Two To Tango in the Wind

This is the new Blog from Janet and John Harrington as they sail Tango from San Francisco, CA (USA) to the South Pacific and beyond.

18 January 2019 | Departing Chacala Enroute Paradise Village Nueva Vallarta
16 January 2019 | Departing Mazatlan enroute San Blas
15 January 2019 | Departing Mazatlan enroute San Blas
11 January 2019 | Approaching Mazatlan and El Cid Marina
01 January 2019 | La Paz
30 December 2018 | Marina de La Paz
02 December 2018 | Mogote Beach, La Paz
24 October 2018 | San Diego

Whales, Fishing Lines, Swimming, BBQ and Night Sailing

18 January 2019 | Departing Chacala Enroute Paradise Village Nueva Vallarta
Janet Harrington
We have arrived at whale central! All throughout the month of December in La Paz we waited but saw no whales. Now that we are across the Sea of Cortez and along the mainland of Mexico we've seen whales every day, several times a day. This morning as we made our way from an anchorage in San Blas toward Chacala, a humpback whale swam within 20 feet of the boat for a few minutes to see if we would be a good playmate. It was spectacular and a bit unnerving to have a whale that close. Later on in the day we saw a pod of 4 whales spouting and breeching in the distance. Lucky for us they were swimming our way and we were able to see them close enough to get a video. Another day we saw what looked like the whales doing underwater head stands. They would push their tails high in the air and then fall over. What amazing and playful creatures. The whales obviously know where there's good fishing and so do the locals. We've dodged drifting fishing lines since crossing to the mainland. These lines are frequently marked with a flag at one end and colored bobbers along the length of the line until the other end where there is another flag. Today, we saw just a bottle floating along the starboard side of the boat and we knew there had to be more. Unfortunately, we discovered that were about to motor across a floating line. John put the motor in neutral quickly. We saw the line bend around the keel and then the bottle on the port side started following us. We waited to see if the entire line of bottles would start to follow which would mean that one of us was going swimming to cut the line from our propeller shaft. However, we got lucky and within a few minutes, the bottles pulled free and we went about our way knowing we'd be checking the shaft at the Chacala anchorage. We made our way into Chacala to anchor just after lunchtime. The beach and surrounding area was surprisingly manicured and upscale. There were mansions high on the hills and one house that was at least 8 levels tall perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The hillside beyond the resort was planted with rows and rows of trees but they were too far away to tell what was growing there. It would have been a neat place to explore but the anchorage was not well protected and the Pacific Ocean swells made it too rough to feel secure that the anchor would hold. We were about 500 feet from the breaking waves at the beach! We spent a few hours enjoying the view, taking an exploratory swim under the boat to check the propeller and shaft (no fishing line remnants) and watching people on the beach. We decided to grill up this neat pre-cooked package of BBQ ribs. According to the package label it was enough for 5 people. We'd been waiting days to find the right time and conditions to grill. Sadly, the ribs were really small and probably the bits that couldn't be sold as a "sparerib". It was a good experiment in Mexico grocery shopping which can be a real challenge. Since the anchorage was so rough and unprotected, we knew we wouldn't be able to sleep. So, if we were going to be awake all night anyway, we decided to go sailing under the full moon! We finished dinner had the anchor up as the sun went down and were on our way toward Puerto Vallarta. The winds are light but we're not in a hurry. John and I are constantly debating about what star is what, which planet is on the rise or when is a planet really an airliner out in the distance. Sometimes you just can't tell. It's almost a full moon tonight so it not as dark as many of the nights we've sailed.. We will pulling into La Cruz sometime in the morning for fuel and a quick chat with a boatyard representative about some work we'd like to have done before we head off across the Pacific in the spring. Tomorrow afternoon we will tie up in Paradise Village Marina and get the boat ready for Ellen's visit next week. Should be a great time!

Anchored Matenchen Bay San Blas

16 January 2019 | Departing Mazatlan enroute San Blas
John E. Harrington
Tango had a nice motor sail from Mazatlan to San Blas. On the way we were treated to several whale and porpoise shows, turtles, and (yes this would happen to John) we rescued a fishing panda with a dead motor. What a sight for the panga fishermen as we tacked to talk with them, took in all sail, and prepared to tow them. Fortunately, with us being on site a friend of their's was able to find them and he towed them over the bar into San Blas. Of course the wind picked up to 18-20 kt's for all this.

We anchored in 18' of water tucked tightly into the bay in the wee little lee available as the wind howled. I'm betting this is the afternoon blow we experienced in Mazatlan and will end in a couple of hours. Guess what... it isn't cool here. We are sweating in Tango! Finally! Janet made the bug screens on the way here so we are hoping to not get infested with the no-see-um things.

Departed Mazatlan

15 January 2019 | Departing Mazatlan enroute San Blas
John E. Harrington
Tango has moved on from Mazatlan and is enroute San Blas. Just enjoy tail and pectoral Humpback Whale splashing show about 1/2 mile to the east of us. We have about 3ft seas and 12-17 kt WNS winds. Motor sailing to try and get into the bay in the early afternoon, tomorrow, Wed, 16 Jan.
Vessel Name: Tango
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 52 Cutter Rigged Sloop
Hailing Port: Houston TX, USA
Crew: Janet and John Harrington
About: John is a retired USCG ship captain and engineer, well experienced with offshore sailing and operations. Janet is learning quickly and makes Tango a welcoming home that is looking for adventure.
Extra: Janet and John are full time cruising. Our adventure started with the 2018 Baja HaHa ralley and we continue our adventure visiting Mexico and we will cross to the South Pacific in March/April 2019.
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