Vessel Name: Karma1
Vessel Make/Model: Columbia 45
Hailing Port: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Crew: James and Dody
About: James has been sailing for most of his life, starting with dinghy sailing around 8 years old. Dody is a loving 1st mate who hopes that James knows what he is doing.
Extra: "Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made" - Robert N.Rose
21 October 2014 | Alberta, Canada
10 October 2014 | Alberta, Canada
10 March 2014 | lago Isabel on Karma 1
18 February 2014 | RAM Marina
15 February 2014 | RAM Marina
11 February 2014 | Rio dulce, Guatemala
07 February 2014 | RAM Marina
31 January 2014 | Guatemala
30 January 2014 | RAM marina
29 January 2014
29 January 2014 | RAM marina
22 December 2013 | Merida, mexico
04 December 2013 | Rio Dulce, Fronteras, Guatemals
02 December 2013 | Lago Izabal, Guatemala
27 November 2013 | Guatemala City
13 October 2013
09 October 2013 | RAM Boatyard, Rio Dulce...
07 October 2013 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala
06 October 2013 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala
05 October 2013 | Dartmouth
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21 October 2014 | Alberta, Canada

Salty dreams...

I've got a case of salty dreams and wanderlust. I can hardly wait til we cut the dock lines and chase adventure on the sea! @ back to Karma soon !:)

10 October 2014 | Alberta, Canada

Autumn Update

It is Indian Summer, and we are in the process of closing up our home in the beautiful mountainous and plan for our annual migratory trek to be on S/V Karma. It's been an adventurous Summer vagabonding around, tending to the Orchard, visiting family and friends out East and enjoying the east coast. You can catch a ray of our journey as we prepare to travel down the Cali Seaboard to be back in Guatemala! let the journey begin! ~~

10 March 2014 | lago Isabel on Karma 1

journey forward

beautiful life...

18 February 2014 | RAM Marina



15 February 2014 | RAM Marina

OMG! Naranja!!!!

They painted the boot stripe!

11 February 2014 | Rio dulce, Guatemala

Strange tropical fruit make me happy!

There is no end to exotic fruit in tropical Guatemala. From one day to the next the selection changes.  The nice thing about Guatemala is that Each time I go to town I'm surprised by something new! The other nice thing is that it's so cheap! Although they have fruit you'll recognize such as mango, pineapple, [...]

Some thoughts on adventure

13 October 2013
To the Crew...

Welcome to the crazy adventure. You can always get off the at any poirt, but then you'll be left wondering what would have come next...

These are truly some wonderful times of our lives.

All the times that we shared have been wonderful. We have had many adventures since coming together, and look forward to many more!

Being together; seeing, feeling, exploring the things that we have come to cherish and enjoy, reflecting on have been some of the most magical, wonderful times in our lives.

We are blessed to have found each other. By some streak of cosmic interception we have been able to come in and out of each others lives.

As Captain, I might have an idea of where we are going, and the delights or dangers that may surround us. And yes, at times I might tease my crew, tantalize them, or keep them sheltered from my fears.

My confidence of our adventures is always there, but they will always be adventures. To be an adventure, there must be uncertainty, challenge, effort, and risk. So, this means that at times, I may not have total certainty of the outcome or the risks associated.

We know that at times we will risk all for our adventure.

And by "all", I mean, everything we own, or our very lives.

And while it will never be our intention to squander either foolishly, it will always be in our minds that you need to read the back of the ticket on this ride.

But then again, crossing a sidewalk in the suburbs has it's risks too...

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