Kegley's Sailing Adventures

Livin' the dream sailing the seas with 2 humans and 2 pups!

We finally made it out of the Chesapeake Bay!

Woke up early in the morning to depart Betterton, MD with the hopes of anchoring in Chesapeake City, which is located on the C&D canal. It was a very short trip from Betterton. MD. Mike actually saw dolphins in the canal. When we arrived at Chesapeake City, we attempted to anchor but the current was way way too strong. With the strong current and already limited depth to anchor in Back Creek, we decided to skip and head to the back-up anchorage in Delaware City, MD, right at the end of the C&D canal. Amanda will always make sure to have a Plan B! :)

Amanda is teleworking while we are making this voyage and that is definitely a huge consideration when planning our stops and departure times. So far, there have been no issues with internet connectivity. We did purchase Starlink right before we left and have been very pleased with the speeds. The only area so far that has limited speeds is here in Delaware City. But, we have back-up plans: T-mobile hot-spot, Skyroam hot spot that discovers all cell signals, and phone hotpot. For Delaware City, Amanda used her phone hot spot since we had 5G here with high speeds.

While Amanda worked, Mike took a dinghy ride to check out the town and found a place to dock. After work, we took a ride into town.

Here is a picture of us in Delaware City town:

And, coming back from the port to the boat:

All of the restaurants looked closed on Monday's so we decided to cook curry tonight. We needed an onion since Amanda totally forgot the onions, so thankfully we grabbed a few in the small grocery store in town.