kruisin kanga

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southern migration

22 October 2015
I have promised Greg I will try to be better about our blog and even got a new computer to motivate me so hopefully it will work. We spent several weeks scraping, polishing, painting and loading before finally leaving middle river on Tues. 10/20. Our first stop was in Harness Creek off the South River where we met up with Scott on Liberte'. We first met Scott on Andros Island last January when a bunch of us were trapped by weather and spent time exploring the island. We last saw him on Lee Stocking Island in march so there was much catching up to do. The original plan was to stay one night and catch up over Greg's famous chili (the only thing he cooks, thus the famous part) but as with everything else our plans changed without much pressure from Scott and we spent two nights. This allowed us to do a few boat chores, hike in quiet waters park and share a mushroom pasta which Scott made with a giant wild mushroom he found. He's quiet the amazing fellow with an incredible amount of knowledge about nature so is much fun to learn stuff from. Sadly we said goodbye this morning and motored south.
This was our second day of motoring as the wind was from the south. Rather uneventful but we did see a large submarine doing maneuvers while surrounded by coast guard. The excitement began as we were heading up the river to solomons island and Paula decided to take advantage of the hot water in the tank to shower. Bad idea! All soaped up and ready to rinse when the water pump and sump pump stop working. Greg can't hear me over the motor and it's COLD. Finally wrap in a towel and head up on deck for help. Unfortunately, the solution was to use the cold sun shower to rinse. Anyone who thinks this is all fun think of me every time you get in the shower, flush the toilet or do laundry but it is certainly worth it when you see the dolphins or turquoise water.
Vessel Name: kanga
Vessel Make/Model: catalina 42
Hailing Port: havre de grace, md
Crew: greg and paula smith

Who: greg and paula smith
Port: havre de grace, md