It's a Joint Decision

12 March 2010 | Florida
01 March 2010 | Florida
28 February 2010 | Florida
26 February 2010 | Bisayne Bay Florida
26 February 2010 | Bisayne Bay Florida

Setting up the Dream

12 March 2010 | Florida
Time to put the imaginary pipe in place and start puffing, sitting back and planning that dream.

It's about 36' and driving though the swell under a steady breeze off the beam. Peggy hsa been painting memories of our last harbor from photos taken of friends met and welcomed warmly aboard. The salad from the local market and fresh fish caught the day before is more than just another meal. It's the effort to keep both healthy and financially sensible, but it's also a platter of thanks for sharing the chance meeting and hours spent enjoying chance company.

In the real world, we have to work up to the boat, plan the finances, insurances, and bring our skills and confidence up to the dreams needy standard. But at least we're putting it out there.

So now the research begins, if you know of any good reading material on this fascinatiing subject, then point us there. I really believe that if you put it out there then it's there for the taking and I plan on reaching out to grab it.

This is the start.
Vessel Name: Joint Decision
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 250 WB
Hailing Port: Black Point - Miami
Crew: Paul & Peggy
About: Sailing JD since new in 2005, looking forward to more time, more place, and more fun aboard our boat.
Extra: Hail us on #16, we'll answer to 'JayDee' (short for Joint Decsion.)
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Who: Paul & Peggy
Port: Black Point - Miami