Lost in the delta again

16 August 2010
21 July 2010
23 June 2010

16 August 2010
Well getting back to this thread a little late. What a roller coaster ride we had!! Did make it under the Gate on Thrs. morning after a rough go of it through Suisun and San Pablo bays.Anchored near Pier 39 had a good lunch back on board around 1:30 was able to sail all the way to Vallejo big surf behind us.Back in the delta Friday morn.Stayed on the hook in Potato slough Friday night celebrated making it with a few to many beers. P.s.If you stay in Mcavoy yacht harbor in West Pittsburgh say hello to the raccoon that boarded the boat looking for a 1:00 am snack that was wierd!!Any way I could go on forever about the trip and what a great adventure it was not sure it would be for everybody I will certanly do it again.Thanx Jim Sherwood for the link of the boat going turtle it did not happen, however gave my wife something to think about will I was gone.
Special thanks to the owner of Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor what a nice lady you are
Vessel Name: White Pearl
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina22
Hailing Port: Georgiana Slough
Crew: Capt. Morgan,Corona, Coke
About: We all get along!!
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Who: Capt. Morgan,Corona, Coke
Port: Georgiana Slough