Vessel Name: Jabulani
Vessel Make/Model: 30' Custom Gaff Cutter
Hailing Port: Cape Town, South Africa
About: Philip, Sharon, Luke and Ruth are preparing to set off on a circumnavigation of the world.
Extra: The name Jabulani comes from the Zulu word for "Joy" or "Rejoice". We believe "Jabulani" reflects our outlook on life.
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/jabulani/


Port: Cape Town, South Africa