Circumnavigating Vancouver Island 2024

Back in 2003, we circumnavigated Vancouver Island, capturing wonderful memories. Now in 2024 we hope to re-visit this large island, and create some new memories!

19 June 2024 | Lucky Creek at the entrance to Pipestem Inlet in the Broken Group.
18 June 2024 | Effingham Bay, Broken Group, BC
14 June 2024 | Tofino, BC
09 June 2024 | Hot Springs Cove, BC
08 June 2024 | Friendly Cove, BC
08 June 2024 | Tahsis, BC
08 June 2024 | Walter's Cove
08 June 2024 | Leaving Bunsby Islands
08 June 2024 | Brooks Peninsula, BC
29 May 2024 | Julian Cove, BC
25 May 2024 | Kains Island, BC
25 May 2024 | North Harbour, BC
22 May 2024 | Beaver Harbour, BC
19 May 2024 | Port McNeill, BC
18 May 2024 | Lagoon Cove, BC
17 May 2024 | Lagoon Cove, BC
14 May 2024 | Campbell River, BC
13 May 2024 | Denman Island, BC
12 May 2024 | Nanaimo, BC
11 May 2024 | Nanaimo, BC

Lucky Creek in Pipestem Inlet

19 June 2024 | Lucky Creek at the entrance to Pipestem Inlet in the Broken Group.
George Stonecliffe | Sunny and Warm
Lucky Creek deserves to be enjoyed within one hour before or after high tide. A motorized dinghy ride up the creek one half-mile, is sufficient depth for a safe ride if the driver pays attention, and stays on the outside bends of the creek. There were many sections that were only 3 feet deep. The goal is a series of waterfalls that cause you to stop, tie-up, and climb up some difficult fourth class rock. On this sunny day we certainly enjoyed our outing.

Effingham Bay in the Broken Group near Ucluelet

18 June 2024 | Effingham Bay, Broken Group, BC
George Stonecliffe | Cloudy to Sunny
We are spending our third night in Effingham Bay in the Broken Group near Ucluelet. We chose an anchorage where we continued to have wind for running our wind generator. With the wind and sun (for our solar panels), we continue to keep our batteries charging. Sue has been in her kayak each day. We launched our dinghy, and went fishing near the kelp today, and caught two fish. We will use fish heads for crab pot bait. Maybe there is a crab or two in our future? We sanded half of our cap rail around the boat perimeter, as well as one of our hand rails, and our starboard rub rail. Then we applied a coat of Captain's varnish which turned out stunning! The reason we have stayed here three days was in part for 2-bar cell coverage!! Who would have guessed!

Tofino Resort & Marina

14 June 2024 | Tofino, BC
George Stonecliffe | Rainy, with afternoon sun breaks
After gunkholing in anchorages such as Bottle Neck Cove and Bucchante Bay, watching an adult black bear eat 'grass salad after salad', and seeking out new sightings of wild flowers to identify, we weighed anchor this morning and headed for Tofino, one of the two main towns on the Vancouver Island West Coast. We were fortunate to find space at the Tofino Resort & Marina, home to a featured restaurant, and laundry services that we always seem to need. We walked to the Co-Op Grocery Store and replenished our supply of fruits and vegetables, dairy, and fill-ins to our food pantry.

Hot Springs Cove

09 June 2024 | Hot Springs Cove, BC
George Stonecliffe | Sunny and windy!!
Leaving Friendly Cove, we headed for Hot Springs Cove for a dip. After heavy seas and moderate winds, we sailed for the last five miles. The walk to the Hot Springs is 1-1/4 miles on a new boardwalk through old growth forest. We had the Springs to ourselves and our friend Janet Williams for a relaxing half hour. As we were stepping out of Hot Springs (50 degrees Centigrade), the tidal waters started coming in from the ocean. We were out in the nick of time!

Friendly Cove on Nootka Island

08 June 2024 | Friendly Cove, BC
George Stonecliffe | Sunny, Light winds
The British and Spanish came to an Agreement in August 1792 to give legal possession of Spain's land claims to Great Britain in what ultimately became British Columbia. This stain glass window commemorates this event between Admiral Quadra of Spain, and Captain George Vancouver of Great Britain. After viewing the church memorabilia about this event, we visited a Nootka master carver, Sanford Williams, in his workshop. Lots of impressive carvings on display. We also visited the tribal cemetery where there was a memory pole for a 17 year old girl in William's family. While sitting on a log by the beach, we observed a small gray whale in the shallows, scratching its back on the sand and rocky shoreline., spy hopping, flopping around. On our way back to the boat, we stopped at the light house, and talked with the lighthouse keepers, Donna and Doug Kerr. Their jobs include weather reports - present time- and all the Keepers can be reached on VHF radio Channel 82A.

Tahsis and Westview Marina

08 June 2024 | Tahsis, BC
George Stonecliffe | Sunny, with AM light winds, PM gusty winds
After motoring down the coast to Esperanza Inlet, we spent one night anchored in the Nuchatlitz Provincial Park where we had 'wall-to-wall' blue sky. (It seemed like the first day of summer!!) Then we headed around the large island of Nootka ultimately stopping at the end of one of the inlets called Tahsis. We stayed at the Westview Marina, and refueled, provisioned, watered, discarded garbage, enjoyed their restaurant, and plugged in to 30 amp power. The special entertainment was watching the bald eagles come to devour the fish entrails put out by the local fishermen. The eagles were adults and juveniles, 3 and 4 at a time.
Vessel Name: Julia Max
Vessel Make/Model: 45' Passport/Peterson Custom Ketch
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon, USA
Crew: George and Sue Stonecliffe
About: The summer of 2024 will be spent heading north from Portland, OR to British Columbia, Canada; circumnavigating Vancouver Island, visiting Princess Louisa Inlet, and hopefully staying smoke free!
Julia Max's Photos - Pacific NW 2011
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Duncan, BC has a Totem Trail in the old downtown with 30+ Totems to enjoy!
Chemainus, BC has murals all over town that tell the history of the town!  Fascinating!
mv Yakima (WA Ferry) at Friday Harbor, WA
Sue enjoyed being at the helm of an America
Julia Max was lifted out for her shipment home from Auckland.
The car carrier
A Maffi low-bed trailer and steel cradle carried Julia Max safely to Gray