s/v Kaimu Wharram Catamaran

Vessel Name: Kaimu
Vessel Make/Model: Wharram Custom
Hailing Port: Norwalk, CT
Crew: Andy and the Kaimu Crew
About: Sailors in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC area.
08 July 2024 | Somers Cove Marina, Crisfield, MD
25 June 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD
12 June 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD
03 June 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD
25 May 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD
21 May 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD
12 May 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD
09 May 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD
01 May 2024 | St. Marys, GA
23 April 2024 | St Marys, GA
17 April 2024 | St Marys, GA
07 April 2024 | St. Marys, GA
02 April 2024 | St. Marys, GA
21 March 2024 | St. Marys, GA
01 March 2024 | St. Marys, GA
23 February 2024 | St. Marys, GA
15 February 2024 | St. Marys, GA
11 February 2024 | St. Marys, GA
06 February 2024 | St. Marys, GA
26 January 2024 | St. Marys, GA
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08 July 2024 | Somers Cove Marina, Crisfield, MD


I was out of cheese and ham. This meant a grocery trip and then of course, visit the American Legion. Cuddily said she would be there after baking fresh fish that she got from her neighbor fisherman.

25 June 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD

June is Too Soon

It is Juneteenth, election day for the City of Crisfield, twenty four hundred voters. Up for election are two city council seats for three candidates. The mayor wants to keep her current city council team.

12 June 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD

Raindrops and Rainbows

You can take the Mediterranean diet too far, especially with the wine consumption. The noodles are OK if you are burning up the calories, but otherwise they will put on the pounds. So you are left with antipasto, not much else, salad? Chicken Parm? Yes, the chicken parm is probably in itself pretty [...]

03 June 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD

Prejudicial Treatment

The excitement of a new baby in the family had me receiving phone calls from all over. The common denominator is that we talked about the weather and food. That makes me hungry and start planning to cook. Cuddily suggested we go to Sysco in Pocomoke to see what wine selection they had there and also [...]

25 May 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD

Cap'n Granpa

The Memorial Day weekend was coming up and it is a big deal in Crisfield as well as most of the rest of the Chesapeake. It is the traditional beginning of the summer season. All the boats are launched or commissioned, lots of activity in the marina, motors started up for the first time in a long time, [...]

21 May 2024 | Somers Cove, Crisfield, MD

Cap'n Overboard

The awful jobs get done last. The Atomic Four was waiting for me to pull off the cylinder head, but there was an emergency job, sort of, the mainsail cover was torn and exposing the sail to U/V, very bad.

Goodbye James

28 December 2021 | St Marys, GA
Cap'n Chef Andy | Unusually Mild
Out of the blue I was offered an outboard motor and inflatable dinghy for a very low price. I was very familiar with the motor, having restored it a couple years ago with new rings, valves ground, and 10 hour break in session. It is basically a new motor. The dinghy is questionable, but probably usable.
It is Christmas Day and I set out all the cookies I had been given, in a colorful tray that was probably meant for chips and dip. The pork soup was made available in the communal kitchen. I had a bowl. Very good.
I was surprised and saddened by an announcement by Hanneke Boon that her partner, James Wharram, had died at the age of 93. James of course designed the catamaran plans that were used to build Kaimu, even though they weren’t followed exactly, well, at all.
It was Monday and pizza day. The weather has been beautiful, mid-70’s for the past few weeks with only a stray chilly day here and there. I will be kicking myself for not getting more done, making hay while the sun shines, when the weather cools and it becomes more difficult to work with epoxy outside. My hope to relaunch the end of December now becomes more like wintering till April and forgetting about relaxing, basking in the warmth of the Keys.
I planned to shop for a used smartphone and singled out the Galaxy S20 FE. This is a lower priced phone that has top of the line features with some shortcuts to keep the price low. The top of the line Galaxy S20 Ultra was around $1,400, but the FE comes in at around $700. On Black Friday it was discounted to around $270. I was expecting it to fall to the 200 dollar range after Christmas when people receive a new phone and decide to sell their old phone on eBay. I began watching for lower priced phones, but they seemed to be going up in price. Then I watched a YouTube video comparing the S20 FE with the newly released S21. The price difference between them was only about $100 and some reviewers preferred the S20 FE. A unit came on sale with a small ding in the corner of the screen. I used Auction Sniper to bid up to $151, but the phone went for $167. Another phone with a small scratch on the screen came up and the current bid was $91. I auctionsniped up to $176. It is currently at $132.50 and by the end of Pizza Night I will see if I won it. (It sold for $191).
Pizza customers were coming in, a lot of newcomers along with the old tried and true, they came, then left to get more chairs, and so on. There were boxes of wine and coolers of beer. Conversation was chaotic. I could join in, but then had to make and bake pies.
I cooked a pepperoni pie for the renter at his request. That pie disappeared astonishingly quick. I cooked an onion pie, that’s right, a pizza pie with nothing but onion and some cheese. Yes, there is tomato, crushed tomatoes 4 or 5 spoons worth, piled in a tomato blob, then I spin my spoon in the tomato blob, around and around, the tomato flies out, but I work the spirals of crushed tomatoes inward and they smooth out, the pie has a smooth but irregular coating of tomato. The onion gets toasted, burned in the 1000 degree heat, that’s the way I like them, toasted, crunchy, but because the process can’t get to all the onion at once, we have onion pieces that are charred, yet wet and liquid. It was an astounding evening. I know if I liked it, probably all liked it, plus we were all making plans for the New Year.
A couple of bottles of booze came out. Not like us in NY like to disparage hooch coming in from out of town, this time plum brandy from Slovakia, complete with Milos, the Slovakian. Boy, he likes to have a good time. Our Breezeway renter brought out a bottle of Four Roses Bourbon. He likes to have a good time too. I was sticking to my burgundy till it ran out, then I sampled the other more potent drinks. All my cares went away.
Clean up the next day was a slow unsteady process. I had taken another sunset photo from the back of the Breezeway while the party was going on. I am looking forward to the next one.

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