Journeys on Jacob's Ladder

10 December 2018 | Halifax
10 December 2018 | Norfolk, VA
20 July 2018 | 32 46.350”N:080 03.797”W
16 May 2018 | 24 33.725'N081 48.138W United States
01 May 2018 | Isla Mujeres
01 May 2018 | Guatemala
29 September 2017 | Rio Dulce
29 September 2017 | Placencia Belize
29 September 2017 | Cayos Cachinos Honduras
29 September 2017 | Belize
29 September 2017 | Merida Mexico
29 September 2017 | Isla Mujeres Mexico
29 September 2017 | Trinidad Cuba
28 October 2016 | Santiago De Cuba
20 May 2016
20 May 2016
20 May 2016
20 May 2016
02 March 2016 | Rodney Bay

Belize To Mexico

01 May 2018 | Isla Mujeres
Judy Hart
Belize to Mexico
20 30.000'N:087 13.383'W

We had a good run to Texan Bay, decided to stay one night in the anchorage, but the next morning got ready to haul anchor and the water pump failed, ugh, again more boat problems, pulled it out and the guys worked on it, used JB Weld for the repair. They then hitched a ride to Livingston with Susimi, they decided to go ahead and clear out. The following morning we got the hook up and crossed the bar, and headed to the next anchorage.

The following day we left for Placentia, it was nice to see the old gang at Yolis', we only stayed here overnight and then headed on to Sanctuary Marina where we fueled and topped up our water tanks, the next day we headed out to Aye Caulker, only stayed here for a night, but there was a tragic accident the following night, a Canadian friend of ours was dinghy back to his boat with his son after dark, and got run over by a water taxi and suffered life threatening injuries, he was flown back home where he eventually passed away. Always have lights on your boat after dark or it can be very tragic.

We headed on up to San Pedro to spend the day as Blessed was here previously and didn't get off there boat. We went ashore and showed them around this busy little tourist town, had a lovely meal and went to the Sharky's marine store. This is a lovely store you can get most everything here, we purchased new speakers.

The next day we left early we had big seas and a beat all the way to Xclak, this is a beautiful little village in southern Mexico, it is a tight entrance in through the reef only do in daylight hours. There is a dive center here with a nice bar and restaurant with good wife called XTC.

Then it was onto Chinchilla Bank, Cayo Norte, it was a beautiful day with great sailing, this is one of our favorite stops it has crystal clear water surrounded by reef, good snorkeling or diving. There is a navy base on the island, they did come to visit us, four in all, three came on the boat to do an inspection, one guy spoke really good English. No hassles from them very friendly looked at our paperwork and took a photo of the captain and I. They did tell us that they are busy chasing drug boats through here.

The next day we left at 2pm, as we were doing an overnight-er to Puerto Adventures, we wanted to get in around 8ish, after the sun came up. We had a great night of sailing actually had to slow down, we arrived just after dawn, called the marina several times but no answer, so we took the chance of entering here, it was extremely busy, lots of powerboats and charter cats. This marina is somewhat different then most. It is a big concrete wall that goes right around a condo village, it is huge. We finally got a hold of Jerry who came in a golf cart and got both vessels tied up. No facilities hi other then water and electricity. The place is full of restaurants, shops, pharmacies and Dolphin Discovery,
only WiFi is from a restaurant. The rate here is only $19.95 per day, so we stayed for 3, it was the Captains 55 birthday so we decided to stay and celebrate, we even got to eat a turkey dinner as it was American Thanksgiving as well. There is a nice walk from the marina out pass the golf course to a big Chedrui, next to the highway. It only takes about half an hour and it is all shaded.

25 miles up the coast is Puerto Morolos, we stopped here before, we did have some confusion when we arrived and anchored where we did the previous time, but they came out and made us move to the other side of the big ferry dock, no reason was given. After a night of cocktails ashore we headed out to our favorite place, Isla Mujeres, it was another beautiful day of sailing and we were happily greeted by our old buddy boat Molly J, he was lovely enough to make us his famous chicken curry. It was great to be back home. We spent 3 ½ months in Isla, visiting old friends, and making new ones. It went by quickly, Christmas was a blur, but we did get to have some turkey at the lovely Topaz restaurant on the Caribbean side. One of the nicest things about our second trip here was the captain was feeling great and we were able to get out and explore along with some volunteering at the Isla animal shelter for dogs.

One of the nice things about the shelter is if you adopt a dog, they will neuter and spay, which I had the opportunity to help out with, also West jet will fly the dog any where it fly's in North America for free.
Our friends on Blessed, adopted a 7 month old long haired Chihuahua named Fancy, she is about 5 lbs and a heart melter.

We did get to see the Mayan ruins on the South end of the island, it was interestingly, lovely walk but a little on the small side, you have a great view of the hotel zone in Cancun here. We also got to do some of the music festival that was in February. We also spent a lot of time with the lovely Luis, the owner of the cruisers fave Scorpion Bar, it was great to see the bar doing so well.

We did have some family come and visit on New Years week, but sadly the weather was kind of wet and chilly. As the months passed by the weather got warmer and the island got busier with all those vacationers coming for the day from Cancun. But as March rolled in it was time to move on North, we had crew fly in from Canada, our friend Todd joined us to do the 3day crossing. Our buddy boat left a week before us as they had some priorities in the US, that needed there attention. We managed to get anther buddy boat for the Crossing, Selin and Dennis on Nice Tri who we knew from the Rio.

We set off around 2pm to head across the Gulf, we figured it would take at least 60 hours, we had a lovely crossing for the first 2 days, no one got sea sick, but the captain did come down with a nasty head cold. We had hoped to stop in the dry Tortuga's, the national park but that was not to be, the wind came us, got a nasty squall, and ended up going North East, we were beating and taking on a lot of water, so we changed course and headed to Key West, once we changed it got a lot better, however we did lose contact with our buddy boat, it so happened they did stop at the Tortuga's. We arrived early the next morning and we were all excited to be back in the USA.
Vessel Name: Jacob's Ladder
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 381
Hailing Port: Halifax, NS
Crew: Andy and Judy
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Who: Andy and Judy
Port: Halifax, NS