North to Alaska 2022

Fully vaccinated, we look forward to getting back into cruising through Canada up to SE Alaska!

21 August 2022 | Portland, Oregon
19 August 2022 | Tongue Point, Astoria, Oregon
14 August 2022 | Friday Harbor, WA
10 August 2022 | Todd Inlet, BC, Canada
08 August 2022 | Lesqueti Island, BC, Canada
04 August 2022 | Heriot Bay, BC, Canada
03 August 2022 | Octopus Islands, BC, Canada
03 August 2022 | Octopus Islands, BC, Canada
31 July 2022 | Lagoon Cove, BC, Canada
30 July 2022 | Echo Bay, BC, Canada
28 July 2022 | Port McNeill, BC, Canada
22 July 2022 | Oliver Cove, BC, Canada
22 July 2022 | Windy Bay, BC, Canada
19 July 2022 | Hartley Bay, BC, Canada
18 July 2022 | Kumealon Inlet, BC, Canada
17 July 2022 | Prince Rupert, BC, Canada
16 July 2022 | Foggy Bay, Alaska
15 July 2022 | Meyer's Chuck, Alaska
14 July 2022 | Dora Bay, Alaska
13 July 2022 | Ketchikan, Alaska

Cliff Divers in Acapulco

29 December 2017 | Acapulco, Mexico
George Stonecliffe
Thursday night we went to the Hotel Mirador to see the Cliff Divers of Acapulco. After a wonderful dinner of Mahi Mahi, we had front row seats of the sunset at 6:15pm and then the diving at 7:30pm. There were about ten divers who all took one dive. Their ages were 15-20 years! The initial two divers leapt from less than half way up the cliff side. Most dove from 3/4s up the cliff side. And one dove from the top of the least 100 feet, maybe more. Some did a clean swan dive, some flipped and went in feet first, some did jack knife dives,and the one from the top did a simple swan dive!! The anticipation leading up to each dive is nerve-wracking. But there is music. There are bright lights shining at the cliff and the water below. There were at least 6 good size motor yachts outside the cleft in the rock, so they could see the action too. Probably as many as 1000 people watching this performance. Inside the Hotel are walls covered with photos and with the signatures of celebrities that have come to see the show. My favorite was Roy Rogers and Trigger (his horse)!
Vessel Name: Julia Max
Vessel Make/Model: 45' Passport/Peterson Custom Ketch
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon, USA
Crew: George and Sue Stonecliffe
About: Fully vaccinated, we are positioning ourselves to head north through Canada to Alaska's amazing Glacier Bay NP and back. Have a wonderful summer. Cheers to all!
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