Two To Tango in the Wind

This is the new Blog from Janet and John Harrington as they sail Tango from San Francisco, CA (USA) to the South Pacific and beyond.

18 May 2019 | 16 54.5'S:149 11.18'W, 45 NM NNE of Tahitil
17 May 2019 | Leaving Rangiroa Atoll for Tahiti
12 May 2019 | Approaching Rangiroa Atoll
08 May 2019 | 10 20.13'S:141 13.63'W, 369 NE of the atoll
06 May 2019
02 May 2019 | 08 55.00'S:140 06.20'W, Taiohae Batm Nuku Hiva
25 April 2019 | Daniel's Bay Nuku Hiva
16 April 2019 | 23 NM NE of Marquesas
15 April 2019 | 215NM NE Marquesas (aka almost there)
14 April 2019 | 700NM NE Marquesas (aka Middle of the Pacific
13 April 2019 | 700NM NE Marquesas (aka Middle of the Pacific
11 April 2019 | 700NM NE Marquesas (aka Middle of the Pacific
09 April 2019 | In the middle of the Pacific
07 April 2019 | Equator Crossing
05 April 2019 | 230 NM NE of Equator Crossing
05 April 2019 | 110NM from Equator Crossing
03 April 2019 | 170NM North of ITCZ
02 April 2019 | 170NM North of ITCZ
02 April 2019 | 510 NM WSW of PV

Approaching Tahiti

18 May 2019 | 16 54.5'S:149 11.18'W, 45 NM NNE of Tahitil
John Harrington
Approaching Tahiti. Will be in our "spot" by lunch or earlier. There is major confusion regarding the slip we thought was arranged for us... grrr sound from John. We'll get this sorted out starting Sunday morning. For now we plan to anchor in Anchorage C near Tiana Marina until we can make some cellphone calls.

What's Happening to Tango in Tahiti

18 May 2019 | Tahiti
John Harrington
After cruising about 6000nm Tango needs a bit of TLC. We have lots of supplies being delivered to us in Tahiti when Susan Banas visits and takes Paul home after two months on Tango. Susan and Paul and Janet and I are going to havea 1 week land vacation. You know, 4 shower per-person daily, air conditioning, shaving regularly, eating with real dinner plates not bowls, etc. After our Land Vacation Janet and I have a list of items we want to complete before we relight the cruising fires. We figure 2 weeks of work, maybe 3 if supplies are hard to find in Tahiti. Here is the list:

Generator oil change, fluid check, casing insulation checks. Check for exhaust cooling water leak into deep bilge area

Relamp forward head shower

Replace forward head hot & cold water supply lines from aft head. This is a big project involving cutting teak behind the stbd salon bench seat to gain access to the leaking pipes and other things that have been abandoned in this void. Major plumbing and carpentry project 3-5 days...

Install AIS cable and switches. Need switch mount hardware.

Replace Hydrogenerator downhaul line with 1/4" or 6mm line. Redo downhaul slip ring splice with small dyneenma.

Update cockpit shower nozzle with on/off one

Long term (NZ?)- add raw water pump to port cubby in cockpit for washdown/fish cleanup. Pump, switch, connection to MDE raw water strainer.

Long term (NZ?)- add grey water sump for forward head including OB discharge. Check for available one forward or manifold off water maker brine discharge

Replace watermaker Membrane with replacement from Hydrovane, put new one first in series of membanes.

Wire up Nav Station Fan

Install Port Salon shelf Batton (hold stuff on the shelf)

Install strap for forward shower locker upper shelf

Remount Hydrogenerator more to center of Tango (loosen/swing brackets)

Repair stbd mast Lewmar EVO winch

Install red lighting in forward head

Replace macerator for after head (lower black water tank)

Janet - Fabricate a sun/rain shield for the forward cabin hatch and an over boom cover for the main cabin. This will let us sleep through the night without getting up when we feel rain coming through the hatch covers.

Janet - Replace the suncover on the bottom of the geneoa. Repair the velcro pocket on the staysail.

Leaving Rangiroa

17 May 2019 | Leaving Rangiroa Atoll for Tahiti
John Harrington
Well, when "they" say the tide tables are right be cautious in the passes of the atolls. Tango left Rangiroa this morning following the published info that slack water was usually 30 min after the tide change. We watched another sailboat come in-bound. Saw some waves, totally misjudging the conditions. Then "Holy COW YIPPIE Victory AT SeA!" We ended up in the ebb with it hitting incoming ocean swells; the thing that we watched from the beach. Standing waves of about 10ft, lots of current, not a pleasant journey out. Tango is a strong capable boat and we made it through with a couple of full-on bow-submerging crashes, a couple of waves over the stern, one flooding my backup tablet off the seat on to the deck, another bow submerging wave stripping the forward head's solar ventilator out of it's mounting hole and letting oh.... LOTS of water in. We were out of the torrent in about 10 minutes and glad to be in the ocean safely. We followed the tide tables, looked first but couldn't see how bad it was... and we made it with only a bunch of excitement.

We are now pleasantly sailing around the north end of Rangiroa and "reaching" for the remaining 175 miles to Tahiti. Our expected arrival is Sunday morning (it is Friday afternoon right now. We have about 10-15ks of wind from the East and we are currently in the "lee" of Rangiroa for another couple of hours. Weather is good for our transit so it should be unremarkable. Right now we don't know where we will be tying up or mooring or anchoring Tango. Our "agents" didn't bother to arrange a slip for us and everything is either full or first come first served. (Grrrrrrr.....grrrrr....). We made our arrangements in Dec and Jan and thought this was all taken care of...back to grrrr....

Susan Banas will meet us in Tahiti and Paul/Susan and Janet/John will have a land vacation for a week. After the Banas's fly home to Oregon we have a "not-insignificant" list of projects that need attention. We are hoping for about 3 weeks of dock time but we'll figure that out starting Sunday.

Rangiroa is GREAT. I'd love to spend a couple of weeks there getting to explore more of the atoll and learning about living there. Getting food was easy. Getting any sort of boat stuff would have been really hard (parts, fuel, etc.). But then... it is an atoll. We'll be back too.
Vessel Name: Tango
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 52 Cutter Rigged Sloop
Hailing Port: Houston TX, USA
Crew: Janet and John Harrington
About: John is a retired USCG ship captain and engineer, well experienced with offshore sailing and operations. Janet is learning quickly and makes Tango a welcoming home that is looking for adventure.
Extra: Janet and John are full time cruising. Our adventure started with the 2018 Baja HaHa ralley and we continue our adventure visiting Mexico and we will cross to the South Pacific in March/April 2019.
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