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22 July 2013 | Moffat, Scotland
29 March 2013 | Penang
27 March 2013 | Mooloolaba and Penang
22 February 2013 | Mooloolaba
05 February 2013 | Mooloolaba
30 January 2013 | Mooloolaba
11 January 2013 | Brisbane River
27 December 2012
26 December 2012 | Brisbane/Godl Coast
16 December 2012 | Brisbane, Australia
06 December 2012
04 December 2012
01 December 2012
01 December 2012 | Townsville
27 November 2012
26 November 2012
23 November 2012 | Cairns, Australia
15 November 2012 | Vlasoff Reef

Busy busy busy!

13 November 2011
13 November 2011
We've been busy busy busy! We're back in town, moored up, Med style, where you drop your anchor and then reverse back to the quay and put stern lines out. Normally, you back right up until you can step off the boat and tie up but here there are rocks before so you have to back up and then jump into the dinghy and take the ropes ashore, all the while trying to keep the boat in line whilst the wind is pushing you sideways. Mark did a good job though and we were in in time to then help Heartbeat moor up - normally when someone is mooring here neighbouring boat crew will jump up to help you, but here there seems to be a tradition of them standing on the bow of the boat with a beer in hand to see if you are going to cock up! We thought of doing that too, but why would you do that?
We went with Heartbeat to some caves to have a Tongan feast and watch the dancing. It was a late night for us all but Lochy managed to stay awake for the fire dancing which was amazing as was the whole evening. Very different from French Polynesian dancing, but very serene and lovely - not the fire dancing - that was energetic and lively and only for a brief minute did I think 'I hope the end of the fire stick doesn't fly off and hit the audience' Not much health and safety there - until we went back in the taxi, where we were in 3 police checks and the driver was breathalyzed all three times. Zero tolerance for any alcohol whilst driving.
The next day, Sophie, the kids and I went to the Baha'i picnic where there were about 100 Baha'is celebrating the birth of Baha'u'llah - a lovely day. And today, Mia and I are off the the Baha'i centre for a meeting, and then bringing back some of our new friends to see the boat, which is now looking a bit tidier than yesterday!
Vessel Name: Pegasus of Jersey
Vessel Make/Model: Nautitech 395 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Lefkas, Greece
Crew: Mark, Catherine, Mia and Lachlan
Having met whilst sailing on Bob's boat, there always was a vague plan that we would at some stage sell the house, buy a boat and sail round the world. Unfortunately, we didn't have a house. That was 9 years ago. [...]
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Jackson Four on Tour

Who: Mark, Catherine, Mia and Lachlan
Port: Lefkas, Greece