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Georgetown, Bahamas

03 February 2013
It’s Friday night and we’ve been in Georgetown for two weeks now. The wind over the past couple of weeks has remained strong from the east so we have been busying ourselves with the everyday things all the cruisers seem to do. Reading, hiking, socializing with other cruisers, boat chores, etc., fill our days. I have also been busy completing our water maker installation. This isn’t any particular brand model but a collection of all the required components installed where space allows. It’s about a day or so from throwing the switch and testing it out. Donna refers to it as a ‘Frankenstein’ model. If all goes well it should produce 45gal/hr and we’re all looking forward to a deck washing party once we get it going.

Georgetown has been an interesting stop, it is a full time winter spot for many sailboats that come here and stay from December to April bringing lots of purchasing to this little town, which the locals appreciate. There are many different nationalities as well, Italian, French ( France and Quebec), German, American and many many Canadian boats. New American friends ask us if there is anyone left in Canada.

The Exuma Market, the liquor store, hardware store, laundry mat, Eddie’s Edgewater Cafe, St. Francis Resort and the Chat and Chill are places we have been spending our time and money.

To do our running around in Georgetown I take taxis, Jack has been hitch hiking...too funny. His way is much cheaper but not as comfortable, he rode in a back of a pick up one day.

There are stingrays that hang out at the Conch Shack on the beach, they leave conch meat out so you can feed them, that was an experience. They are very tame and come right up to your hand and take the food, they feel very soft like velvet. We have snorkeled as well there are lots of coral reefs around. Jack bought a spear for lobster, no success yet but he has only been out one time, we have two lobster tails in the freezer we bought as back up. They sell lobster tails at the hair salon... Ya that’s the way it works in Bahamas.

There are about 250 boats anchored with and there is a community feeling about it. everyone uses channel 68 on their VHF radio which is the way everyone communicates to one another, like a cell phone but free.

We hope to be leaving in the next day or two and have a meeting at the Chat in Chill in about an hour with a few other boaters heading the same direction, east & south.
Vessel Name: Kathrian
Vessel Make/Model: Corbin 39 'Special Edition'
Hailing Port: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Crew: Jack & Donna
My name is Jack Verheyden. I am 55 yrs old and took up sailing some 30yrs ago when I saw a small trailerable sailboat being pulled along a road. [...]
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