Lost in the delta again

16 August 2010
21 July 2010
23 June 2010

16 August 2010
Well getting back to this thread a little late. What a roller coaster ride we had!! Did make it under the Gate on Thrs. morning after a rough go of it through Suisun and San Pablo bays.Anchored near Pier 39 had a good lunch back on board around 1:30 was able to sail all the way to Vallejo big surf behind us.Back in the delta Friday morn.Stayed on the hook in Potato slough Friday night celebrated making it with a few to many beers. P.s.If you stay in Mcavoy yacht harbor in West Pittsburgh say hello to the raccoon that boarded the boat looking for a 1:00 am snack that was wierd!!Any way I could go on forever about the trip and what a great adventure it was not sure it would be for everybody I will certanly do it again.Thanx Jim Sherwood for the link of the boat going turtle it did not happen, however gave my wife something to think about will I was gone.
Special thanks to the owner of Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor what a nice lady you are

21 July 2010
Fireworks at Mandeville!!! Another crazy weekend on the water. Great show lot's of nice boats and some really nice sailing vessels.A couple 40something foot catamaran's was something to see.Lot of water fights and of course lots of people gone wild.HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!

23 June 2010
Well I stumbled on this site. Not much of a bloger actually this is my first .Anyway I sail on the California Delta just looking for others comments where they sail and anchor in the area. I keep White Pearl on the Georgina Slough. I am going to cruise her under the Golden Gate and back this summer in early August any comments from those that do this would be appricatedwhat to look for and also to lookout for.
Vessel Name: White Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina22
Hailing Port: Georgiana Slough
Crew: Capt. Morgan,Corona, Coke
About: We all get along!!
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Who: Capt. Morgan,Corona, Coke
Port: Georgiana Slough