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08 August 2017
Hello All,

When we were crossing from Oa Pau to the Tuamotos, I had my head over the side of the boat; no, not for a relief of intestinal trouble but to watch the water as we were going one way and it another.

First it was the speed, then as my focus changed I realized I was looking at a color I had never before seen. It is the most incredible shade of purple one could possibly imagine.

I have now seen it twice.

The second time was the other day when we were sailing to Toau from Fakarava. I am sure Charlotte Bronte could do it justice. Being in the middle of her book titled Shirley . I am boulversayed (franglais for bowled over) by her descriptive powers. However, not having the skills of a famous English author, you will get my inadequate attempt.

Meanwhile, back here in Fakarava, it is pouring and I have my morning coffee, with a taste of cream, sitting before me. Cursed rain- no just kidding. We need it to clean the boat from all the salt that has accumulated on the Katie G's decks. More on that later.

For the moment, back to the color purple.

Was there a movie of great import by that name? I jest of course. Who could forget that most incredible movie which gave a young Oprah Winfrey her start and of course the novel which is always better.

So as thoughts stray, so goes the story, so much like my thoughts in life. No rules are strictly adhered to as long as they harm no one. I must follow my path down this windy road in a way that guides me to a result I can be happy with. For who else, in the end are we accountable to, if we manage to evade the long arm of the law? Being a rule follower in that regard, I come back to myself and a higher power which I shall not name for risk of offending anyone. I digress, which luckily, no one truly cares about.

I start again regarding the colour.

Remember when I said "green water" was running down the gunnels? Well, A friend wrote back and asked if it was truly green. It was "over there." Here it is purple but when running in the gunnels it is white. That could be because there was not as much of it but never mind. The eyes see, the fingers relate the story of impression.

As to hue, take yourself to a rainbow ( ROY G BIV). You remember that longstanding man whose name was given to the colours of the rainbow many years ago? Well, having seen many beautiful rainbows in my time, which I always marvel at, I am reporting that this colour does NOT fit in the rainbow. Most remarkable, it is something deeper than violet with the base of indigo. At least that is my memory. I do not remember ever seeing it reflected from the palette of an artist. I wonder if I shall ever see it again. It takes your breath as you stare at it wondering how the colour can be.

So, like the many fishes in the ocean we have recently seen on our diving exploits, it is up to the dressmakers and artists to create what they are still missing from nature. The incredibly beautiful fish we saw in the South Pass and at another dive site in Toau called Yellow Dog, were not to be found in our books and I think I may have related that already. A designer could take new impressions from the diversity beneath the sea and a whole new world of fabric , colour mixture and adornment would take the world by storm.

As I have noticed in the time spent in Mexico and now here, color in Canada is subdued.

Our houses tend to fall into browns and greys, earth tones are encouraged in many things. Basic black is in every woman's closet to pull out for a "never fail". Heaven help those who dare show vibrancy in dress or demeanour. Could our thoughts be following? Passion, like colour fades as we seek in other ways to reacquaint ourselves with Mother Earth.

We have to take time from our business, to meditate, be mindful, aware. It becomes another "job" to sit, and not focus so that we can get more in touch. How full circle!

So what then becomes of a life that ran, played, relished the joy of being in tune with nature?

What becomes of a soul that has to search so hard to find what once came so naturally?

Adventure, travel, work, friends; we partake in all, looking for colour. Seeking colour becomes a life ambition.

The world never gives up on us. It creates again and again, new hues, new variations of colour for us to experience.

Opening our eyes, we see the colour expands to a word, the tone of a voice, the gesture and touch that spells kindness, caring, acceptance and love.

As we touch the world, it does the same. The return is in the smile; the smile of Mother Nature as she takes us to her breast, a friend who opens their heart to support and understand, family who know your many weaknesses and can laugh at you and with you as one continues the journey.

We are all on our own journey. I wish each and every one of you a life of colour, vibrancy and support by those who also seek colour in their world.

Till the next time, hugs and love to all.


PS. We are waiting impatiently for watermaker parts in Fakarava. The autopilot is fixed and Zen is not in the vocabulary. HAHAHA.

Vessel Name: Katie G
Vessel Make/Model: Kelly Peterson 46
Crew: Chuck Gauthier and Karen Thomas
Hailing from Banff Alberta, Canada. We bought the Katie G in Dana Pt. Calif. [...]
Extra: Now we are leaving Mazatlan to head to the Baja and La Paz. A few jobs to do there and then up the islands and back across the Sea of Cortez to San Carlos to put the boat away for the summer.
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