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Project: Finishing Teak & Minor Projects

29 April 2008
Here is an update on the progress of some of my projects from the past two weekends.

My teak is mostly finished. I reinstalled the trim on Saturday and it looks great. The hatch boards are still in my garage being finished since I could only finish one side at a time. This is taking 3-4 weeks to complete, but that is due to five coats each, waiting ~24 hours between coats, not applying coats during the rainy weather we've had so often, and then having days that I just get home too late to get around to it. Here are some photos of what my teak looks like after three coats of Cetol Natural Teak finish and two coats of Cetol Clear Gloss.

You can see the epoxy mixed with teak dust doesn't match, but it's better than an open crack.


And here is a nice close up:

Edit 5/4:
Here are the hatch boards completed and installed:

So far I am very impressed with the finish. It is a little soft and I need to touch up a nick in the clear coat on a rail from transporting them to my boat. I'm pretty sure it does harden with time though.

I completed my stereo install and the Polk speakers sound great. I will find out how well I can hear the cabin speakers while under sail or motoring. I have thought about buying some small 3" box speakers to mount on the stern rail when needed, running the wires out the locker and Velcro tied to the rail out of the way. Sony also makes a wired remote which has all the controls and an LCD screen which I may add for convenience as well. I would just pull it out of the locker into the cockpit when needed. Here are a couple photos:


I bought a three pack of these LED puck lights from Costco for about $15 after seeing how well they work on one of my marina neighbor's boats. All of my original cabin lights were corroded and not operational. The past two years I used flashlights and lanterns when overnighting. Now I placed one over the rear quarter berth, the dinette, and the head. I might buy one more pack and spread them around. They just take three AAA batteries, have two brightness settings, and can be aimed to where needed. I am impressed and so glad finally to have some lights installed. They are a lot cheaper and simpler to install than new boat cabin lights as I originally planned. I also don't have to worry about draining the house batteries or bulbs burning out.

I installed a simple upgrade that many sailboats have, a winch handle holder. Now I don't have to worry about it banging around with a camera, cell phone or whatever I put in the cockpit cubby holes.

I replaced my starboard upper shroud turnbuckle with one of Dave's since he is putting a new set on his C-250. After a couple trips to Annapolis to find a correct t-bolt, I got it installed! This will get me back sailing for now and I'll probably be swapping out most of my turnbuckles with Dave's old ones once he is done. Eventually when I have more boat funds, I might redo the entire standing rigging.

I installed two rigging cleats, one for each halyard. This will prevent the halyard clanging against the mast and spreaders and get rid of the piece of line I used before to attach to.

I'm trying out the CD bird deterring line again, although ideally it should probably be longer. It's all I had around for now. I guess I'll see if it makes any difference.

My 43 watt Kyocera solar panel just arrived. I plan to install it this weekend. I just need to find some metal strips to help in mounting. By the way, that is an 18" ruler against the panel.

Dave and I helped Daren sail his Catalina 25 up to our creek from Harrington Harbor the previous weekend. It was a quick 3.5 hour trip up the bay while mostly on a broad reach the entire time. Winds were around 15-16 knots, ~3 foot following seas, and a couple quick showers. We finished just as some thunderstorms rolled in.

That's about it. I'm definitely ready for some sailing this season! Plan to have my first sail of the season this coming weekend!
Vessel Name: Sapphire Breeze
Vessel Make/Model: 1982 Catalina 25 SK/SR
Hailing Port: Mayo, MD
Crew: Justin
Extra: This site is all about my experiences with my first boat; from restoring it, to my sailing adventures. I enjoy hearing from my readers, so feel free to send me an email. I'm also interested in meeting new people in the area, especially people in my age range since I hardly know any that sail.
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Who: Justin
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