Two To Tango in the Wind

This is the new Blog from Janet and John Harrington as they sail Tango from San Francisco, CA (USA) to the South Pacific and beyond.

04 September 2020 | Marsden Cove Marina Boatyard/Hardstand (Feb-Mar 2020)
14 July 2020 | North Island Sight Seeing
31 May 2020 | North Island Sight Seeing
06 February 2020
04 December 2019 | Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand
07 November 2019 | 34 05.6'S:174 30.2'E, 100 Miles to GO
06 November 2019 | 33 27.4'S:174 41.2'E, 100 Miles to GO
06 November 2019 | 33 27.4'S:174 41.2'E, 100 Miles to GO
06 November 2019 | 319 39.0'S:175 14.4'E, 227 NNE Opua
05 November 2019 | Sailing toward N 321nm to Go!
05 November 2019 | 29 22.3'S:175 52.8'E, 508 NNE Opua
04 November 2019 | 28 00'S:176 15.1'E, 508 NNE Opua
04 November 2019 | 27 12.9'S:177 01.4'E, 508 NNE Opua
03 November 2019 | Sailing toward NZ , Try #2
03 November 2019 | Sailing toward NZ , Try #2
01 November 2019 | Sailing toward NZ , Try #2
30 October 2019 | 24 45.5'S:179 07.5'W, Almost back to Minerva Reef in the S Pacific

Repair of Tango's Rudder

04 September 2020 | Marsden Cove Marina Boatyard/Hardstand (Feb-Mar 2020)
John E Harrington
For my Tayana boat buddies.

This is a blog to "carry" the photos of our rudder discovery, removal from the boat, dissection, and rebuild.

The short story - while on the hardstand we found a what looked like a crack about a foot from the top of the rudder. It was very hard to see by peeking in when the skeg hides the leading edge of the rudder. We also had a big rubbed hole on the trailing edge of the rudder where we caught something during the transit from Tonga to NZ. No clue how anything could rub on the trailing edge and we never noticed anything.

43 years of wear and tear. I'm pretty sure that sitting in the mud at Westpoint Harbor, Redwood City CA contributed to this wear. Spring tides had us into the mud enough to occasionally lean Tango.

We did not see the damage during our haulout in MX. We did remove 100% of the paint, without removing the rudder. The damage was well hidden by the skeg.

You can see the crack on the forward edge of this post's picture. Look at the gallery. The rudder was structurally ok, just beat up! Cracks all around the rudder post entry, and at the bottom. Great job by the boatyard fixing this over a 2 week period.

A new photo gallery was uploaded just for the rudder project. Rudder came out better than new.

Projects Update for Tango

21 July 2020
John E Harrington
Progress is oh so sweet. We have 100% of the standing rigging installed and lightly tightened. Next we will complete tensioning the wires to a static standard measurement. That should happen this week after this last batch of rain/wind passes. Then, with a moderate wind sailing day, we'll complete the tensioning with the rig under load. 11 stays and fittings done! Great rigger too. Hummm weather shows 35-45kt winds offshore this week... maybe next week...

Water Tank Bladder. This is a hard hard project. We got the tank lined in two super stink-out sessions. Spray on contact cement in a small area, get the foam cover aligned and stuck, rollback the unglued part and spray, then contact. Took 2 days but that's done too. We finally got the bladder aboard. Once the US shipping company understood our special set up in NZ shipping started to work. Yesterday we inserted the bladder and got it "hung". That was not an easy task and took a lot of patience. In the end we taped up all the ports (fill, vent, level gauge, and pump supplies), then blew air into the bladder, carefully, to let it expand into the corners. That worked pretty well. I had cut holes in the stainless tank and we pulled, tugged, smoothed out the bladder placement until all the support loops would reach through the holes. Several toggles need to be made today but the bladder should be "hung" by lunch. Then the plumbing starts. We've got to go buy new hoses, then install. I already have the fittings that convert from the US NPT threads to the NZ BSP threads.
The rest will take 3-4 days. Then fill, drain, fill drain rinsing out the inside of the bladder. Then Done! Pretty close to the end on this one.

Backup Auto Pilot. We are buying a CPT Wheelpilot as a backup to our hydraulic based big boat autopilot. The "leak-link" pin between the hydraulic ram and the rudder quadrant is fixed and new pinS (as in 3 extras) are ready and installed. This CPT Wheelpilot shares ZERO with the other system. It is a flux-gate based system that simply maintains a magnetic course. A small motor is connected via a belt to a matching cogged wheel that bolts to the helm wheel. The total system is WAY less expensive that a single back up component (ram, controller, etc.) for the main system. The process of importing this autopilot will start next week.

Janet has completed making our "Florida Room" cockpit windows. Outstanding job and we are totally enjoying the extra space out of the wind and rain. Tango was certainly the social center of the marina day on Sunday. All day we had people stopping bye to chat.

Upcoming projects are pretty simple. Main engine and generator oil changes, running wiring for Tango's new sensor system (temps @ fridge/freezer, engine spaces, electronics spaces, water leak detection in 3 bilge areas, weather data, and battery power checks). All with trend alarms and logging to an SD card. Done except for the sensor wiring.

Then there is the Sterling Engine. Version 1 failed and ended up in the trash after days and days of work to try and make it run. Version2 parts are collected and I'll start that after the bloomin' bladder is done.

Weather - seems to be getting a wee better with longer periods of no rain and no high wind. This AM there was a sunrise for the first time in a couple of weeks. Warmer too.

So... all is fine aboard Tango. We'll be fueling up soon, completing the dynamic tensioning of the new rig, and getting ready for "spring" as August arrives and we start moving around again.

Adding Photos

14 July 2020 | North Island Sight Seeing
John E Harrington | winter, rain, wind... again
Its another rainy winter day in NZ. I'm adding photos. Also, we were visited by a pod of Orcas a few weeks ago. They were hunting stingrays. The stingrays are about 5ft across. 9 Orcas right off Tango. Wow!

Orca video:
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