A Canadian Bayfield 36, two full time sailors/explorers and Puddles, our seafaring chocolate lab.

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15 December 2012 | Home in Dartmouth
Yes this update is overdue... I will try to do a better job after Xmas.

Allan, Puddles, and I left on our sailboat mid October. We made an overnight stop at McNabb island where Allan worked on the diesel heater. Puddles and I went for a small walk on the island and we saw at least 7 deer in 15-20 minutes. I decided to cut our walk short as I didn't want puddles to run after them.

The next day we motor sailed to Lunenburg. We arrived before dark and took a mooring ball across from Lunenburg downtown. We decided to stay there for few days to work on the heater and a few other minor things mainly because parts would be easier to find there. There were some strong winds which further delayed our departure. Puddles and I walked every day discovering the town. We even pick up pizza via the dingy!

We sailed to Port Mouton where we anchored very close to a white sand beach in turquoise water. Simply amazing. Our trip down was not without issues. The foot of our mail sail came off the boom, we learned afterward that it had not been properly installed/secured. In order to fix the main sail we had to take it off the boom and re-installed it. The port lazy jack and the anchor light stopped working. A trip up the mast is now required. We obviously cannot cross the bay of Maine without some repairs.

After much discussions and in light of the upcoming Hurricane Sandy, we made the decision to return KarmaIV to Halifax for the winter, and used the now free time to travel to South East Asia.

So Allan and I will be departing, in the new year, for Hong Kong |3 days), Vietnam (3 weeks), Cambodia (3 weeks) and Thailand (1 month). On our return, we will stop by Phoenix to visit Allan`s brother and sister-in-law.

I intent to keep a better log of that trip.

Vessel Name: Karma IV
Vessel Make/Model: 1988 Bayfield 36
Hailing Port: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Crew: Allan & Nancy
Allan and Nancy are both retired military folks who wanted to travel beyond the confines of the resorts and the canned vacations. A week in paradise was no longer going to be enough, what was enough were the long cold winters, too few daylight hours and the hibernation from living all year round.... [...]
In late summer of 2009, Nancy and I had the opportunity to visit Newfoundland on the Atlantic east coast quickly followed by a marathon drive around Vancouver Island on the Pacific west coast of Canada. These two trips made us realize that joining the convoys of RV's, campers and cars just wasn't [...]

Who: Allan & Nancy
Port: Halifax, Nova Scotia