Circumnavigating Japan

17 September 2010 | Enoshima, Japan

First Log

17 September 2010 | Enoshima, Japan
Jim / Great sunshine and cool
The weather here in Kanto area of Japan has really been warm this year. While we normally have 10 or more typhoons coming through by this time of the year, only two have come anywhere near. It is expected that with autumn soon coming, the warmer than usual waters off the Philippines will bring some typhoons with it.
This may effect Deai's and my departure scheduled for 10-10-10@10:10 till later. But we will only know when the time come.
Went to Enoshima Marina today to pay the "rent" which runs at about $200/month for a 16' dinghy. Unfortunately, I am so busy I just didn't have time to do any sailing today. With only a few weeks remaining before starting the circumnavigation, I have a lot of things to prepare for the voyage.
Vessel Name: Deai
Vessel Make/Model: K-16
Hailing Port: Enoshima, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Crew: Jim
About: I am originally from Glendale AZ. Have lived in Japan since 1968. Will circumnavigate the Japan Archipelago starting Oct. 10, Deai, a 16-foot dinghy.
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Who: Jim
Port: Enoshima, Kanagawa-ken, Japan