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25 May 2017 | 40 NM from Hiva Oa, Marquesas French Polynesia
24 May 2017

Update #10

25 May 2017
Hello Everyone,

We arrived in Hiva Oa, Atuona Bay about noon local time.

We are in the anchorage away from the usual place as there is a "ship" coming in tomorrow at 6:00 am and we were told not to go into Atuona Bay proper.

It is a holiday here so we are to meet for check-in procedures tomorrow at 10:00 am. Got to get on that dinghy!

Other than that it is a very rolly anchorage, yes J and M, worse than the Soccoros!

We will be making an effort to block out the " white noise " to get some sleep. Skip is napping and I am just sending this off to let you know all is well on board. Probably no update for a few days.

It is Chuck's birthday and we celebrated by making a call to Katie. So great to hear your voice Kate!

Okay, lots to do to get the dinghy ready to go in the water, the outboard up from the rear head and on deck. It will be a challenge in this water but time and patience....

Tried unsuccessfully to stern anchor. Everyone told us that all boats here stern anchor. We have not seen one!

Lots of clanking going on, so I guess I will start with washing the dishes in the sink- that should help!

The view is low mountains with lush vegetation with a little town (1,000 approx.). We will see more tomorrow.

This is where both Paul Gaugin and Jacques Brel are buried in the local cemetery. I hope to get to the Gaugin museum and we will walk up to the cemetery which overlooks the bay.

Ta Ta for now and wishing you a wonderful day,

K and C
Vessel Name: Katie G
Vessel Make/Model: Kelly Peterson 46
Crew: Chuck Gauthier and Karen Thomas
Hailing from Banff Alberta, Canada. We bought the Katie G in Dana Pt. Calif. [...]
Extra: Now we are leaving Mazatlan to head to the Baja and La Paz. A few jobs to do there and then up the islands and back across the Sea of Cortez to San Carlos to put the boat away for the summer.
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