North American Tour 2017-2019

From Portland, OR through Panama Canal to East Coast of USA and back via Caribbean, Panama Canal, Golfito to Victoria, BC and home

04 July 2018 | St. Augustine, Florida
03 July 2018 | St. Augustine, Florida
01 July 2018 | St. Augustine, Florida
28 June 2018 | Cape Canaveral, Florida
18 June 2018 | Cape Canaveral, Florida
16 June 2018 | Cape Canaveral, Florida
15 June 2018 | Cape Canaveral, Florida
14 June 2018 | Cape Canaveral, Florida
03 June 2018 | Cape Canaveral, Florida
23 May 2018 | Cape Canaveral, Florida
22 May 2018 | East Coast, Florida
20 May 2018 | Key Largo, Florida
19 May 2018 | Marathon, Florida in the Keys
18 May 2018 | Marathon, Florida in the Keys
15 May 2018 | Marathon, Florida in the Keys
11 May 2018 | Marathon, Florida in the Keys
07 May 2018 | Key West, Florida
04 May 2018 | Isla Mujeres, Mexico
03 May 2018 | Cozumel, Mexico
28 April 2018 | Isla Mujeres, Mexico

'Julia Max' Lifted on to MV Kraszewski

20 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
George Stonecliffe
Finally, MV Kraszewski pulled into Golfito this morning, May 20th, about 0700. 'Julia Max' was lifted on by 1800, safely tied down and supported for the trip north to Victoria, BC. The trip takes about 3 weeks arriving June 9th after stops in La Paz and Ensenada, Mexico. What should have been a couple hours of loading turned out to take 8-1/2 hours. There was an inexperienced crew that worked slowly and had several miss-steps that had to be corrected. In any event, we are relieved to be aboard. The ship leaves this evening. We head for home tomorrow flying out of Golfito to San Jose, Costa Rica, and then to Los Angeles and on to Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow night we will be sleeping in our own bed! Cheers everyone!

MV Kraszewski Through the Canal and Refueled

19 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
George Stonecliffe
Our time approaches! The Seven Star Transport, MV Kraszewski, has transited the Panama Canal, 'bunkered' (that is, refueled), and is heading for Golfito to arrive just past midnight tonight. We are scheduled to be loaded on at 10:30am. We received an e-mail with the following schedule: On Monday, May 20th: 0800 Toolbox Crane 3 0815 Start rigging up lifting gear 0830 Discharge Navy boat 0900 Discharge Viking 68 1000 Load Outbound 44 (Sequoia) 1030 Load Peterson Ketch 45 (Julia Max) 1100 Load Bertram 54 Crane 2 1145 Load Lagoon 42 Finish lashing and welding

Once done, the ship will depart Golfito for La Paz, Ensenada, then Victoria, BC, Canada arriving ETA June 9. We now have our airline tickets, and will be flying home on Tuesday!!!

Our Seven Stars Transport is in the Canal!

18 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
George Stonecliffe
Today, Saturday, May 18, we looked at the Panama Canal webcam to find our Seven Stars Transport ride was in the Gatun Locks. Depending on several factors, she may be in Golfito tomorrow! We have removed our sails, dodger canvas, life rings, taped our sling lift points, and had our boat bottom cleaned. Our engine is running fine, fuel sufficient to meet the ship, other tanks empty, and provisions eaten down so that we can turn the refrig off. We will be sleeping ashore at the Fish Hook Marina for the next few nights, as the boat is loaded on to the ship bound for Victoria, BC. We are still waiting for the ship (MV Kraszewski, MMSI 295355000) to make it through the Canal, and head for Golfito. Then we will buy our airline tickets home! Yessss!

Hurry Up and Wait!

14 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
George Stonecliffe
Back at 'Julia Max' in Fish Hook Marina, we have seen two other yacht carrying vessels come and go from Golfito. Ours with Seven Stars Transport is currently scheduled to come to Golfito May 19th. No one is holding their breath. Our vessel is still in the USVI as of Tuesday morning, May 14. At 13.5 knots vessel speed, it has to travel over a thousand miles to the Panama Canal, go through the Canal, possibly 'bunker' (meaning re-fuel), and travel 24 hours to Golfito. We are checking out airplane flights from Golfito through to Portland, Oregon. Meanwhile today we had our dinghy fiberglass RIB bottom repaired (it was holed in Puerto Armuelles, Panama), have repainted the hull, and re-glued a six-inch portion of the RIB and transom. It should be much better for the Pacific Northwest.

Golfito Ship Information

10 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
George Stonecliffe
We are assigned to MV Kraszewski, a 200+ meter ship that has called on Golfito several times before. It's MMSI number is 209355000. The ship position can be determined by watching the location of the MMSI number. This ship has four loading cranes. It will be unloading two boats and loading three boats including 'Julia Max' and 'Sequoia'. Depending on the arrival time of day, if early, all five boats may be unloaded and loaded in one day. Meanwhile boat preparation goes on: dinghy stowed on board, wind generator blades stowed below and generator tied down, SSB antenna disconnected from the backstay (which needs to be released at loading time), mizzen sail removed and stowed, and more goes on over the next few days. The weather is hot and humid, and heavy rain falls every day about 1700 with occasional lightening and thunder displays. We are grateful to have a portable air conditioning unit which we can run while plugged in to 30 amp service. Also we continue to enjoy DVD movies on our laptop while plugged in.

Up In the High Country

07 May 2019 | Golfito, Costa Rica
George Stonecliffe
While waiting for our ship that takes 'Julia Max' from Golfito to Victoria, BC, we have been spending our time at higher elevations where it is cooler. Currently we are at the Toucanet Lodge, whose mission includes bird watching. Today we have identified 4-5 different hummingbird species, a ruddy tree-runner, a collared trogan, band-tailed pigeons, tropical kingbirds, a chestnut-capped brush-finch. Birding is like a box of chocolates' to quote Forrest Gump, 'you never know what you're going to get'! We had awakened at the crack of dawn(0500) and walked up the hill for a kilometer looking for the resplendent quetzal. But we were unsuccessful. On the way to the Toucanet Lodge yesterday, we stopped at the Questzal Lodge and identified the long-tailed silky-flycatcher for the first time. It was another 'ah-haaa, yes' moment! But no Quetzal. Here is a photo of a respendent quetzal that Sue took a year ago.
Vessel Name: Julia Max
Vessel Make/Model: 45' Passport/Peterson Custom Ketch
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon, USA
Crew: George and Sue Stonecliffe
About: Float Plan: July 1, 2017 Leave Portland, OR; head south along US West Coast; leave San Diego 10/29/17 with Baja Ha-ha Rally; go through Panama Canal 3/2018; Florida 6/2018; NYC and Rhode Island 7/2018; Chesapeake Bay 9/2018; Caribbean 12/2018; Panama Canal 3/2019; home 6/2019
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