Summer's Snow

20 May 2014 | Reedville VA
19 May 2014 | Warehouse Creek VA
18 May 2014 | Hampton Roads
17 May 2014 | At Dismal Swamp
15 May 2014 | Broad Creek off of The Neuse River
15 May 2014 | ICW, somewhere
12 May 2014 | Tom Point Creek MM 495
11 May 2014 | Hidden Harbor Maeina
08 May 2014 | Jove Creek, Brunswick
06 May 2014 | Cumberland Sound
05 May 2014 | St Augustine
01 May 2014 | Loggerhead Marina, Vero Beach FL
24 March 2014 | Ft Lauderdale, Lake Sylvia
10 March 2014 | Marine research Center
09 March 2014 | Off of Lee Stocking Cay, Marine Research Center
26 February 2014 | Georgetown
25 February 2014 | Sand Dollar Beach
10 February 2014 | Georgetown, Exumas, Bahams
31 January 2014 | Sand Dollar Beach

Jason's visit

31 January 2013 | Key Biscayne to Elliott key and back
We had a great visit with Jason, we picked him up at a boat launch in Miami beach at 1030 AM on 24 Jan and went straight to the boat, pulled the anchor and cruised to Dinner Key where we spent the night. On the 25th, we cruised to Elliott Key which was very nice. the water was crystal clear, we swam some, kayaked and walked on the beach. Jason and I spent some time under the boat replacing the shaft Zinc, the boat was in 5 feet of water and we essentially stood on the bottom and wedged ourselves against the bottom of the boat to take off the old zinc and replace it.

The weather for his entire visit was perfect, 80 degrees, breezy and sunny. Jason tanned up nicely. Kayaking was fun, saw some fish and Bessie saw a 5 foot Hammer Head Shark, I saw but not as good as Bessie, it was swimming right alongside her Kayak about 10 feet off toward the beach.

We the cruised to No Name Harbor, a state park bay on Key Biscayne, stayed here for two days on a weekend which was a bad move but we endured all the Miami ans and their partying. They generally quieted down after 10 so we slept well. After here, we moved back to where we picked Jason up and bid farewell. We returned to No Name and will be heading South to the Keys sometime this weekend (Weather permitting). All systems are working fine, making water, and enjoying the lifestyle; it is quite nice. Took some pics, they are on Flickr (I actually took more than I have been, hard to believe)
Vessel Name: Summer Snow
Vessel Make/Model: Mariner Orient
Hailing Port: Sterling, VA
Crew: Joe and Bessie Stooks, Summer and Dougan
About: We have been waiting now for years to retire on our boat and we are getting closer, just two more years. Please join us in our adventures on Summer Snow
Extra: Well, on Feb 29, 2012, I retired. Now, I am finishing up a few projects and selling the house and we will cast off our dock lines for the last time. Cruising life, here we come!!!
Summer Snow's Photos - Main
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The first Pic is of Gun Cay, then there are pics of our friends, the Sunset on the Bahamas Bank, Sunrise on the Tongue of the Ocean, then Nassau as we wnter port.
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Chris and Elyse and some scenes
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Our week with Chris and Elyse
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Our Summer pics
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The Erie Canal (nuff said)
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Our trip from Cape May to the Hudson
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Spring 2013
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Pics of our trip so far
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Who: Joe and Bessie Stooks, Summer and Dougan
Port: Sterling, VA