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The Sand Police

29 August 2014 | Las Illetas
I hate sand. I hate it on the boat. I hate it in the cockpit. I hate getting it on my feet and then going to bed and getting sand in the bed. It drives me mad. (I think I was the Princess with the Pea in a previous life). So, when we have visitors, I am a right pain in the a***! “Have you washed your feet off??” “Take those thongs off before you get on please!” “You will rinse your cozzie off wont you?”

The week we have had the family on board with us including the highly-gifted grandson, Dali aged 11 and the immensely talented granddaughter, Matilda 3 ¾. We spent a few days in Santa Ponsa which involved a lot of visiting the beach and then (thank God) anchored at Las Illetas where, thanks to the beach resort being exclusive and off-limits to the likes of us, the kids had to jump off the back of the boat. By the end of the week, they are automatically washing the sand off on the sugar scoop and I have (I think) stopped being such a tyrant and got over it. Mostly!

Dali and Matilda as seen from the starboard escape hatch.The main photo is Team Matilda's special green and gold Loon Bands as made by Dali (and me)

I hope they had a good week. We’ve had good mix of tourist resort, gentle anchorage and the delights of Palma, a cracking little city by the way. Dali has mastered diving off the front from a height that I wouldn’t consider. Matilda has gone from not actually wanting to go in the water at all to hurling herself off the back with her rubber ring on and setting off across the anchorage with us trying to keep up. I have learnt most of the words to all the songs from ‘Frozen” and, as a family, we have pretty much perfected “Love is an open door” with all the actions and backing vocals.

They left yesterday. I have spent the morning returning the boat to its previous sand-free state. Andy has spent the morning looking a bit sad and, if truth be told, slightly moist-eyed. We are again anchored in a quiet, little bay. No sand, no muddle, no arguing about whose turn it is on the iPad, no shrieking as they plunge off the back, no giggling. A bit too quiet actually.

Loved having you here Barb, Dan, Dali and Matilda and look forward to the next time you visit us somewhere beautiful.... as long as you wash your feet off!!
Vessel Name: Banjo
Vessel Make/Model: Dufour 32
Hailing Port: Sydney
Crew: Andy Doughty/Jane Jarratt
We are Brits but moved to Australia in 2007 and became True Blue Australians in 2014! We bought our first boat, Drimia, in St Maarten in the Caribbean back in 2009 and sailed her back to Australia over nearly a year. [...]
Extra: 17/02/15 In September 2014, illness made us give up our trip and go back to the UK for treatment. Andy has myeloma and had to have chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. He is now in remission.
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Who: Andy Doughty/Jane Jarratt
Port: Sydney