Summer's Snow

20 May 2014 | Reedville VA
19 May 2014 | Warehouse Creek VA
18 May 2014 | Hampton Roads
17 May 2014 | At Dismal Swamp
15 May 2014 | Broad Creek off of The Neuse River
15 May 2014 | ICW, somewhere
12 May 2014 | Tom Point Creek MM 495
11 May 2014 | Hidden Harbor Maeina
08 May 2014 | Jove Creek, Brunswick
06 May 2014 | Cumberland Sound
05 May 2014 | St Augustine
01 May 2014 | Loggerhead Marina, Vero Beach FL
24 March 2014 | Ft Lauderdale, Lake Sylvia
10 March 2014 | Marine research Center
09 March 2014 | Off of Lee Stocking Cay, Marine Research Center
26 February 2014 | Georgetown
25 February 2014 | Sand Dollar Beach
10 February 2014 | Georgetown, Exumas, Bahams
31 January 2014 | Sand Dollar Beach

one more post

20 May 2014 | Reedville VA
One more post for those who are wondering what we will be doing. This Friday, we are leaving early for our friends house for whom we will be house sitting. We are planning on being there thru the Summer (unless the house gets sold before Oct,) Then we'd be back on the boat or with the kids. Next Winter, we will be in our home on Florida until the following May.


19 May 2014 | Warehouse Creek VA
Cool and Sunny
Arrived at Great Wicomoco today as planned, all is well and we are done cruising for a while. Signing off for now.

Almost there

18 May 2014 | Hampton Roads
Cool, slight overcast and breezy
One more day and we can close this trip down, we traveled from the Dismal Swamp to Hampton Roads and are anchored near Fort Monroe, with weather holding, we will make the final leg to Great Wicomoco tomorrow morning and then, we will be land lubbers again for the foreseeable future, house sitting for the Summer and of course, at our Florida home next Winter.

Dismal Swamp Visitor Center

17 May 2014 | At Dismal Swamp
Windy then sunny and cool
Didn't post yesterday becasue we had no signal where we anchored, at the North end of the Alligator Pungo Canal at Tuckahoe Point. Had a decent cruise across the Neuse River after being beaten up the day before, we left at 12 noon and cruised till dark, just making it to the anchorage with a little light left. Today, we left at 0500 and traveled across the Albamarle, the forecast was 10 - 15 knot winds, they were 24, and the waves, well, they were supposed to be 2 - 3 and they were 4 - 5 which, given the right direction would be fine but they were on the beam so I did a lot of hand steering keeping the big ones on the nose and then turning us toward our destination when the seas were less, this worked ok execept for one wave and one crap pot, they both arrived in my path at the same time and I turned right (because the pot was easier to avoid turning right) and the wave smacked us directly broadside, rolled us pretty good and made Bessie (and me) unhappy. That was the only wave that treated us so badly then we moved through to the Pasquatank River and it was smooth cruising, 2 footers. We stopped on the Dismal for the night, tomorrow will br completing the dismal, fueling and staging for the last leg up the Chesapeake to the Great Wicomoco River, can't wait. This si too much like work!!!

The Noose around our neck

15 May 2014 | Broad Creek off of The Neuse River
Sunny, breezy and building winds
So we had a great cruise today, made great time with the tides on our back again, most of the day then we got to the Neuse River and the forecast was for 10 - 15 winds with a chop. Well, I used Diana's Rule, (see a post from last year for her rule) and I doubled the wave height and still thought we had a good chance at getting across the Neuse without a lot of trouble but, I forgot to double the wind so we started out with a good chop, no big deal and the winds started to gust and before you know it we have 2 footers, no big deal so we kept going and I approved it with the Admiral so I kept on pushing. Then the waves built, to 3 feet, no problem then 4 feet on the beam and suddenly, we want to go to safe harbor. We had one in our hip pocket (Broad Creek) but it was 7 miles and the waves kept building so we tac'd for a few times and finally snuck in and anchored. Turns out, my back seat captain was watching us on the tracker and he didn't say NO JOE, DON'T DO IT! Thanks Ken ;-) Ken's forecast must have been different than the one I looked at and he knew it was not a good forecast. Oh well. Another chapter in the book and here we are, sipping our wine and waiting for fairer weather. All is well, we have a nice spot and are totally protected. I want to go to sleep.


15 May 2014 | ICW, somewhere
Moving through Wrightsville beach last night and traveled to dark, up now at 0500 and getting underway
Vessel Name: Summer Snow
Vessel Make/Model: Mariner Orient
Hailing Port: Sterling, VA
Crew: Joe and Bessie Stooks, Summer and Dougan
About: We have been waiting now for years to retire on our boat and we are getting closer, just two more years. Please join us in our adventures on Summer Snow
Extra: Well, on Feb 29, 2012, I retired. Now, I am finishing up a few projects and selling the house and we will cast off our dock lines for the last time. Cruising life, here we come!!!
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Who: Joe and Bessie Stooks, Summer and Dougan
Port: Sterling, VA