Just Limin

Limin ( li'-min ) To travel without a purpose or destination

06 December 2010 | Brunswick
04 October 2010 | St Simons Island, Ga
09 September 2010 | St. Simons Island, GA
03 September 2010 | River Dunes, Oriental, NC
01 September 2010 | River Dunes, Oriental, NC
30 August 2010 | Dowry Creek Marina, Bellhaven, NC
25 August 2010 | Solomons
22 August 2010 | Brunswick
31 July 2010 | Solomons Island, Md
26 July 2010 | Solomons
19 July 2010 | St. Michaels
18 July 2010 | Annapolis, MD
10 July 2010 | Deltaville
07 July 2010 | Yorktown, VA
05 July 2010 | Yorktown, VA
02 July 2010 | Yorktown, VA
28 June 2010 | Norfolk
27 June 2010 | South of Norfolk
25 June 2010 | Dowry Creek Marina, Bellhaven, NC

Calm Before the Storm

01 September 2010 | River Dunes, Oriental, NC
We decided to leave Belhaven because we didn't want to get kicked out of the marin a and have to anchor out someplace during the store. We traveled up towards Oriental, having made reservations at River Dunes, a very protected harbor (see map) to ride out the hurricane. After arriving we took down the jib and stored it in its bag and place it in the rear cabin. We washed the cushions and stored them below as well. (We needed to "debug" after going through the NC swamp). We then took off the solar panel, stored the dinghy motor and deflated and bagged the dinghy. In the morning we will remove the bimini and dodger and put the deflated dinghy in the cockpit. We are expecting winds around 50mph according to tonight's weather report.

As we continue to travel we are finding out just how small the sailing community is. As we started to dock at River Dunes, Jim saw a Catalina 445 with a hard dodger. Turns out it was the 445 that he helped commission with Steve at Dunbar Yachts. Robert the owner came by to prepare his boat for the storm and we had a chance to talk. We helped him take down his jib, and he gave us a hand in taking down our solar panel. Both jobs were easier with 3 sets of hands. Jim of course had seen the boat, but I had only seen the exterior on the hard. Robert was kind enough to show me interior. What a beautiful boat. Of course I want one now. Oh well.

We will take some pictures and video tomorrow and keep you posted.

Our friends on Leprechan (John & Cheryl) live in New Bern but have spent the summer in Bayfield WI for a variety of family functions. We were hoping to see them while we were in this area, but they were not planning to be back until this Friday. That was until Earl. They let us know yesterday that they would be back on Wednesday to make sure the boat would be ok for the hurricane. I am hoping we can get together for dinner Thursday or Friday to catch up.

Vessel Name: Just Limin
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 375
Hailing Port: St Simons Island, GA
Crew: Jim and Leslie Hamrick
About: "Don't dream your life, but live your dream." That is what we are about to do. For a number of years we have dreamed of cruising. Our dream is about to become reality.
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Who: Jim and Leslie Hamrick
Port: St Simons Island, GA