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27 December 2010
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Gray Clouds

27 December 2010
We awoke to blue skies as usual this morning but by noon the sun was gone and there were gray clouds with rain in them. There is a 20% chance of rain (actually sprinkles) tomorrow. If it really does rain I'm going to go out and stand in it. I just went outside tonight and discovered stars in the sky. The only clouds were to the south so I guess no rain. Oh well.

We had a nice Christmas although I really missed our family. Some of the cruisers in the marina put a potluck dinner together which was nice. Instead of Christmas dinner with family, we had dinner with 60 or so of our new friends. (Outside of course, which is the only way people eat here.) We had a nice time although I had baked bread and roasted half a turkey all day so I was kind of tired.

This morning Greg & I took the shuttle into town to take care of some business. We had bought another month of internet service from Telcel just before Christmas but for some reason it didn't work so we had to go back to the Telcel store. The sign says they open at 10 a.m. but we have learned that they really mean 10:15 or 10:30. The shuttle gets us into town at 9:15, so we had coffee at the Cruisers Club and chatted with people until it was time to walk up to the store. The girl couldn't help us so we had to kill time until noon when the manager came in. Greg had bought a watch for me for my Christmas present and the band broke so we hoofed it over to the other side of town to get it fixed. We went right by The Bread Guy bakery so of course we had to stop and buy some cream puffs and scones. They make the best cream puffs in the world. We stopped at a restaurant for lunch but they were still only serving breakfast at 11 a.m. After we ate we walked back to the Telcel store. We do lots of walking here - I must say I'm getting pretty shapely legs. By the time we took a taxi back to the marina, it was 2 p.m. It really takes a big chunk out of a day when we go into town.

Our friends Ken and Ruth on Misty Blue left yesterday morning to go up into the Sea of Cortez for a couple weeks. Wish we could have gone with them but Greg is watching 4 boats for people who are back in the States visiting. We are planning on a trip north after the first of the year when Shawn on Althea can go with us. I am in a real quandary. I want to get out and see some stuff but I also want to stay here in La Paz until after the Ducks championship football game so I can watch it on TV. I'm afraid this is a once in a lifetime thing and after being a Duck fan for 40 plus years, I would hate to miss it. One day last week there was a cruise ship in town and I couldn't believe all the Duck tee shirts people were wearing. Wow. It must really be something back in Oregon. Go Ducks!
Vessel Name: Otter
Vessel Make/Model: Westsail 32
Hailing Port: Scappoose, Oregon
Crew: Greg and Joyce Parfitt

Who: Greg and Joyce Parfitt
Port: Scappoose, Oregon