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At home aboard Jabulani

13 October 2007 | Jersey City
Ruthie is quite at home aboard Jabulani. Here she is striking her "princess pose", which consists of head cocked to one side and subtle smile.

Home is Where the Toys Are!

05 October 2007 | Liberty Harbor Marina, NJ
The kids and I spent a few days emptying out the forward main cabin seat locker of all the paraphenalia that was stored in there, relocating it all to under the main cabin floor boards. We cleaned out the locker and then filled it with toys and board games. Finally the boat is starting to look more like a home and less like a workshop. Once the toys come on board you know it will not be long for the rest of the family to follow.

Liberty Science Center

01 August 2007 | Jersey City
On Monday, July 30th we drove just a few miles, about 10 minutes from home and arrived at the Liberty Science Center. The last time I had visited the Center was in the summer of 2000 while my two younger sisters were visiting. It has been closed for renovations for over a year and just reopened to the public on July 19th. What a great experience, 4 floors of discovery and hands-on learning fun! We saw animal shows and watched an IMAX movie about hurricanes on the Bayou. We played with solar power and wind power. We made animated movies with foam blocks. We played with lights and saw a laser presentation. We learned about the planets. We touched snakes and visited Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. We shot balls through the sky and did mind-bending puzzles. We found out how skyscrapers are made and Luke operated some real live construction equipment.. All in a days visit!

Dear Mr. Neighbour

25 July 2007 | Jersey City
Dear Mr. Neighbour

We were playing in our backyard and threw our green squish ball into your garden. Can you please throw it back to our side. Thanks.


I was very surprised to come home last night and find your beautiful note in my mailbox. Not only are you really considerate and thoughtful to ask so nicely, I was impressed that you took the time to make a great piece of art work! Here is your ball back - Have lots of fun playing with it. Your note is awesome! Take care - your neighbour Dave.

School in July?!!

25 July 2007 | Jersey City
It's not even August yet but we've already started school! And you ask yourself, "Who in their right minds would start school in July?" To be honest, it was my bright idea to jump start the kids in case we need to take some time off when we leave in November for a smooth transition into boat life. So today was Luke's 3rd day of 1st Grade and Ruth's 3rd day of Pre-K. Luke's subjects this year include Maths, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Science, Computer Skills and Social Studies, which includes Geography, Economics and Politics. Quite comprehensive, if you ask me. As usual we are excited to start a new school year and are thrilled with the great new books, as you can see.
Other news is that I had Lasik surgery on my eyes yesterday. I've been wanting to have it done for many years and finally have felt that this is the right time to do so. The procedure went very smoothly and according to the doctor it was, "Text book, perfect." I had my follow-up appointment today and all's well. My eyes are still a little uncomfortable and scratchy, but are sure to improve over the next few days. I just keep looking forward to all that the cruising life will hold for me without the need of glasses and contact lenses - swimming with my eyes open to see the marine life and not having to find my correct prescription lenses in foreign ports, etc.

Hot Hazy Days of Summer

18 July 2007 | Jersey City
Our new neighborhood is providing a lot of opportunity for adventure and exploration. Luke and Ruth found a new park where water comes out of the animals. A lot of fun was had, and it was the perfect way to cool down in the hot summer sun.
Vessel Name: Jabulani
Vessel Make/Model: 30' Custom Gaff Cutter
Hailing Port: Cape Town, South Africa
About: Philip, Sharon, Luke and Ruth are preparing to set off on a circumnavigation of the world.
Extra: The name Jabulani comes from the Zulu word for "Joy" or "Rejoice". We believe "Jabulani" reflects our outlook on life.
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/jabulani/


Port: Cape Town, South Africa