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Morehead City, NC ( near Beaufort) to Southport NC ( near Wilmington)

01 December 2017 | Southport, NC
The ICW is, well, a little boring through VA and northern NC. There are a few bays that can be sailed, but otherwise the hum of the engine just drones on & on. We decided to go offshore overnight to Southport NC- just south of Wilmington. We had to go out about 30 miles to get around Cape Fear and the " frying pan shoals"- lots of shipwrecks here. During the night, we watched the water temperature go from 62 degrees to 71 degrees as we got closer to the Gulf Stream-
The water was back down to 64 by the time we hit Bald Head ( entrance to The Cape Fear River- Southport/Wilmington/ ICW)
Bald Head

.... and then we were greeted by this on the sail into the Cape Fear River-

As you can imagine, we were pretty darn excited ( and feeling very blessed & thankful).

Michael Grela's (CRNA we worked with & love) mom owns a restaurant in Southport and we kept saying we would stop in on our way south-
We made it!

Had a great dinner courtesy of Michael ( TY!), and ended up spending 3 nights here on the dock. We rented a car and drove to Wilmington to spend time with Miller, Meg, Jagger, & Harper Van Vliet. It was a great visit 💕.
Since we had the car, John found and installed a new depth finder so hoping it will fix that little anxiety-producing issue.
These marinas are really friendly and we've met some wonderful characters. We borrowed bikes today and also hit Walmart for exercise bands- one of those things that are a must have on the boat, especially during longer passages- it passes the time.
Christmas decorations are popping up on boats & houses, although this warm weather does not make it feel like the Christmas season. It's been 70's during the day and 40's at night- we're no longer cold at night and no frost on the decks! Hooray!
In anticipation of an early departure for a 24 hour sail to Charleston tomorrow morning, I cooked a bunch of quick-grab food. Cooking when on an overnight passage just really doesn't happen- so you end up eating whatever you can snack on quickly = junk food.
I want to thank my sister, Jane, for receiving all my mail. She let me know yesterday that I've received a summons to serve on Superior Court jury duty!
The letter requesting to be excused is in the mail- of course we had to find someone to print the letter for us- all these things we take for granted at home become a challenge when living on the boat.
We'll be sure to let you know how the next 24 hours to Charleston goes..
Looking forward to a few days in an awesome city!
Take care! Stay warm! Have fun! And enjoy the Christmas season!
( love reading your comments! Thanks for following us! xo)
Vessel Name: Perspective
Vessel Make/Model: Cabo Rico 38
Hailing Port: Westport Island, Maine
Crew: Ann and John
About: We have had Perspective for the past twenty years and have cruised the coast of Maine to the Bay of Fundy. Now for a little more...
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