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Baja Ha-Ha Day 10

03 November 2010
We were up at 6 am, had coffee and got the boat ready for the 7 am start time. We started out with 14 knots of wind but by 8:30 we were down to less than 5 knots of wind and 3.5 knots of boat speed. They declared a rolling start to commence so we were able to turn on the engine and motor sail up to 6 knots without losing our "sailed the whole leg" designation. We have to average 5 knots the whole leg to be able to reach Cabo before dark.

It is a beautiful warm and sunny morning. The guys say we are going to stay close to the shoreline this last leg, but we'll see. They always seem to go way, way out looking for more wind. It would be nice I think to be able to look at the coastline for a change. We have already seen a sea turtle this morning and we caught a small tuna on our fishing line. FINALLY!!! Had to throw it back because it was too small but it gives us hope we may still have fish for dinner. For breakfast, I gave the guys a choice of eggs & sausage or oatmeal if they wanted me to save the last eggs to make brownies later today. They chose the oatmeal.

At 9:30 we caught a yellow tail tuna that is just the perfect size for dinner. Greg quickly cleaned and skinned the fish and it is now safely in our frig. Since we have enough for us, we put away the fishing gear, which consisted of a 65' line with a lure on the end of it that we put out the hole for the stern dock line. We tied off the line on one of the cleats.

Late morning we pass the entrance to Magdalena Bay. This bay is about the size of San Francisco Bay and we have read in our books that this is where the gray whales come to have their babies and mate. I always thought they went to the Sea of Cortez. The water is so calm today that I'm allowed to go sit at the front of the boat to look for whales. I don't see a single whale although I hear other boats in the fleet reporting sightings on the radio. For some reason I expected the entrance to the bay to be full of whales going in and out and breaching and tail slapping, etc. That would be what I would be doing if I was a whale and had finally arrived at my warm, sunny winter destination in Mexico.

We had to motor sail until the wind picked up a little late in the afternoon. Then we turned off the engine and sailed for a few hours. Of course we started sailing (and heeling over) just when it was time to start dinner. I had to cook dinner with things tipped a bit but it wasn't too bad. Tuna, rice and cooked carrots for dinner. It's a good thing we will reach Cabo tomorrow night as we are running out of most of our fresh and frozen foods. Will have to start digging into the canned foods tomorrow.

I stood my watch from 8 to 10 pm with no incidents. Actually, the watches have all been pretty boring. I would much rather be bored than to have a crisis during my watch however. The climate is warming up too. This is the first night that we could stand watch in shorts and tee shirts. The only surprising thing to us on this trip has been how heavy the dews are and how foggy it has been at times. The dew starts forming many nights before it gets dark. We usually get "wet butt" from the dew on our cushions. Tonight is very, very damp with fog forming all around us. The dampness even makes its way down below.

When Greg relieved me I asked him if he would like me to make him some coffee. Of course he said yes and as I was pouring water from the tea kettle into the filter, I hit the plastic filter holder with the tea kettle spout and spilled coffee and coffee grounds all over the stove, the floor, the counter and me. What a horrible mess to clean up just when all I wanted to do was go to bed. It made me very grumpy.

Oh yeah, we were passed by a cruise ship last night which was kind of interesting to see it all lit up. The guys both reported seeing 4 falling stars each. I only saw one.
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