Mooching around on Jigsaw

26 November 2007 | Arguineguin
27 October 2007 | Lanzarote
26 October 2007 | Lanzarote Playa Blanca
26 October 2007 | Isla Graciosa
21 October 2007 | Isla Graciosa
20 October 2007 | Atlantic somewhere
19 October 2007 | Still in the bleeding Atlantic Ocean
18 October 2007 | Atlantic bleeding ocean!!
17 October 2007
26 September 2007
23 September 2007 | Antartica
23 September 2007 | Lagos, Algarve Portugal
13 September 2007 | Peniche, Portugal
10 September 2007 | Peniche, Portugal
10 September 2007 | on passage
09 September 2007 | Peniche, Portugal
08 September 2007 | Peniche, Portugal
08 September 2007

Getting ready for a new sailing season

21 April 2016
Lots has happened in the last year, I have left full time work and am now doing consultancy which is fun and flexible. Jigsaw has a new Yanmar 54hp engine and new electronics are being installed as I write this. Getting ready to go sailing again this year, hopefully heading west towards France and or Ireland depending as always on how the wind blows and how much time we have to be blown. I am hoping to take three months off from work from the end of June which should enable me to get the boat somewhere decent, who fancies crewing?

Where are we bound next?

18 May 2015
It is a very long time since I last updated this blog at all, it seems a long time ago that we were living aboard Jigsaw and sailing around the Atlantic in 2007 to 2008. It was a truly great year away and has shaped a lot that has happened since.

Jigsaw is now in Brightlingsea in Essex and we are slowly working our way through a long list of upgardes to the boat and her systems to get it ready to go away again in the next three years or so. We contemplated buying another boat but after putting Jigsaw up for sale for a few months in 2012 Mary and I changed our minds and decided to stick with our old mate. As a result we have been sorting the boat out incrementally to get her ready again for living aboard, we have a new fridge, new cooker, hydraulic below decks auto pilot, the upholstery has been replaced and we are planning on new decks and a new cockpit sole this summer.

26 November 2007 | Arguineguin
All crew and boat are well but Jigsaw of Gosort is currently in the port of Arguineguin in the South of Gran Canaria. About three hours after the start of ARC 2007 we found that our prop was seriously fouled by a rope that subsequently became entangled with our rudder and profoundly impeded our ability to steer. Given the distance to go we decided to request assistance to return to Gran Canaria. Assistance was provided by the Spanish Lifeboat from Arguineguin who reached us at about 20:00 last night and towed us the 28 miles to the base where we arrived at about 02:00 this morning.

Once we are clear as to the extent of any damage we will let you know what we intend to do. I was injured in the attempt to free the rope and have had to have medical treatment to a cut.

Paul McCarthy.
Vessel Name: Jigsaw of Gosport
Vessel Make/Model: Oyster Mariner 35
Hailing Port: Brightlongsea England.
Crew: Paul McCarthy
About: Mary Byrne, Kate McCarthy, Molly McCarthy.
Extra: We had a year off work and school starting summer 2007. We went off sailing, to the West Indies via Spain Portugal and the Canaries. We came back to the UK in 2008 and are now working on going away again on Jigsaw in about 2018.
Jigsaw of Gosport's Photos - Away for a year (Main)
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HPIM1421: Sunset in L
HPIM1440: Beach at Camaret
HPIM1365: Kate making important decisions
HPIM1367: Molly at sea with Harry Potter.
HPIM1363_edited: Howard on the way to Dieppe.
HPIM1370: Kate
06082006(006): New navigator and weather guru appointed, McCarthy sacked due to being waterlogged.
11082006(001): Rain
HPIM1350: Molly practicing her Nintendo in the rain.
HPIM1351: Kate practicing her Nintendo in the rain.
HPIM1353: Jigsaw in the rain in Ramsgate
kate eating ice cream, very rare picture
HPIM0945: I have been sailing since I  was six months old . I cant wait till the year off . From Kate (the one with black hair)
HPIM0274: It is not all sailing and crab catching. A girl has got to relax.....
Crab catchers: 114 Crabs at Brightlingsea July 2006, caught in one hour. A world record??
Mary Byrne: Mary Byrne: Sailing Guru and underwear model
Paul McCarthy: Paul McCarthy: Skipper and lifestyle coach
Kate McCarthy: Kate McCarthy, Entertainments Officer.
Molly McCarthy: The Crew: Molly McCarthy, Navigator.

Who: Paul McCarthy
Port: Brightlongsea England.
Sailing Yacht Jigsaw of Gosport is leaving the UK in June 2007 for a years trip. Our ambition is to complete an Atlantic Circuit via Spain Portugal Canaries Caribbean and the Azores.