Two To Tango in the Wind

This is the new Blog from Janet and John Harrington as they sail Tango from San Francisco, CA (USA) to the South Pacific and beyond.

06 February 2020
04 December 2019 | Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand
07 November 2019 | 34 05.6'S:174 30.2'E, 100 Miles to GO
06 November 2019 | 33 27.4'S:174 41.2'E, 100 Miles to GO
06 November 2019 | 33 27.4'S:174 41.2'E, 100 Miles to GO
06 November 2019 | 319 39.0'S:175 14.4'E, 227 NNE Opua
05 November 2019 | Sailing toward N 321nm to Go!
05 November 2019 | 29 22.3'S:175 52.8'E, 508 NNE Opua
04 November 2019 | 28 00'S:176 15.1'E, 508 NNE Opua
04 November 2019 | 27 12.9'S:177 01.4'E, 508 NNE Opua
03 November 2019 | Sailing toward NZ , Try #2
03 November 2019 | Sailing toward NZ , Try #2
01 November 2019 | Sailing toward NZ , Try #2
30 October 2019 | 24 45.5'S:179 07.5'W, Almost back to Minerva Reef in the S Pacific
29 October 2019 | 24 5.3'S:179 43.4'W, South of Minerva Reef in the S Pacific
29 October 2019 | Sailing toward NZ in stormy weather
28 October 2019 | 23 35.5'S:179 06.6'W, Avoiding a Trough/Storm
27 October 2019 | 21 36.3'S:177 01.7'W, 226 nm NNE North Minerva Reef
27 October 2019 | 20 46.6'S:176 15.1'W, 226 nm NNE North Minerva Reef

Back in New Zealand

06 February 2020
John E Harrington
Janet and I are back in summer! Mid-80's with cool evenings. Nice. We had a great time with our kids and grand kids. The main highlights include the grandkids shaving off my beard, skiing with Caleb, Sophia, Shannon, and Keeley and getting to know Adelyn with her super fun personality. Carey and Michelle hosted Christmas for all. Great time!

Tango is still on the hard. "John's Back" and people are showing up this morning to get the project back on track. Bottom is painted with only a bit of trim work to take care of. The trim work includes raising the bottom paint about 4" to stop the cruising slime above it, filling/finishing the area on the rudder that was water impregnated. The shaft and prop are done and coated with magic goo to stop growth. The rigger is meeting us this afternoon to start mounting the new whisker pole (should take an hour at most), replace the inner forestay and one furler section (a couple of day's work). Bow thurster mounting is "okay" and we don't have to remove and remount it. I'll check that carefully this AM. With luck we get Tango in the water Friday but more likely early next week. Anne and Scott Campblee (John's sister) arrive for a two week visit this coming Friday (ut oh... boat schedule issues...). The anchor chain isn't back yet either. All very manageable.
Then comes the detailed inspection of the inner forestry showing cracks from fatigue on the swagger fitting. This led to a careful inspection of all the stainless rigging... needs a total replacement. This was followed by today's find... the rudder has a structural crack starting at the bottom edge and leading up as far as we could see ( about a foot before the rudder was hidden behind the skeg. We are dropping the rudder and rebuilding it... this is why we check and check and check...

Christmas and New Year 2020 in Omaha

24 January 2020
John E Harrington
Janet and I have been playing with our grandkids, visiting lots of Doctors (groan), skiing, shoveling and shoveling snow (Omaha in winter), and playing with projects. We also visited with Paul and Susan Banas in Oregon and toured Howard Hughes's Spruce Goose including a detailed cockpit tour (see photo). Paul sailed with us from Mexico to Tahiti last year. Our return to New Zealand was delayed due to some unplanned return trips to doctors for John. All is well and we will be back in New Zealand on 1 Feb 2020!

