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An Unexpected Month in Mazatlan

05 March 2013 | Mazatlan, Mexico
Karen Thomas

Well, the voyage to San Blas was eventful. We sailed as per the last blog, leaving Marina Mazatlan on the 1st and hoisting the sails in light winds when we cleared the harbor mouth. . We lost our wind after 25 hours, south of Isla Isabella and fired up the engine. At this point we were about 2 hours from San Blas and not that far from La Cruz ( P.V.) Shortly after, I went below and noticed a strange smell, looked in the engine room, did not see anything, went up and informed the Captain. Chuck went below to check things out. In that time, he started to see smoke seeping into the engine room , went into the aft cabin, pulled the floorboard hatch into the area where you adjust the packing gland. He yelled up to put the engine in neutral and shut her down, which I did. I went below and started opening all the hatches to let out the smoke-billowing from the burning packing from the packing gland and the cutlass bearing. The propshaft was red hot and it took us awhile to get the propshaft cooled with sea water. Luckily, there is nothing flammable in this area except the packing which is a finite and small amount.
We sat awhile as there was no wind and decided that we would set sail for Mazatlan as the best mechanic to our knowledge was back were we had just come from. The availability of parts is poor in San Blas and as well, if we were not able to use the engine at all, entering San Blas harbor would be impossible without a tow.

We spent the next 24 hours trying to sail north against the prevailing light wind. The scariest part was trying to avoid crossing into a fishing fleet just north of Isla Isabella during the night when they do their fishing. With no wind and no engine, we decided to heave to. In the morning when the wind picked up a tiny bit and light came, we decided to do some tests on the engine and see if we could safely start the engine, cool the propshaft enough to safely run at low speed to get back to Mazatlan. To make a long story short, taking temperatures of the propshaft at different locations on the propshaft as we increased the RPM, we were able to determine that we could safely motor back.

We got back into port Feb.5. Since that time, we have done a lot of investigation into what is our best solution. We have decided to take the opportunity to repower the Katie G. Although our current Pathfinder Engine is running like a dream, it is obsolete. We have a lot of parts but it is 27 years old, and as we plan to sail further afield over the next years, we have decided to spring for the new engine. So, Chuck researched the engines that would be suitable and are available for our boat and we have decided on a Yanmar 75 Turbo. How he arrived at that conclusion could be the topic of book but I won’t go there in this blog. We had information from other Kelly Peterson’s who have repowered and Chuck did a lot of research/comparisons and plotted curves on RPM, fuel consumption, horsepower etc. Anyway, we are happy with our decision. We got hauled last Mon. Feb.25 and are now on the hard in the yard. The bottom has been painted ( one coat to go). We were going to do this in San Blas where you can do your own work but as we are hauled anyway, it makes sense to have it done at the same time( no brainer). It will be about 2 weeks more before our new engine gets here, installed and the rest of the checks on the propshaft etc done. We expect to do our 50 hours of required motoring by going to La Cruz. Then we will have to be back here for the 50 hour check up with Bob. Coolest thing is that Bob is from Wabamum, near Edmonton! He is the Master Marine Surveyor and mechanic and owns Total Yacht Works.

So, in terms of life in Mazatlan, it is a great place to have to be to get work done. We enjoyed Mardi Gras, third largest in the world( 3rd to Rio and New Orleans). We enjoyed the fire works on the Sat. and the amazing parade on the Sun. The event was very family oriented, with lots of generations watching the events together. There were few displays of “excess” which contrasts so obviously with the festivals of the northern cultures.
I went on a tour of a few villages with our friends, Phoebe and reg Wilson and their daughter Alia. It was a great day and we saw a few of the ways the local people do their trades- making brick, tiles, bread, furniture. It is very hands on and fabulous workmanship.

We have been taking the opportunity to work on the various projects that seem to rear their heads. I am currently refinishing the folding cockpit table. Chuck is installing speakers and will remove the waterpuppy once again ( Sump motor-3rd time) and get a new one ordered.

Today, we are going to a Salvation Army home that is for abandoned kids. We have seen these children perform cultural dances a few times and they are wonderful. So today is an open house complete with dinner. There are lots of cruiser activities to participate in. We have met some wonderful people and our friends from Three Sheets who have just put on their 50 hours will be heading off to Costa Rica where they plan to summer their boat for Hurricane season before heading through the Panama next season.

It becomes apparent that life will dictate a path and how you deal with it becomes the adventure. I count my blessings each day and appreciate the learning experience and the gifts that come with this turn in the works.

We are healthy, and happy. Hope you are the same.
Vessel Name: Katie G
Vessel Make/Model: Kelly Peterson 46
Crew: Chuck Gauthier and Karen Thomas
Hailing from Banff Alberta, Canada. We bought the Katie G in Dana Pt. Calif. [...]
Extra: Now we are leaving Mazatlan to head to the Baja and La Paz. A few jobs to do there and then up the islands and back across the Sea of Cortez to San Carlos to put the boat away for the summer.
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