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Last sail of the year

27 December 2008 | Chesapeake Bay
We had one final sail of the year. This past November and December did not have many sailing opportunities compared to the previous years. I only made it out once each month. Dave and my uncle Steve joined me for a day sail on the bay. It was nice on land with the temperature approaching 60F, but on the water it felt significantly cooler plus the wind chill. We had a nice sail and here are a few pictures.




Here is an update about my genoa. Within two days of receiving my sail through UPS using their account, Dan at North Sails Direct gave me a call with excellent news. They had a bad batch of thread when they stitched my sail and it was not holding up to the UV rays as it should have. Instead of re-stitching the sail, Dan had a brand new sail shipped out to me immediately! Two days later I had a brand new sail at my door. Two thumbs up for North Sails Direct, previously Cruising Direct; that was excellent service!! I am very happy with the outcome.
Vessel Name: Sapphire Breeze
Vessel Make/Model: 1982 Catalina 25 SK/SR
Hailing Port: Mayo, MD
Crew: Justin
Extra: This site is all about my experiences with my first boat; from restoring it, to my sailing adventures. I enjoy hearing from my readers, so feel free to send me an email. I'm also interested in meeting new people in the area, especially people in my age range since I hardly know any that sail.
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Who: Justin
Port: Mayo, MD