Tango has been hauled and is enjoying a spa treatment. Up first is a new bottom job to replace the poorly done job from Mexico. So far they found some superficial blisters on the hull and some damaged areas on the rudder. Nothing the normal grind, fill, feather, and paint can't fix. Up next is resetting the bow thruster so the prop is in the middle of the tunnel rather than scrapping the bottom. We are also replacing the inner forestay and one section of the furling foil that has a significant bend. Then there is the varnishing project for the railcaps (yuk). We are installing a new whisker pole on the mast. It is an "extendo" pole made of aluminum and carbon fiber. It will be way more manageable for Janet and I (yippy - we can sail down wind again). We are also regalvanizing our anchor chain which is 1/3 the cost of buying new chain.

We hope to have our home floating and shipshape when Anne and Scott Campbell visit in mid-February. We plan lots of exploring by car and boat, wine tasting, wine pairing, wine dessert... In March we plan to start cruising New Zealand's North Island. At the end of April there is a planned trip back to Omaha followed by Tango's return to blue water n May ias we return to the Tuomotus Islands and Atolls. We plan to drop into Tahiti and Tonga again, briefly, as we sail to Fiji for an extended explore. Next Nov (2020) we plan to return to NZ for the storm season. After that... who knows.

Happy 2020 to all and we are looking forward to returning to SUMMER and Tango. Janet thinks we should rename our blog "Chasing Summer"; we love warm water, weather, and cruising!

Settled in New Zealand

04 December 2019 | Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand
John E Harrington | Summer...
Janet and I are well settled in New Zealand. We are staying in Marsden Cove Marina and will haul Tango in mid-January to fix the crappy Mexican bottom paint and a few other things. In May 2020 we plan to head north into the tropics (aka warm water) again visiting Fiji and possibly Vanuatu. We will decide the exact path later (we're cruising!). For now we are enjoying NZ. Highlights...

Dentist and Vision Care taken care of (oh boy!)
Planned and scheduled Tango's haulout (bottom paint, check bow thruster, revarnish exterior woodwork, install new whisker pole, repair staysail furling foils, etc.
Bought a NZ car. It's a Nissan Teana, go ahead & look it up! Lots and Lots of cars don't get imported in the US and this is one. 4 door midsize sedan a lot like an Altima or Maxima.
Visiting North Island locations. Best so far, Waipu Cave (undeveloped, yet, glow worms, very cool), Packard Museum (Packards, tractors, odd collections of stuff, best guides ever! Way fun), lots of hikes and trips in the country, Whangarei (the biggest town in Northland (boat parts, hardware stores, sewing stores, restaurants, shops), oh yeah-wine tasting... go figure!

Upcoming things include:
Trip to Omaha, Nebraska where it is WINTER. It is summer here in New Zealand, but grandkids and Christmas is calling. We'll be off the boat for about weeks!
Haulout for Tango 20 Jan for a couple of weeks
Visit by Scott and Anne Campbell in mid-February
Late February thru April cruising along the east coast of NZ's North Island
Mid-May - depart for the tropics. May circle back to the Tuomotus atolls and visit ones we rushed past, Fiji, and other "further west" islands.

Photos - added some photos from our arrival off of Opua, NZ and our travels around Whangarei. There are sights unseen too! John cleaning a Red Snapper, John with a Christmas beard, Janet exploring a completely dark cave and not having a clue as to how to get out (no photo - IT WAS dark...), gorgeous & clean & green...
Vessel Name: Tango
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 52 Cutter Rigged Sloop
Hailing Port: Houston TX, USA
Crew: Janet and John Harrington
About: John is a retired USCG ship captain and engineer, well experienced with offshore sailing and operations. Janet is now an experienced ocean sailor with heavy weather, equator, and international date line crossing stories. Our home, Tango, continues to look for adventure.
Janet and John are full time cruising. Our adventure started with the 2018 Baja HaHa rally and cruising Mexico. We crossed 1/3 of the Pacific to the Marquesas Island and French Polynesia, visited Tahiti, Suwarrow, Tonga, and New Zealand. We are passing the Southern Hemisphere in NZ and will head [...]
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