s/v Kaimu Wharram Catamaran

Vessel Name: Kaimu
Vessel Make/Model: Wharram Custom
Hailing Port: Norwalk, CT
Crew: Andy and the Kaimu Crew
About: Sailors in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC area.
19 March 2018 | st marys, ga
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19 March 2018 | st marys, ga

D4 Dinghy Build Start

I had an urge to start work on the D4 dinghy, so instead of continuing with grinding on Kaimu’s underbody, I drew dinghy parts on a couple of pieces of 5 mm plywood. This plywood which goes by the name of Revolution is a Chinese product that I have used before for outrigger canoes and a fellow back [...]

17 March 2018 | st marys, ga

The D4 Pitch

I had one of those pleasant days when work is left aside and other pursuits take over. I woke early and instead of snoozing back to sleep made a nice breakfast, cheese and ham omelet sandwich and coffee, and then remembered the yacht Stylist was going in early. I had already time lapse videoed the [...]

17 March 2018 | st marys, ga

Launch of Stylist

A time lapse video of the launch of the popular power yacht Stylist has been uploated to the flickr account at:

14 March 2018 | st marys, ga

In the Soup with the Drone

I put the last of the fiberglass roving patches on the keels yesterday. It was a small patch about 14 inches square. The largest patch covered 6 feet of the bottom of the part bow’s keel. It was a very difficult procedure to get that glass onto the boat, upside down, and keep it in place. The technique [...]

04 March 2018 | st marys, ga


I looked on You Tube for any information about the superfoilers. I had awoken late at night, about 1 AM, and watched the racing the previous night. I didn't feel particularly fatigued or tired except near the end, just before daybreak. I thought I had been watching a replay, so I wanted to catch the [...]

03 March 2018 | st marys, ga


The next day I removed the plastic from the fiberglass repair and noted its smooth shiny surface, almost perfect. This was on the bottom of the port keel amidships. I continued in this area and added about a half dozen patches until that area was complete. Later I used the lighter 14 oz biaxial to [...]

A Walk in the Park

26 December 2017 | st marys, ga
Capn Andy/chilly winter
I had a couple of negative shopping experiences for the holiday season, both involved long waits for ordinary products. I wasn’t looking for quick shipping this time of year, but please, Amazon waited a week to finally ship a box of grinding discs and a roll of Gorilla tape. And that is just to ship it, it hasn’t gotten here yet. I am grinding on my boat during the holidays, so at least add to my woes by sending along the tools of my torture, but no, they hesitate. At least I will get a break from the dirty grinding work. I won’t feel guilty taking the time off. The other negative shipment was bicycle handlebar tape, which did arrive, after a while, and was only 1/2 of the tape needed to do the handlebars, and also only 1 end plug. Gee, which end should I put it in. Other items have come along right quickly, so I am able to cope with these two awful holiday shipments.
The grinding has gone well using 36 and 40 grit flap discs. They don’t last long before they lose their bite and begin burnishing the old paint instead of taking it off. It then gums up the disc. The indication of this burnishing is a dark color to the surface, kind of shiny like wet paint. If you back off and let the disc cool down a bit, you can go back at it for a little while. If the paint doesn’t melt on the disc you can go on like this for quite a while.
Having two grinders set up can help keep either one of them getting too hot. It helps to have an extension cord with multiple outlets. I began looking for my triple headed extension cord, but it was gone, another yardbird must have expropriated it. While I was looking around, a yardbird from the past showed up and paid me some money he owed, and told me the story of his Moroccan boat delivery. Actually from Morocco to Scandinavia, but they only made it to Spain. Their prop fell off backing down, and after replacement, the second prop fell off during sea trials. The owner had the boat laid up on the hard and pulled the plug on the delivery.
The skipper meanwhile has gone to Grenada to look at a catamaran. He has sold his monohull sailboat. I suggested he might need help getting the boat back here from Grenada and he said why would I come back here.
When it is cold and rainy I can stay inside and try to render the old Map Tech maps I have, and get them into a form I can use with OpenCPN. I will post the documentation of that process later when I have actually worked out all the bugs. THE COMPUTER GUY happened to be doing laundry in the communal area of the gulag and I talked to him about shell scripts and gave him copies of my files on a thumbdrive for him to look at. Meanwhile I have gone at it on my own and proudly have produced some images that are viewable, but not yet OpenCPNable. The maps are Imray-Iolaire charts and are nice looking even if 20 years old. One problem I see coming up in the near future is the MapCal procedure, which requires lat and long of a few points near the perimeter of the map. Some of the maps are smaller insets that have no lat and long information on them. In fact the organization is one large map and a half dozen of the insets. The large map can probably be calibrated, the insets are going to be a problem. I love looking at charts and these are very nicely done. There is notation for piloting into some of the ports, something we could have used on the Caribbean delivery.
I wanted to use one of the chart images as the header for this posting, but instead I have a favorite photo from the recent walk in the park and will post that.
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