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Baha Ha-Ha Day 8

01 November 2010
We dropped anchor in Bahia Santa Maria at 5:45 am. Our first anchoring in the dark and the guys did an outstanding job. I thought they would go below immediately and collapse into bed since they both were up all night long, but no, they stayed up to view the scene. Santa Maria is a very large, kind of open to the south bay with a narrow slip of land between it and Magdalena Bay. There are hills running from the northern point to the east where after the sun came up, we could see a few small buildings high above the beach on a bluff. The bay was full of sailboats that had arrived before us but looked empty of any local life. I had read in our cruising books that there was no permanent village here, just shacks the fishermen used when fishing this area. It is very pretty here. I learned the next day that there is a lagoon in the northeast corner of the bay with quite a few locals camped there. We just couldn't see them from where we were anchored.

During the morning roll call on the radio it was reported that a sailboat (not part of the Ha-Ha fleet) had gone aground on the beach north of the bay. The Poobah went out and around the point to investigate and reported the boat was probably a loss and called for volunteers to go and see if they could help salvage equipment off the boat.

After awhile the guys went to bed saying they would sleep until noon but they were both up again by 10:30. I did up the dishes from last night while they slept and worked on my sewing. When they got up again we decided this would just be a kick back, stay on the boat day. We will save the exploring for tomorrow. In the afternoon we all take turns taking showers in the cockpit. I cannot express often enough how good it feels to get all the salt washed off and to be clean again. The guys decide on having a movie matinee so I make popcorn for them. I think they both dozed off through a good portion of the movie. After dinner they tried to watch another movie but both fell asleep. It was early to bed and again, real beds with sheets and just gentle rocking of the boat.
Vessel Name: Otter
Vessel Make/Model: Westsail 32
Hailing Port: Scappoose, Oregon
Crew: Greg and Joyce Parfitt

Who: Greg and Joyce Parfitt
Port: Scappoose, Oregon