s/v Kaimu Wharram Catamaran

Vessel Name: Kaimu
Vessel Make/Model: Wharram Custom
Hailing Port: Norwalk, CT
Crew: Andy and the Kaimu Crew
About: Sailors in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC area.
23 May 2018 | st marys, ga
23 May 2018 | st marys, ga
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23 May 2018 | st marys, ga

St. Marys Entrance

A test of both CF-C1‘s, one with solid state hard drive and 4 gigs of RAM, the other with 6 gigs of RAM and a regular hard drive, came out with some benchmark processes faster on one, some on the other. While playing around with them I received questions about OpenCPN, the navigation software. I explained that the GPS input enabled the program to put a red ship icon on the displayed chart at the position given by the GPS, and the AIS receiver enables AIS contacts to be displayed on the chart also. In the above image Kaimu is shown on the left side, in the boatyard on dry land, and buoys 16 and the sea buoy are shown on the chart as diamond shapes to the right of St. Marys Entrance.

23 May 2018 | st marys, ga

Universal Port

I had to order the deep cycle batteries for the port hull. Right now there is an old group31 AGM battery and Trillium’s group 24 wet cell battery hooked up to the solar charge controller. I guess they are charged up full by now. I planned to install 4 group 27 AGM’s just like I have in the starboard [...]

17 May 2018 | st marys, ga

dAISy meets U-Blox

The idea was to make the most of the difficult weather pattern coming in, tropical depression maybe, thunderstorms predicted for every day. This has happened before here, and we sit around with our work areas covered from the rain, no way to get any work done. But I have some inside work to do, so [...]

13 May 2018 | st marys, ga

dAISy Test

I noticed I was more active and anticipating the work day with more of a positive attitude. “Attitude is Everything, Dammit”. I’m not sure why I feel this way, maybe it is getting past the big bottom repair/repainting stage, or maybe it is the ETL, estimated time to launch. June 28.

08 May 2018 | st marys, ga


The red ablative bottom paint was very thick but mixed up easily in a few minutes. The top edge of the red paint formed a boot strip with the top edge of the blue hard bottom paint above it (3 inches). The edge was masked off first with Fine Line masking tape, then the masking was widened with cheap [...]

06 May 2018 | st marys, ga

Lava in Puna

We will allow the recent bottom paint to dry out for a day or two and do other things in the meantime. RG-58/U coaxial cable is coming in to make the collinear antenna for the AIS and maybe there will be enough to make two antennae. Another project is the small switch panel for the pilothouse which [...]

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09 February 2018 | st marys, ga
Capn Andy/chilly winter
I don’t know of many people who watch sailboat races, but I am one who will. The Superfoiler series from Down Under is similar to the 18 foot skiff racing. This is a professional sailing series with the boats funded by sponsorship and big name sailors hired as crew. The boats are light, sail on foils most of the time, and have a crew of 3. It looks like a weekly event and it’s viewable on You Tube. The footage consists of action cams mounted on the crews’ helmets and on other places on the boat, plus there is aerial footage.
My own little action cam, the i60e, was tested out recording time lapse video. I elected to use 760p as the format and left the camera running, sitting on the patio outside the woodshop. Ron the carpenter was using a thickness planer to prepare teak lumber for a big job renewing a large sailboats interior. I meanwhile got back to work on Kaimu’s starboard keel.
I started at the stern just in front of the rudder skeg and removed any fiberglass sheathing that wasn’t stuck to the wood and faired the gouges left from the impact with the jetty. After getting about 2/3‘s of the way to the bow I had had enough of the nasty fiberglass dust. I could use a respirator and keep it out of my lungs, wear ear protection and keep it out of my ears, but it would find a way down my neck, under my sleeves, and I had to stop.
Back at the woodshop I stopped the camera and played back the video. It was comical to see Ron jumping back and forth and the wood planks running through the planer at high speed. The video was shot a frame at 3 second intervals, so it was running about ten times faster than normal speed.
The image is of the superfoiler Team Euroflex and is from catsailingnews.com by Beau Outteridge. In last weeks racing they won every race. This weekend’s racing is on You Tube, just search “superfoiler”.
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