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03 October 2017

2 overnights to Norfolk

03 October 2017
We did it, we did it, we did it!! This is all somewhat surreal as we sit comfortably at a marina dock following a nice walk around Portsmouth VA Olde Towne, and a great dinner ( while the laundry was in the dryer).
Hurricane Maria threatened high & steep waves, with high wind, so we decided to stay inside Long Island for some protection. Connecticut is SOOOO long! It goes on & on & on... until you hit NY! And Delaware is soooo long! ( Long Connecticut,Long Island, Long Delaware! Jeez!)
We left Brooklyn early Sunday morning (7:05) before "Tom" ( yacht club fleet captain) came out to visit ( and talk our ears off- further delaying our great 48 hour passage- great guy.....talker.)
We were dodging hundreds of fishing boats- both AIS & radar all day & night. The moon rose early and the sun set- leaving some visibility, in 3-4 foot rollers. We took 4 hour watches, but John never really slept. It's important to have easily accessible food to eat at night... if you're awake and nothing to do but watch the open ocean and radar/AIS- you get hungry!
At 3 am the wind came up and we decided to raise sail in the dark- it was very clumsy with the rollers ( can't see where they are coming from) but ultimately successful and sailed at 5-7kts in 10-15 kt winds for the next 12 hours!
We took turns resting(John) and sleeping ( Ann). Monday night was a motoring night until 12:15 am when JC decided to sail with main & jib.
There's a very dark time between when the moon sets (3:30 am ish) and the sun rises (6:40 am ish). The stars are magnificent- but not the best time to go forward and take sails down ( can't see the rolling wave direction)- lesson relearned.
We timed our arrival to Norfolk perfectly as the sun rose - it was like entering a different world. Military jets overhead, assault craft, carriers, supply ships all in our way!!- we were very careful to stay out of shipping lanes- lots & lots of BIG traffic and radio communications.
As we sit here getting ready for a long long sleep, we are hearing fish nibbling on the bottom of our boat! It took a while to figure out that sound......
Current position is at Tide Water Marina- Mile 0 on the Intracoastal waterway. Final destination is only 12 miles from here, at a marina where we will leave the boat for 6 weeks. Why stop at Mile 0 so early today instead of going directly to our planned destination?....... we both just wanted one more night of cruising. The weather is warm and everyone has a little southern drawl.
Sailing overnight gives you a lot of alone time- allowing much thinking within the context of the vastness of the ocean and the vulnerability it brings.
( BTW- greatest amount of trash we saw were Mylar balloons! )
Tonight, I am grateful for my husband, my kids & family, friends, and this amazing opportunity.
We moved 650 miles on our sailboat.
Thanks for keeping track of us. xo
Vessel Name: Perspective
Vessel Make/Model: Cabo Rico 38
Hailing Port: Westport Island, Maine
Crew: Ann and John
About: We have had Perspective for the past twenty years and have cruised the coast of Maine to the Bay of Fundy. Now for a little more...
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