North to Alaska 2022

Fully vaccinated, we look forward to getting back into cruising through Canada up to SE Alaska!

21 August 2022 | Portland, Oregon
19 August 2022 | Tongue Point, Astoria, Oregon
14 August 2022 | Friday Harbor, WA
10 August 2022 | Todd Inlet, BC, Canada
08 August 2022 | Lesqueti Island, BC, Canada
04 August 2022 | Heriot Bay, BC, Canada
03 August 2022 | Octopus Islands, BC, Canada
03 August 2022 | Octopus Islands, BC, Canada
31 July 2022 | Lagoon Cove, BC, Canada
30 July 2022 | Echo Bay, BC, Canada
28 July 2022 | Port McNeill, BC, Canada
22 July 2022 | Oliver Cove, BC, Canada
22 July 2022 | Windy Bay, BC, Canada
19 July 2022 | Hartley Bay, BC, Canada
18 July 2022 | Kumealon Inlet, BC, Canada
17 July 2022 | Prince Rupert, BC, Canada
16 July 2022 | Foggy Bay, Alaska
15 July 2022 | Meyer's Chuck, Alaska
14 July 2022 | Dora Bay, Alaska
13 July 2022 | Ketchikan, Alaska

Arrived in Grand Cayman

09 April 2018 | Grand Cayman, W. Caribbean
George Stonecliffe
We made the passage between Isla Providentia and the Grand Cayman, 383 miles in 2-1/2 days. That's averaging 6.35 knots per hour. With favorable currents, our speed over the ground was often 7.0-8.0 knots! We sailed the final 36 hours!! On our final day of sailing, we were far enough north of any previous piracy locations, so that we turned our AIS system back on. We quickly learned that we were going to be crossing a major traffic zone. At one time, we had 6 contacts within a 25 mile radius. Some were on collision courses with Julia Max. So we took evasive action until it was safe to continue on. As we approached our final destination, we observed 3 cruise ships leaving Georgetown, and we heard another cruise ship arrives tomorrow. Today is a holiday in the Caymans: Queen Elizabeth's Birthday. As one of the remaining British Colonies, I was even surprised the Port was open for business.
Vessel Name: Julia Max
Vessel Make/Model: 45' Passport/Peterson Custom Ketch
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon, USA
Crew: George and Sue Stonecliffe
About: Fully vaccinated, we are positioning ourselves to head north through Canada to Alaska's amazing Glacier Bay NP and back. Have a wonderful summer. Cheers to all!
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