Back in the Pacific Northwest 2020

While waiting out the Corona Virus 19, we are back home in Portland, Oregon. We have just finished (March 2020) repainting and servicing boat systems after our two-year, 15,000 mile tour of North America.

24 March 2020 | Portland, Oregon
29 August 2019 | Astoria, Oregon
10 June 2019 | Friday Harbor, WA
06 June 2019 | Nanaimo, BC, Canada
20 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
19 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
18 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
14 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
10 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
07 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
04 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
02 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
23 April 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
23 April 2019 | Pt. Burica, Costa Rica
22 April 2019 | Pt. Burica, Costa Rica
18 April 2019 | Puerto Armuelles, Panama
16 April 2019 | Isla Coliba, Panama
10 April 2019 | La Playita Marina, Panama
04 April 2019 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
27 March 2019 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

The 2300 Knockdown

23 April 2019 | Pt. Burica, Costa Rica
George Stonecliffe
Our choice of our first anchorage in Costa Rica was the same as when we were about to enter Panama 14 months earlier. We anchored in 25 feet of water about 1/2 mile offshore. Lumpy seas had Julia Max rocking and rolling until after dinner when the sea state settled down. Sue had gone to our aft stateroom where she was playing solitaire on her iPad. I was up in the cockpit laying down to sleep. The wind was calm, and the sea was flat. And then, I felt the wind suddenly pick up to 15 knots which put me on alert. Then the wave hit us! It was pitch black and difficult to see it coming. Our hatches and portals were open. The wave hit us on the port stern, and pooped the aft deck. I was splashed by the wave in the cockpit! But Sue was deluged with water coming in to the stateroom through the open hatch and portals. As Julia Max was lifted up by the wave, Sue was thrown across the stateroom hitting her head on the wood bulkhead. As the wave passed, another wave also hit us. I found Sue soaked and bloody, but conscious and alert. We worked on bandaging her cut which was at her hairline. For the next two hours we felt periodic waves that had reflected off the shore, but nothing like the two big waves. Expecting more waves, we tightened down the hatches, portals, and companion way doors. We started mopping up the water that had come in. And found the salon settees were dry enough for sleep. We checked our anchor placement, and were happy to see that it had held Julia Max in her dance with the waves. My speculation is that the waves were rogue waves from out at sea!
Vessel Name: Julia Max
Vessel Make/Model: 45' Passport/Peterson Custom Ketch
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon, USA
Crew: George and Sue Stonecliffe
The last six months (Sept 2019 to March 2020) have been in the Schooner Creek Boatworks facility, repairing fiberglass, repainting, servicing electronics, AC electrical, and updating boat features. It's good to be free now, just waiting for the Corona Virus 19 pandemic to subside. [...]
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