Kegley's Sailing Adventures

Livin' the dream sailing the seas with 2 humans and 2 pups!

Headed to NYC!

We were both so exhausted when we finally anchored in Sandy Hook, NJ. Here is a pic of Mike trying to get some sleep while Amanda kept a look out.

Our first order of business was to take the dogs potty since it had been around 24 hours. We tried to get them both to go at the back of the boat, but did not work. We found a small beach and boy were they happy to get there! Family pic on the beach:

When we got back to the boat, we got everything settled and then decided to go into town for dinner even though we both were so exhausted. On the way into town, we stopped by and talked to another Sailor who was travling down the East Coast and Griff was so happy to say hi to someone - could not contain his excitement haha.

The place I had planned to go didn't allow dogs - crazy - so we found a place in town. We tried to perk up, but we were just both so exhausted. We fed the pups and then went back to the boat to relax. We decided to watch the movie, The Perfect Storm, since the movie plot was what we had just went through. We only lasted a few minutes and we were both out.

Our plan is to pass through NYC to the Long Island Sound. There are a few anchorages we have planned out to stop on Long Island Sound - thinking of either Coldpsirng Harbor or Northport Bay (which is a little furhter). We need to be mindful of the tide and current through NYC East River, so have it routed to hit during slack tide.

This morning, Mike went into town to get some fuel and we took the dogs potty. The tide was so low, they were running through water to get to the beach - they had a blast!

We are now on our way to NYC - can't wait!

Cheers - The Kegs!